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The largest inventory of yukata cottons in North America

Okan Arts Shop & Classroom

East Ballard neighborhood
Seattle WA 98107
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Please contact Victoria for an appointment to visit the shop at

Welcome to Okan Arts Shop overflowing with vintage Japanese yukata cottons. The fabrics, 20- to 60-years old, are hand-dyed and full of remarkable patterns. The weight of the cotton is excellent for quilting. Visit our online shop to see what’s available today.

Each bolt is approximately 14″ wide and 12 meters long. Okan Arts sells the fabric in full-yard lengths. When you visit, be sure to schedule enough time to look through the hundreds of unique patterns. A cup of green tea is always ready to make your stay more pleasant.

Yukata Cotton Bolts at Okan Arts Shop, Seattle

Available at Okan Arts Shop are Prescensia No. 8 perle cotton threads from Spain. Patricia Belyea uses these high luster, colorfast threads in her hand-stitched quilts.

Presencia No. 8 Perle Cotton at Okan Arts Shop, Seattle

From fall to spring, a selection of quilting workshops are presented at the Okan Arts classroom with its five sewing stations. Be sure to check out the schedule at Weekend Workshops.

Seattle Classes at Okan Arts Shop