Chusen-dyed cotton panels by Sanae Naito of Tokyo, Japan

japan via instagram

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By Patricia Belyea

WAUCONDA WA  At this time the borders to Japan are closed to adventurers. All the same, we can armchair travel to visit some great folks and places via Instagram right now!


A champion of Japanese arts and crafts, Amy Katoh of Blue & White shares her vision of the world and many of the out-of-the-ordinary goods at her iconic shop in Tokyo.

Instagram page for Blue & White in Tokyo


A vintage textile dealer and bag maker, Old Industrial’s studio and backdrop for its Instagram photos is a traditional wooden house in the rural area of Chiba—a quick train ride southeast of Tokyo.

Instagram page for Old Industrial in Chiba, Japan


Our good friend and chusen-dyeing artist Senai Naito of Tokyo shows off her textile work and the accomplishments of her students.

The Instagram account of Senai Naito, chusen dyeing artist in Tokyo


A hidden shop on a back alley in Kamakura, Kokeshka offers Japanese kokeshi dolls and Russian matryoshka dolls that are guaranteed to delight!

Instagram page for Kokeshka in Kamakura, Japan


Nihon Kosho sells antique books and rare woodblock prints that are amazing to peruse online.

Instagram page for Nihon Kosho, a online purveyor of antique Japanese books and prints


Sheila Cliffe of Tokyo, a kimono expert and brazen stylist, combines outrageous colors and patterns to make wearing a kimono an exciting everyday event.

Instagram page for Sheila Cliffe of Japan, a brazen kimono expert


Washi, an exquisite paper store in Tokyo, is overflowing with tools and supplies for art, design, calligraphy, bookbinding, and printmaking.

Instagram page for Washi, an exquisite paper store in Tokyo, Japan


An art materials lab and highly styled store, Pigment is all about elemental pigments and the tools you need to apply color.

Instagram page for Pigment, an art materials lab in Tokyo, Japan


Also check out Okan Arts on Instagram where we show our vintage Japanese textiles, latest quilt projects, and info about upcoming events.

Instagram page for Okan Arts focusing on creative quilts and vintage Japanese textiles

For those of you who’ve never explored Instagram, head to and open an account. From there you can access a web platform filled with over a billion people presenting visual feasts.       

HEADER PHOTO: Textiles by Sanai Naito                       

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