100 things i love

100 things i love

By Patricia Belyea

SEATTLE WA  As we move into a new decade, memories of the past and resolutions for the future filter into my brain bandwidth. Just as importantly, I want to think about what makes me happy. Selfish as it seems, it’s easier to spread happiness when I’m happy myself! 

In no particular order, here’s my list of Things I Love:

  1. homemade cinnamon rolls
  2. peonies
  3. early morning walks on warm spring days
  4. fireworks
  5. healthy popcorn
  6. strolling along a long beach
  7. a nice glass of red wine
  8. gathering with my family
  9. lemon bread with icing on top
  10. brick pathways that click
  11. butterflies
  12. making dramatic quilts
  13. toast with molasses
  14. gardening with nothing else to do
  15. loons
  16. biking in kyoto
  17. holing up at the Cabin
  18. phone calls with my kids
  19. boughs of cherry blossoms
  20. seeing my mom
  21. pulling potatoes out of the ground
  22. cooking with fresh herbs
  23. first class plane trips
  24. nice shoes
  25. guild gigs
  26. meeting other quilters
  27. wooden floors
  28. Japanese temples
  29. sushi—sometimes
  30. a clean home
  31. fresh sheets on my bed
  32. a long bath
  33. upbeat music
  34. hand stitching
  35. tea time with girlfriends
  36. binge watching TV
  37. firemen in their blue uniforms
  38. my painted bed
  39. a car with rubber bumpers
  40. trips abroad
  41. visiting Hawaii
  42. being excited and inspired
  43. dancing
  44. swimming in fresh water
  45. Michael’s smile
  46. wandering through aquariums
  47. kittens
  48. small museums
  49. smart luggage
  50. warm rocks
  51. a hike with a wonderful view
  52. farmer's markets
  53. a cool new necklace
  54. slight sweet iced tea
  55. easy meals
  56. a comfortable chair
  57. colorful spaces
  58. summer flowers
  59. cheese & crackers
  60. Buche de Noel
  61. Gary’s paintings
  62. breakfast with my twin
  63. a good night’s sleep
  64. unfrizzy hair
  65. butterscotch ripple ice cream
  66. getting swept into a good book
  67. collaborating with brilliant people
  68. a tidy room
  69. BBQs—shish kabobs and corn
  70. finding money
  71. cleaning up clutter
  72. talking with kind people
  73. going to a movie by myself
  74. white cupcakes with lavender icing
  75. Jack in the pulpits
  76. starry nights
  77. studio time
  78. indigo
  79. playing Scrabble
  80. hearing an amazing choir sing
  81. afternoon naps
  82. the smell of a rose on a bush
  83. fresh peaches
  84. white picket fences
  85. successful clothes shopping
  86. good food in the fridge
  87. a sense of calm
  88. an easy writing pen
  89. bakeries
  90. tupelo honey
  91. a feeling of well being
  92. rosemary-scented soap
  93. kokeshi dolls
  94. hummingbirds
  95. sweet air
  96. little ones
  97. whipping cream
  98. a latte in the morning
  99. hand-dyed yukata cottons
  100. waking up to a new day

May your list of Things You Love be long and wonder-filled. Happy New Year!

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  • Patricia Belyea
    Hi Priscilla—Thank you. It was a pleasant task to think of the many things that give me happiness. We have a family tradition of eating homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, so the meaning of that line item is much richer than most people would know. PB

  • Priscilla
    Love this list and love that you decided to list things you love instead of New Year resolution. Particularly love that #1 was homemade cinnamon rolls (even if you list is not in priority order). (^_^)

  • S Penelope della Marnia
    I agree, I make time to stand outside and watch the clouds! Thanks Patricia for your wishes for the move, I know it’s going to be a positive one. SP

  • Patricia Belyea
    Hi Lucia—You can see a pic of my painted bed in this blog post: https://okanarts.com/hot-water-bottle Best, PB

  • Patricia Belyea
    Penelope—It’s amazing that sometimes something very simple can make us very happy. And it’s often right under our noses! Best wishes on your move. PB

  • S Penelope della Marnia
    What a wonderful positive way to start the year, thank you so much for posting this, it’s a great idea, I will do the same, adding to it every morning to start the day off smiling. At 73 I’m sorting and packing to move alone from one country to another. The bulk of my possessions will be in storage until I have another permanent home but all my beads and embroidery threads are coming with me and as much fabric as possible from my big stash. The same with books, I have over 700 on sewing and nature. Sewing will keep me sane!

  • Patricia Belyea
    Thank you Sandra. PB

  • Lucia Q. Santos
    I love the idea of making a favourite things list. I am starting mine today. Would love to see a picture of your bed. Wish you a wonderful new year. Safe travels.

  • Sandra
    Patricia have aa good trip in japan. Love the idea of your list and the sashiko machine- what cool ideas!!

  • Patricia Belyea
    Rhoda—What a great idea. My husband said something similar—he mentioned that he needs to study my list so he can keep me happy! PB

  • Rhoda
    My favorite New Year’s email ever! What an amazing challenge. I have challenged my family to make the list and share it so we learn to know each other even better.

  • Patricia Belyea
    Sooz—I don’t have any pics but I can tell you that the Seattle team inspire lots of confidence! PB

  • sooz
    post a pic of your firemen…our paramedics aren’t too shabby looking either…

  • Patricia Belyea
    Connie—You are one of my kind of gals! PB

  • Patricia Belyea
    Diane—Good for you! PB

  • Patricia Belyea
    Mary—Making a list of 100 required some time but I liked giving it real thought. Best wishes to you in 2020. PB

  • Patricia Belyea
    Marilynn—I’ll send you a pic. PB

  • Mary
    Thank you for posting these things you love. You’ve inspired me to make my own list. And one of the things on my list will be reading your posts. Hope you have an wonder filled 2020.

  • Connie Koontz
    I ❤️all things blue and white including japanese boro, sashiko, and yukata.

  • Diane
    A husband who still adores me after 57 years and hundreds of quilts.

  • Marilynn d-r
    OK I want to see a picture of your painted bed!! Have a great new year!