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At this time, none of Patricia’s workshops is available as a Zoom workshop.

Feel free to contact patricia ( to discuss these workshops for your guild or quilt shop. Both are for quilters who want to explore new ways of piecing.

Complex Curves

Two-Day Workshop
Instructor: Patricia Belyea
Being able to add complex curves to your quilt designs is like being given keys to the universe. It opens up so many possibilities for creating new directions in your work.

In this two-day workshop, you make the blocks for a curvy-pieced quilt top. You start by translating simple doodles into the block designs. The line work is transferred to freezer paper for making the patterns. You then learn the steps for making a fabric version of your pattern.

The workshop also discusses how to add curved elements to your quilts and continue confidently with curved piecing.

Hachi Improv Quilt

Kouki Improv Quilt

Two-Day Workshop 
Instructor: Patricia Belyea
If you’re ready to start making quilts without patterns, this is a great intro class for “stepping outside of the block.”  This workshop pairs solids and patterns for making a lyrical quilt top with playfully changing strip widths and block directions.

Start this project in a novel way—choose your solid colors first and then add the patterns. Look forward to a fun workshop where you can experience the freedom of making your own design choices that result in a completely unique graphic quilt.

This workshop also demonstrates the Cutting Dance, lap quilting, and making a designer facing.