Johnathon at Okan Arts

hello johnathon!

By Patricia Belyea

Never say never. Both Victoria and I were committed to never hiring an employee at Okan Arts. We thought we could do it all ourselves!

That changed when we brought on Johnathon this July. Johnathon was like pennies falling on us from heaven. 

I wish we had met Johnathon when he was a teenager! That’s when he got his first camera and he started knitting. Today Johnathon, an avid photographer, has a small camera collection. And, four knitting looms and a huge yarn collection!

Johnathon at Okan Arts

As a young man, Johnathon managed a neighborhood bodega in Long Beach for seven years. So Johnathon’s a pro in inventory management.

These days, Johnathon imports underground punk clothing from Japan to wear and to sell to friends. 

He’s our kind of guy!

When I asked Johnathon what he likes most about working at Okan Arts, he stated “I see something new everyday. The textiles are remarkable. I know that I am never going to see the same thing again.”

Johnathon at Okan Arts

Johnathon admits that he still has lots to learn at Okan Arts. That said, his thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and caring are built into his amiable personality. 

Please welcome Johnathon into our Okan Arts family. You will see your orders being prepped by Johnathon—now and hopefully for many years!

Johnathon at Okan Arts

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ABOUT US: Okan Arts, a petite family business, is co-owned by mother-daughter duo Patricia Belyea and Victoria Stone. Patricia and Victoria sell Japanese textiles online, host creative quilting experiences, and lead quilting & textile tours to Japan.