october curves

october curves

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By Patricia Belyea

LA CONNER WA  This year a Fall session was added to the Yukata Quilting Workshop schedule. Students came from Hawaii, California, Washington state, and Oregon. Working together for four full days, curves gracefully emerged on every design wall.

When you take a peek at the student projects, note that quilters often work with colors they enjoy wearing.

In the Workshop, students learned how to pattern curves of their own design. The first two days focused on making four oversized blocks filled with intersecting curves. For the final two days, students challenged themselves to create larger curved compositions with their newly honed skills.

To add to the excitement, my book finally released. Also, Sylvia Pippen and Kitty Pippen (now 97) stopped by for a visit. Kitty and I are both identical twins—just not with each other!

After the Workshop concluded and everyone was safely home, Jo Anne from Hawaii sent this kind email:

“Around the 2nd day into the retreat….I came to realize that you have finally gotten me to the end of road of one of my quilting goals…to be able to put together a quilt. I am now on a new path for quilting….and it’s the very first goal I set for myself 17 years ago….to create beautiful freestyle quilts with my own designs.

I feel like you have unlocked the chains that were holding me back….and I have finally gotten the freedom I so desperately needed.

A quilting teacher couldn't ask for a more heart-touching message.

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  • Patricia Belyea
    Lori—The gals who come to the Workshop are ready to sew curves and play with Japanese fabrics. They do all work! PB

  • Lori korell
    Wow such beautiful creations…thanks for sharing.

  • Patricia Belyea
    Hi Mary—My workshops in La Conner are very popular because not only do the participants learn something new, the town is historic with a lovely quilt museum and the restaurant scene is top notch. If you could consider coming west, fly into Bellingham instead of Seattle. It’s an easy 45-minute drive south on an uncrowded freeway to La Conner.

    I have no DVDs or online classes—I enjoy teaching hands-on so I can help each person individually. And no group has hired me to teach in the IL area. Maybe sometime in the future. Best, PB

  • Mary DeRay
    Your curves workshops are so intriging, I would love to learn the technique, but IL is a long way from you. Do you do any shows or workshops in the midwest or w ould you offer this in dvd form or download?

  • Jamie S
    You have exceptional students! I received your beautiful book last week and am so happy with it. Perhaps one day, I’ll count myself as one of your exceptional students. Thank you.

  • Chardel Blaine
    Kitty looks fabulous!