yukata-cotton-lined denim bibs

yukata-cotton-lined denim bibs

This project is perfect for a Geo Scrap Pack that includes six 1/2 yard pieces of geometric yukata cottons. +shop here

By Victoria Stone

LONG BEACH CA  Happy New Year! I have had a few friends announce pregnancies recently, and wanted to make something quick and useful to give them.  

Bibs are always appreciated so I decided to whip up a six pack in fun colors. 

To do the same, here’s what you need - 

  • Some old jeans
  • Half-yard cuts of yukata cotton, pre-washed and pressed 
  • The Bib Pattern +click here

I used a handful of colorful old jeans and a Geo Scrap Pack. These bibs are perfect for young ones, and a great way to use up worn out denim pants. 

Print out two copies of the pattern (top and bottom) and tape all four pattern pieces together as shown.

Start with using the pattern to cut out the yukata cotton lining.

Next cut off a leg of one pair of jeans, slit open the outer seam, and lay flat.

Line up the center of the pattern along the flat fell inseam — for a fun detail down the front of the bib—and cut out a bib front. 

Once you have your two pieces (demin and yukata cotton) cut out, it’s time to pin! If you have a personal tag, sew it into the seam at the top left of the pattern. 

Pin the two pieces, right sides together. I’ve recently taken to using sewing clips instead of pins for garment projects. 

Starting at the bottom, sew around the bib with a ½ inch seam. Don’t forget to leave about 3" unsewn at the bottom of the bib to turn it right side out!

Clip around the curves of the bib with your sharpest scissors. Be sure to clip the bottom curves as well. 

Now it’s time to turn your project right side out and press it flat. I used a chopstick to get the neck area properly turned out. Press under the raw edges of the opening into the bib.

To close off the opening at the bottom of the bib and to add some extra detail, topstitch around the bib.

The final touch was the fastener! I used velcro dots that I stitched in place. 

Note: I had some old velcro dots that were non-adhesive. If you only have sticky velcro, I recommend hand stitching the velcro on. Keep acetone and sewing machine lubricant close at hand, to clean off and lubricate your needle as you go. 

And voila! A pack of bibs ready to go for a baby shower. The yukata cotton will be soft on the baby’s skin, and the sturdy denim will hold up against the messiest eater. 

I used six 1/2 yard pieces of yukata cotton to make these bibs. Shop our new Geo Scrap Packs—with just the right amount of yukata cotton to make six bibs, plus 6 Okan Arts tags +here

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