yokohama quilt show 2022: details

yokohama quilt show 2022: details

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By Victoria Stone

YOKOHAMA JP  One of the great joys of a quilt show is being able to get up close and personal with the pieces on display. I managed to get close enough to look at several incredible quilts, and I am excited to share them with you!

A Bouquet of Yellow Roses by Keiko MiyauchiGloriosa in Full Bloom by Mineko KikuchiPINK HOUSE by Hisae YoshidaShintsune By Haibara High School Home ClubYokohama Grafitti - Ricksha RoomAloha nui Loa by Taeko OkamotoBlue Tone II by Aki SakaiMonotone Research by Patchwork Class PocoapocoEnglish Garden By Hawaiian Quilt Online Salon ManaTie by Keiko GotoLight by Junichirou KusanHappy Quilt Delivered To You by Midori YusaRondo by Yuko HiranoRoyal Quilt by Yuka InuiBlink by Shizuko KuohaKickoff! by Miwako Mogami

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