Okan Arts Gift Card

Okan Arts Gift Card

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Unsure what your dear friend would like? Let her choose with a Gift Card from Okan Arts.

The Gift Card is delivered to your email address. Just add a message and forward to the recipient at the exact time you want her to receive your gift.

The Gift Card contains a special code for redeeming your generous gift at checkout. 

Purchase each Gift Card separately. There are no additional processing fees for purchasing or using a Gift Card.

Yukata cotton feels and performs like any high-quality quilting cotton.

Okan Arts recommends washing yukata cottons in your washing machine, set on Delicate with the warm wash/cold rinse cycle. Our preference for clothes detergent is Seventh Generation.

Please don’t throw your yukata cotton into the dyer but instead lay out or hang to dry. This prevents any creases from being cooked into your cotton from the heat of the dryer.

Press with your iron set on Cotton.