2019 Tokyo Quilt Festival

2019 tokyo quilt festival: special exhibits

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By Patricia Belyea

TOYKO JP  Get ready to go crazy when you see the special exhibits at Tokyo Quilt Festival. Every year the highest level of workmanship and design are paired with exciting installations. So let’s get started.

quilt impressionism

An Encounter Between Quilting & Art
Four sensei and their students prepared quilts and textile projects to express the work of four famous Impressionist artists. My favorite was Akane Sakamoto’s exhibit titled Chasing Vincent van Gogh. Akane stated “I want the viewers to feel like they are in the painting.”

koseki suzuko

The Stylish World
Koseki Suzuko was honored with a retrospective this year. Look for vintage fashion, flour sacks, and non-stop delight in her work.

kumiko nakayama-geraerts

The Art of Boutis
Sprinkled throughout the show floor were Special Artists booths. I was completely amazed by the work of Kumiko Nakayama-Geraerts who has mastered the French needlework art of boutis—stitching together two fine fabrics with stuffing added to create a raised effect.

storybook quilts

Creating the Characters of NHK Educational TV
This year, nostalgic characters from NHK Educational TV were the theme of the Storybook Quilts Exhibit.

three international quilters

Three Popular Contemporary Quilters from Around The World
Di Ford from Australia, Cécile Franconie from France, and Tone Finnanger from Norway were chosen to exhibit their works in a major display. Tone stole the scene with her cute, cute, cute dolls and fun vignettes from her Tilda’s World collections.

There are so many more things to see—this is just the tip of needle here! To see the quilts in the major exhibits at the 2019 Tokyo Quilt Festival +click here

To see close-up details of the quilts in the major exhibits at the 2019 Tokyo Quilt Festival +click here

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