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kimono wool SALE

Enjoy 20% off all vintage Japanese kimono wools, including New Arrivals.

These finely woven textiles are like no wool you have ever experienced before—with a gracious flowing hand.

a hand-stitched look

The Sashiko 2: the only machine that makes a dashed stitch!

The Sashiko 2, with New Year SALE pricing, is bundled with a large clear extension table plus FREE shipping to your home in the US.

Contact Patricia for pricing as the deal is too low to publish online (due to dealer agreements).

designer facings

Learn a full range of modern and easy facing techniques — Courthouse Columns, Pieced, Pinwheel, Colorblock Corners, Bordered, Curved, Making-Do, and Crazy Combos.

This workshop will revolutionize how you finish your quilts!

tour interested list

Contact us if you want to join Okan Arts Interested List for upcoming tours to Japan—perfect for quilting and textile enthusiasts.

We’ll let you know as soon as itineraries are published and bookings are open!

talks and workshop

Patricia Belyea shares her line-up of quilt guild talks and one-day guild workshop for 2023-2024.