2018 Tokyo Quilt Festival

2018 tokyo quilt festival—details

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By Patricia Belyea

TOKYO JP  As a postscript to my reports about this year’s Tokyo Quilt Festival, I’m sharing macro shots of some of the amazing quilts. Of course, the overall composition of each quilt deserves attention. But every seam and every stitch make up the whole. By focusing on minute details, we see how the artists accomplished their visions.

centers of the universe

The design of most symmetrical quilts features a medallion in the middle. Let's take a look at the focal point of some quilts hanging in the Traditional exhibit.

textures and patterns

Let's put our noses up to some of the quilts to see a full range of design choices and stitching approaches.

For many of the artists in this year’s Festival, they spent a whole year piecing and stitching their masterpieces. For us to spend a few moments examining and admiring their work honors their creative spirit and passion for quilt making—something we share across borders around the world!

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