Stitch ’N Flip quilt project by Allison Lockwood

stitching ’n flipping

By Patricia Belyea

WAUCONDA WA  Right now I’m leading the Something To Say Workshop. In Session 2, I taught the classic jeans quilt technique, Stitch ’N Flip—with the addition of patterned letters in the strips. 

Take a look at some of amazing projects my online students have made!

YOCHI from Moshav Dekel in Israel commented:  I had a hard time cutting wearable jeans . . . an almost criminal act for my generation.

Stitch ’N Flip quilt by Yochi in Israel

CYNDY in Seattle WA stated: This is for my dog, Rover. He’s on a road trip so I included my other dog, Finch. She’s unimpressed. 

Stitch 'N Flip quilt by Cyndy of Seattle WA

SALLY in Bend OR didn’t chose jeans for her fabrics. Instead she used kasuri (ikat-woven cottons) and contemporary Japanese cottons.

Stitch ’N Flip quilt by Sally in Bend OR

MAUREEN in Margaret River AU explained: I've never been keen on quilts made from jeans, but decided to “give it a go” and created a wood carrier.

Stitch ’N Flip project made by Maureen in Margaret River AU

BARBARA of Milwaukee WI couldn’t find enough interesting jeans at her local thrift store, so she headed to Kohl’s and bought some clearance jeans for her project.

Stitch ’N Flip quilt by Barbara of Milwaukee WI

CAROL from Tucson AZ started with the word OM in her quilt design and expanded her concept to the word HOME.

Stitch ’N Flip quilt project by Carol of Tucson AZ

SYLVIE of Ashland OR could not find anything more than blue or black jeans so she opted for buying denim at the fabric store.

A Stitch ’N Flip quilt project by Sylvie of Ashland OR

DIANE of Argyle TX likes to make bags and decided to make a small Stitch ’N Flip project.

A Stitch ’N Flip quilt project by Diane of Argyle TX

ALLISON of Pismo Beach CA commented: I have always liked the word “Goofy” and I have always wanted to make a silly patchwork face. Here I have the word, a momma, and a baby.

A Stitch ’N Flip project by Allison of Pismo Beach CA

NANCY of Eagle ID made the top for a 32" pillow for her grandkids. She plans to add a handle for kids to use to move the pillow around. 

Stitch ’N Flip project by Nancy of Eagle ID

LIANE of Klamath Falls OR shared: A quilt for a friend who will graduate from a psychiatric NP program in November. 

Stitch ’N Flip quilt by Liane of Klamath Falls OR

JEANNIE of Vancouver WA made X Marks The Spot for her adventurer husband with his initials and the beginning of a map—to be finished with appliqué to connect the Xs.

Stitch ’N Flip quilt by Jeannie of Vancouver WA

REBECCA of Mosinee WI hid a message in her Stitch ’N Flip project.

Stitch ’N Flip quilt by Rebecca of Mosinee WI

JUDY of Brinlow MD made her project for Rosie, the family dog, who’s never had her own quilt.

Stitch ’N Flip project by Judy of Brinklow MD

DIANA of North Vancouver BC struggled with too much Spandex in some jeans causing curl problems but ended up with a joyful resolve.

Stitch ’N Flip quilt by Diana of North Vancouver

In Session 5, I’ll teach Designer Facings—a perfect choice for students to finish their Stitch ’N Flip quilts.

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