Sachiko Yoshida at the quilt museum in La Conner, Washington

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By Patricia Belyea

LA CONNER WA  Beauty of Japan exhibit at La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum (LCQTM) gives visitors the gifts of friendship and inspiration. The collection of exceptional silk quilts were made by women just like us—women determined to transform little bits of fabric into textile treasures. (Okay, our Japanese counterparts have achieved a superstar level of mastery!)

Sachiko Yoshida, a renowned sensei from Tokyo, guest curated the exhibit. For the opening, Sachiko and a handful of her students showed us their creations.

Guest Artists at Beauty of Japan quilt show at La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum

Clockwise, from top left: Michiko Ooubuchi with Cycle of Four Seasons, Toyoko Kaneko with A Multitude of Colors, Kyoko Sueyoshi with Enchanted By Stained Glass and Kuniko Aduchi with The Coming of Spring.

Guest Artists at Beauty of Japan quilt show at La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum

Clockwise, from top left: Reiko Ueno with Peony and Cherry Blossom, Shigeko Satou with Song: Come Spring, Come Quickly, Masako Nishimura with Summer Festival in My Old Town and Sachiko Yoshida with The Moonlight Between the Trees.

The exhibit fills the top two floors of the museum. On the third floor, Sachiko talked about her remarkable installation—The Colors of Japanese Fabric. “While making quilts, I’m left with many small pieces of kimono fabric. I decided to put together the pieces I could not throw away because of their elegant designs and the way they express the colors of Japan.” Panels of hand-stitched kimono silk remnants span 18 feet.

Sachiko Yoshida with The Colors of Japanese Fabrics

In the adjacent gallery, Path to Edo enchants visitors. Forty mini-quilts of Nihonbashi storefronts, based on an 1805 picture scroll, hang above 14 panels showing lively Edoites from 200 years ago. Made by Sachiko and her students, the storefront quilts first visited LCQTM in 2008.

Path To Edo quilt installation, Beauty of Japan show at La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum

The Japanese quilts impress in two ways. The main quits are BIG—six foot square or larger, and DETAILED—every block is a complete universe of design and stitchery.

Beauty of Japan show at La Conner Quilt & Textile MuseumBeauty of Japan show at La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum

Take a moment to examine this quilt by Toyomi Touma. Look how the blocks evolve as they move from left to right—in both design and color values. Flowers on the border contrast the complex “Cathedral Window” motif. And remember, all the piecing with kimono silks and quilting is done by hand!

The Lilies the Bloom Proudly in the Field of My Hometown by Toyomi Touma

The quilts I’ve included here are only a small portion of the exhibit. If you can make it to LCQTM before Beauty of Japan closes, give yourself a few hours to take it all in. Then stroll down to the historic waterfront for lunch or tea and some boutique shopping. It's a delightful one-day girlfriend getaway.

My visit on opening day ended with a reception where the visiting artists entertained us with some sweet songs. There was time to mingle with members and enjoy refreshments with folks who really love quilting.

Beauty of Japan show at La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum Ako Shimozato

Beauty of Japan is the tenth biennial Japanese quilt exhibit at La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum. It would not be possible without the generosity of board member Ako Shimozato who volunteers countless hours to coordinate the show, the group visit and the catalog.

This is the first time sensei Miwako Kimura has not been involved with this special exhibit. Without her pioneering efforts of bringing Japanese quilts and quilters to La Conner, this international tradition would not exist today.

In true friendship, many quilters on both sides of the Pacific bring this exhibit to us.

Beauty of Japan

La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum

June 22 - October 2, 2016

Guest Curator: Sachiko Yoshida
Show Sponsors: Ako Shimozato of Kimono Blossom and Glenys Baker
Museum Director: Amy Green
Installation Curator: Kathleen Kox
Catalog Designer: SuSan Riedel

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  • marge
    thank you fro showing the beautiful quilts

  • Robin Medley
    Notification of 2019 show

  • Patricia Belyea
    Renee—This is great news. Enjoy! PB

  • Renee Atkinson
    I will have to return here again and again. So inspiring. I have been waiting to quilt my Yukata scrap quilt and now I know why—the inspiration here has me full of ideas!! I was going to send of to another quilter to do on a long arm—not now!!! :)

  • Patricia Belyea
    Robin, Right now a show of Japanese quilts, curated by sensei Miwako Kimura, is open at Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum (formerly known as La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum). Typically the show reported on in this blog post returns on a two-year schedule. Without knowing the Museum’s calendar, I would project that the next show with Sachiko and her students will be June 2019.

  • Natalia
    Thank you for showing thos btautiful quilts!

  • LilyBee
    Thank you, Patricia, for providing us with these magnificent treasures of beauty. The talented artisans have taken an American art form to a celestial place with their amazing handwork and diligent patience. Breathless beauties all !!

  • Robin Medley
    I would like to know when the next Show of Japan will be exhibit and if MaryLou Weidman will be coming back?


  • Shirley Whitcomb
    I made a special trip from Sacramento, Ca. to see this exhibit. It is amazing and so rewarding to actually see these incredible works of art. The workmanship and artistry is beyond description. I am so glad I got to see it.

  • Miep Jager-Schiphorst
    Thank you for showing those beautiful quilts. We are so privileged that the technology of today gives us the ability to see these beauties on the other side of the world. Oh how I wish I could come and have a look but I will satisfy myself with your pictures. Thank you again.

  • renee rivard
    Hello seeing the beauty of these artists works display, was a honor seeing them thanks so much.

  • Ray Burke
    Goodness! You present the most interesting and beautiful looking of works. These ladies certainly are masters! I so want to see this kind of work up close. I am planning my trip to La Conner and other places.

  • Marilynn D-R
    Wow, beautiful pics of amazing quilt art, thank you!

  • Robin Atkins
    Excellent summary and photos, Patricia. Thank you! I’m wondering if you took any detail photos of The Coming of Spring by Kuniko Aduchi? I am fascinated by the circle/spirals and would like to see one up close. This is an exhibition to see more than once, more than twice, to study their forms and uses of color for a good long time.

  • Susan Ball Faeder
    I wish I could say hello to Shimozato-san!! If you see her or know how to contact her,please let me know. I think I met her when she was a teenager. Ha!

  • Susan Ball Faeder
    How delightful to see that Yoshida-san finally got to curate a show of quilts and show her work in the USA. Of course I love seeing all these chirimen silk quilts using vintage kimono fabric -so difficult to control with needle and thread-but also it’s a pleasure to match Japanese names to faces and their work at the same time- something that the Tokyo quilt show has yet to manage properly. I would like to add that Miwako KIMURA should also be mentioned with applause-even though she is absent this year, regarding the the origin, popularity and energy of this ongoing 10 year LaConnor Japanese quilt exhibit “series.” This is the first time that master quilter Kimura-san (whose quilt is on the cover of Jill Lidell’s “Japanese Quilts” aka the first publication of Japanese quilts way back in the early 1990’s) has stepped aside and offered a guest-curator. But i feel her presence there nonetheless.