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tokyo quilt festival 2020: details of quilts

tokyo quilt festival 2020: details of quilts

By Patricia Belyea

TOKYO JP Allow me to share detail photos of some of the quilts at this year’s Tokyo Quilt Festival. It’s a delight to be able to get up close to these masterpieces.

To see a post with lots of photos of the quilts and special exhibits +click here

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17 comments to “tokyo quilt festival 2020: details of quilts”

  1. Rachel James says:

    Next blog, please show details of the eyeballs of these phenomenal quilters!

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Rachel—You got it. The top Japanese quilters are working ceaselessly all year to create exhibition-quality quilts. PB

  2. Penelope Torkington says:

    Thanks for sharing all these inspirational quilt ideas. Bet you are having fun.

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Penelope—I’m definitely having fun. But I know you and I bet you’re having fun, whatever you’re doing. PB

  3. Janet Wright says:

    Wow! The workmanship is incredible. I am looking forward to the Japanese women coming this summer to our local Quilt Museum.

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Janet—Yes, it will be great. I believe this is the 20th anniversary of the Japanese quilters coming to the Pacific Northwest! PB

  4. Renee Atkinson says:

    Thanks for sharing–truly inspirational!!!

  5. lee says:

    Wow! The work on these is amazing!!

  6. ulla fredriksson says:

    Wonderful quilts.Thank you for showing these masterpieces

  7. Patricia, when are the Japanese quilters coming to the museum? Steph (Hobbs Batting)

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Steph—I just saw that info in a Museum newsletter but it’s not posted on the Museum website. I believe the opening is July 1. Feel free to ask Amy Green, the director: amyamy(at)qfamuseum(dot)org PB

  8. Mary Porter says:

    I’m enthralled with the enormous scope of the artists and art in just the quilts shown in this blog. Thank you, Pat for posting this. I doubt I will get to Japan in my lifetime. It’s a joy to see thru your eyes.

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Mary—As you noted, the blog post just shows a fraction of the quilts exhibits. I hope to be back next year to show you more! PB

  9. Alana Yuratich says:

    My friend and I were privileged to attend the 2020 Tokyo Quilt Show! Truly unbelievable workmanship. Just beautiful at every glance!
    I hope I can return someday to this beautiful city!
    Alana Yuratich
    Panama City Beach, Florida

    • Patricia Belyea says:

      Alana—I agree. The quilts at the Festival are stunning. I hope I get to return as well! PB