NUNO innovative textiles: tsugihagi patchwork made with NUNO remnants

NUNO :: tokyo’s textile mecca

Above: Nuno Kasane—tsugihagi patchwork made with NUNO remnants, 100% silk

By Patricia Belyea

TOKYO JP  What’s next in textiles? Nuno, an innovative Japanese textile company holds lots of answers.

This afternoon I visited Nuno’s shop in Roppongi—an upscale district in Tokyo. There I was greeted by Orie Takashige, a young woman who studied weaving in London.

NUNO Roppongi shop in Tokyo

I asked Orie what’s the most unusual thing that Nuno has used to make fabric. After a moment’s thought, Orie pulled out a bolt of brown silk interwoven with real bird feathers.

NUNO innovative textiles: silk interwoven with feathers

Hanging in the window were two remarkable felted-wool hangings. Titled Threadstray, the artsy open-weave textiles can be bought as yardage.

NUNO innovative textiles: Threadstray made with felted wool

Orie showed me a bolt that looked just like a roll of handmade Japanese paper. And it was! Big Egg is a textile made with layers of washi paper adhered together.

NUNO innovative textiles—Big Egg made with layers of washi paper

Another textile was machine embroidered with a overall pattern of decorated eggs and eggcups in blue thread.

NUNO innovative textiles: machine embroidered with blue thread

Don't be fooled by this simple-looking striped pattern. Nuno created this jacquard-woven fabric using the weft to create the vertical stripes.                   

NUNO innovative textiles: a jacquard-woven cotton where the stripes are created using the weft

Every textile in Nuno has a narrative—the story of its conception, its collaboration with weavers and dyers, its journey forward with new technologies, and its creative resolve.

NUNO innovative textiles

The shop also sells impeccable clothing, home goods, and accessories.

Impeccable clothing at Nuno in TokyoNUNO innovative textiles: home goodsNUNO innovative textiles: scarves

What are these, I asked Orie? I learned that these lengths of chemical lace can be worn as a necklace.

NUNO innovative textiles: chemical laceNUNO innovative textiles: chemical lace necklace on Orie Takashige

Also available are Nuno umbrellas produced by German manufacturer Knirps.

NUNO innovative textiles: umbrellas manufactured by Knirps

The textiles at Nuno have all been developed in-house and manifested with traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving companies.

Design Director Reiko Sudō has led Nuno for over 30 years. An avant-garde inventor and an advocate for sustainable practices, Sudō is recognized globally for her important textile work.

Reiko Sudo, Design Director of NUNO innovative textiles

An exhibit, Sudō Reiko: Mak!ng NUNO Textiles, is traveling around the world. Currently the show is installed at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Mito JP until May 6, 2024.

To see a video about the exhibit +click here [6:58 video | Japan House London]

Posters for Mak!ing NUNO Textiles exhibit

Obviously Nuno is another must-visit spot in Tokyo for textile lovers!

B1F AXIS Building, 5-17-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0032
Open: 11:00 - 19:00(Holidays - 18:30)Closed Sunday
Tel: 03-3582-7997 E-mail:


NUNO innovative TextilesNUNO innovative fabrics, Tokyo Japan

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Photo of Reiko Sudō is by Japan House London