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patricia’s book: East-Meets-West Quilts

East-Meets-West Quilts: Explore Improv with Japanese-Inspired Designs
By Patricia Belyea
Paperback: 192 pages with 205 photos
Publisher: ABRAMS (NYC)

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East-Meets-West Quilts explores improv quilting—creating a quilt of your own design through the process of discovery and discernment. Add remarkable Japanese fabrics and your quilt becomes something out-of-the-ordinary!

The Hachi Quilt Manifesto, with just five easy rules, leads you into the unknown of improv quilting. To encourage complete freedom, the fifth rule of the Manifesto states: Break any rule you like.

Fourteen main projects, with fabric measurements and instructions, lead both novices and experienced quilters through the improv process of thinking and doing.

Information about Japanese fabrics punctuates the quilt projects—with a Yukata Cotton Primer and a section on Japanese Textile Motifs.

The last two chapters of the book detail all the production steps for making your quilt:

Make Your Quilt Top delves into a new way to sew your quilt blocks and trim them using the Cutting Dance. This chapter guides you in developing your improv layout on a design wall and gives instructions for sewing together your quilt top.

Finishing Steps provides in-depth directions on making your quilt back, sandwiching the three layers of your quilt, stitching-in-the-ditch, designing a hand-stitch pattern, lap quilting, blocking, trimming, and finishing your quilt with end cap facings.

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East-Meets-West Quilts: Explore Improv with Japanese-Inspired Designs

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