welcome back, victoria!

welcome back, victoria!

By Patricia Belyea

SEATTLE WA  Last Spring I wrote that my enthusiastic and innovative youngest daughter, Victoria Stone, was leaving Okan Arts as a part-time employee to pursue other interests. That change did not last long!

Recognizing that Victoria's personal strengths were a perfect fit for the future of Okan Arts, Michael and I made her an offer she couldn't refuse. In late June, Victoria became a partner in our family business.

Over the summer, Victoria set up a workshop in an artists’ studio building just five blocks from our home. She worked on ideas for home decor items made from vintage Japanese kimono wools. Victoria also took over total responsibility of the Okan Arts shop—whether visitors stop by our Seattle location or buy yukata cottons on the internet.

Can you imagine the pleasure having someone I love and trust working side-by-side with me? I travel over 50% of the time so having Victoria taking care of business while I’m on the road gives me great confidence.

I always said that I wouldn't take quilters on tours to Japan. Now that I have a younger partner, I am reversing my stance. Victoria and I are planning a Quilt Tour for January 2020. If this intrigues you, please send me an email (patricia@okanarts.com) and I will add you to our Interested List. Once we have an itinerary and price, we'll get back to you.

I feel so blessed having Victoria involved in my quilting life. To all of you who have met Victoria, I bet you agree.

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  • Carole Kazdan
    Please add me to your Japan 2020 list. It sounds great.

  • barbara Snider
    I’m interest in Japan 2020.

  • pamela Hastings
    Congratulations, the combination will be greater than the sum of its parts!

  • lee

  • Janet Wright
    Yea Victoria!!!! What a great partnership. Janet

  • Jamie S
    It’s a win win for the whole family and your customers!

  • Linda Petersensmith
    Excellent news. Okan Arts was fortunate to have her say yes!

  • Carolyn Burton
    A partnership made in heaven! Congratulations to you both!