2018 Tokyo Quilt Festival

2018 tokyo quilt festival—quilt exhibits

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By Patricia Belyea

TOKYO JP  Three days after a traffic-stopping snowstorm hit the most populated city in the world, the Tokyo Quilt Festival opened its doors. Here are oodles of photos from Opening Day so you can vicariously tour the show floor. NOTE: This is only a thimbleful of the quilts exhibited!

Most of the credits were listed in Japanese. I have included the artists’ names when they were available in English.

original design category—a sampling

original design category—the winners

Detail: First Place—Jim Hay
Detail: 2nd Place—Emiko Yakushiji
Detail: 3rd Place— Hiroko Ouchi

wa (the essence of Japan) category—a sampling

wa category—the winners

First Place—Yasuko Anai
Second Place—Momoe Kashihara
Third Place—Tamiko Mawatari

traditional design category—the winners

First Place— Rieko Hasegawa
Second Place—Emiko Kobayashi
Third Place—Kyo Saito

invitational category—a sampling

Quilt Artist: Sachiko Yoshida
Quilt Artist: Mitsuyo Akita
Quilt Artist: Keiko Miyauchi
Quilt Artist: Toshie Shinohara
Quilt Artist: Etsuko Ishitobi

show winners

Friendship Award—Chikako Akashi
Hand Making Award—Toshiko Imai
Japan Quilt Grand Prix Second Place—Chiharu Katsuragawa

Japan Quilt Grand Prix First Place—Masako Sanada

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