unending delights

12-day tours to Japan

creative quilting experiences

workshops & retreats

vintage japanese textiles

for adventuresome quilters
12-day tours in Japan
trip of a lifetime!

Experience Japanese textiles, quilting, people, and traditions — with insider visits, hands-on workshops, celebrity meet-ups, special meals, and more.

Each tour is limited to 16 participants. Solo Occupancy in 4-star hotels.

designer facings workshop

Learn to finish your quilts with clean, modern Designer Facings.

Patricia teaches a full range of fun and easy facing techniques— Courthouse Columns, Pieced, Pinwheel, Colorblock Corners, Bordered, Making-Do, and Crazy Combos.

talks and workshop

Patricia Belyea shares her line-up of quilt guild talks and her one-day guild workshop for 2023-2024.

[1:54 minute video]