Sarah Nishiura, Quiltmaker

chat w/ sarah nishiura


Join Patricia Belyea as she chats with one of America’s most impressive quiltmakers, Sarah Nishiura.

Sarah Nishiura, educated in Painting and Visual Arts at two top East Coast schools, credits her family for influencing her to become a quiltmaker.

Sarah learned to sew from her mother and learned to love geometry from her father. From her grandparents, she learned that making things is one of the greatest imperatives, privileges and pleasures in life.

Sarah uses traditional techniques to craft one-of-a-kind quilts with 100% cotton, recycled, and vintage materials. Hand stitching each work of art on a traditional quilting frame, it takes Sarah up to four months to complete each quilt.

Maybe some of you were lucky enough to take a class with Sarah at QuiltCon2019 in Nashville. And, some of you may have seen Sarah’s work on the walls of museums and galleries, here and abroad.

Visiting with Sarah is always a joy. Look forward to a lively chat with a brilliant and gracious quiltmaker!

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Mantis, a quilt by Sarah Nishiura