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four giveaways for veterans day!

four giveaways for veterans day!

By Patricia Belyea

For Veterans Day, Okan Arts is giving away a copy of Quilts of Valor: A 50 State Salute published  by Schiffer. There are four giveaways, each valued at $25.

I can’t say it any better than Marianne Fons in the foreword: A Quilt of Valor says unequivocally, “Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and your valor. Thank you for putting your life on hold to protect and defend me.”

This book includes an essay on Quiltmaking in Times of War, the history of the Quilts of Valor Foundation, a portfolio of a single quilt from all 50 states, Quilt of Valor patterns, and the best part: How To Request a Quilt of Valor.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winners are Carol C of Olympia WA, Stephanie B of Pottstown PA, Eddi of Lacey WA, and Nancy H of Yuma AZ.

To participate in the Veterans Day 2018 giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: What has been your involvement in making a Quilt of Valor. (If you haven’t made been involved yet, please comment all the same. Hopefully the book will be an inspiration to you.)

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The Veteran’s Day 2018 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight Pacific Time on November 13, 2018. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (sorry to our Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Four lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. Each will win a copy of Quilts of Valor: A 50 State Salute. Each winner must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To visit the Schiffer Publishing website +click here

Thank you Schiffer Publishing for the donation of Quilts of Valor: A 50 State Salute. Please note that Okan Arts received no compensation for this giveaway.

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92 comments to “four giveaways for veterans day!”

  1. Connie German says:

    I belong to Quilt of Valor in Tucson AZ and feel privledged and honored to make quilts for our veterans

  2. Rose Rademan says:

    I belong to a quilt guild with an active quilts of valor subgroup, but I still haven’t made a specific Quilt of Valor. But I will!

  3. Lynn Kuehn says:

    I just participated in a Quilts Of Valor Ceremony in which we awarded 41 verterns quilts. I was very moved, especially when I wrapped a Vetern of the Coast Guard in a quilt. My father was a member of the coast guard.

  4. Bette says:

    It’s been on my heart to participate in the Quilts of Valor. This is my catalyst. Thank you and God Bless all who have served.

  5. Pam Nottingham says:

    I am working on a quilt for my grandson who is a proud Marine. I will continue for other service members.

  6. Kathy Perry says:

    My participation has been to longarm Quilts of Valor as a complimentary service.

  7. Steffani McChesney says:

    When I lived in California 8 years ago I started the Quilts of Valor program in our guild. As a daughter of a career Air Force officer I have always been a supporter of our Armed Forces. I have made several Quilts of Valor both in California and my guild in Colorado where I now reside. The guild here has donated to the Quilts of Valor program too.

  8. Kathie L says:

    I head the community service committee in my guild. I have members make blocks that we assemble into veteran’s quilts each year. Several members and I also make a quilt each year for a vet.

  9. Carol Fraley says:

    We have a quilt of honor with our local quilt guild. I make at least 2 quilts each year.

  10. Diane Parent says:

    I want to make a quit of honor for my brother.

  11. Dottie MACOMBER says:

    Ooo, I didn’t know there was a book about Quilts of Valor! For the past three years, my guild has been involved, making blocks, tops and quilts for our regional QOV coordinator. Several members with longarm machines do quilting for our coordinator, and every March at our weekend getaway we have a contest to see who can make and donate the most QOV blocks! Members also make tops and whole quilts. Just last month at our biennial show the coordinator presented 7 veterans with quilts, including one of our own members who is a veteran. It’s easy to get involved; just make a block once in a while between other sewing and pretty soon you have a nice pile of blocks to donate or to make into a top or quilt to donate.

  12. Joan New says:

    There are four very dear to me people who have served our country. I would like to make them a Quilt of Valor.

  13. Mary Holshouser says:

    I have not participated in creating a
    guilt of valor. The pictures in this
    post are a big incentive to try to
    make one of these quilts.
    thanks to our military men/women
    for their service and to you and
    Schiffer Publishing for the chance
    to get an exciting book.

  14. Mary Willis says:

    I haven’t made one, but I donated some bundles of red, white , and blue fabric to a group who makes them.

  15. Reba Siero says:

    Our guild supports Quilts of Valor. Our “Valor Ladies” are amazing. It would be wonderful to add this book to our guild library.

  16. Diane McCullough says:

    This summer I plan to make our son a Quilt of Valor, he’s served the military for 18 years and has been overseas twice now.

  17. Laura Sloan says:

    This is very timely for me – I’m now quilting a quilt that I plan to donate to Quilts of Valor. I haven’t made a quilt in over 10 years but I was inspired to start again when I saw a segment about Quilts of Valor on a sewing show.

  18. Ruth York says:

    I have made one QOV and it was a touching experience when presented to the veteran. I am now working on my second one.

  19. mlmasters2014 says:

    I have been involved with several valor quilts through my quilt guild. It is a special time when you see the appreciation on the veterans face when they receive one.

  20. Sheri Woods says:

    Our Monarch Quilt Guild in Chaffee County, Colorado has almost reached their goal of 1000 Quilts – we are only a few away. That doesn’t mean we will stop at 1000, but we have only been doing this a few years. Each month at Show and Tell a few more are done. While I haven’t made one yet because I’ve new to the guild, the group meets monthly to sew together, using either their own or donated materials, and another woman is hosting a workshop to make pillowcases for the quilts in January. I’m getting more and more ready to make one myself and hopefully this December.

  21. Paula Morgan says:

    I have made 3 quilts, start to finish that were given to veterans. What an honor to see the gratitude, and recognition expressed by these men and women, young and old. The organizers used Quilts of Honor as their tag line.

  22. Patty Shillinger says:

    I am new to quilting and my first quilt will be for a Veteran.

  23. Tina Davis says:

    I have been a quiet observer.

  24. Ms Julia E Bernstein says:

    I created a block to donate toward a quilt of valor

  25. Donna Smith says:

    What better way to honor veteran if you are a quilter.

  26. Jo Acuff says:

    My husband is a WWII Navy veteran. Prior to this marriage, I was married to a carreer ‘flyboy’ who served in Viet Nam. I have always appreciated our military and their commitment to our country and our personal freedoms, especially when he was deployed. Thank you for this remembrance!

  27. Kerry says:

    Today, my family is honoring 4 generations of family members who have served our country, in all parts of the world, over the course of too many wars and military conflicts. The Bainbridge Island Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a sew-in today, Sunday, November 11, to make quilts for our American military heroes. Quilts will be sent to Madigan Hospital at Joint Base Lewis McCord & Transition Centers in the U.S., then to bases in Afghanistan. If I win this awesome book, I will donate it to the circulating library of the Bainbridge Island Modern Quilt Guild. Many thanks Patricia for your generous giveaway!

  28. Sharon Weibler says:

    Our guild, Cedar River Quilters, makes the quilt squares and a member assembles and quilts them. We make 6-12 a year from our small group of 20+/- members. However, they go to American Heroes based locally on Vashon Island.

  29. Judy McNeel says:

    My guild has a very active QOV group. I have made blocks and sewn binding for this worthy cause. My husband also served in the U.S. Army.

  30. Sandy Christofferson says:

    I have made pillow cases for our Hospice veterans. I have not yet made a quilt of valor but would love to!

  31. Renee says:

    At Christmas my family exchanges names and makes a donation to an organization that has a personal meaning in that person’s name. This past Christmas I chose Quilts of Valor to honor my father. He is a veteran and I am a quilter. I joined a local QoV group and sew with them every month.

  32. Charlotte Key says:

    I have made a quilt for the lesser known American Hero organization that is local and gives quilts to our local heroes.

  33. Laurel Lee Pedersen says:

    I have not yet made a quilt to honor a veteran yet, but have all the material to make my son in law a quilt when he retires from the air force soon.

  34. Jackie Bloom says:

    I made quilts for QOV a few years back. They were sent to a field hospital in Afghanistan. They used my quilts to wrap the wounded they were flying out to Germany. I received a lovey note from on of the nurses. Let’s imagine a world where war and wounded don’t exist. Peace is possible!!

  35. Teri says:

    To honor the numerous veterans and active duty military in my life I would like to make some Quilts of Valor. Thank you to all who serve or have served.

  36. Stephanie Braskey says:

    My quilt guild makes Quilts of Valor and I participate. We dedicate our January meeting every year to working on these quilts but also work independently throughout the year. What an enjoyable and rewarding project!

  37. Terrie says:

    I’ve made a quilt for my Navy veteran, my husband, as well as a patriotic wallhanging for him. I hope to become active in my community’s Quilts of Valor group and thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of the book.

  38. Lottie Smith says:

    I’ve made quilts for vets in retirement homes but haven’t worked through the Quilts of Valor organization. I presently have a set of stars in production to become part of a Valor Quilts. One of my grandsons is a Marine, and I think of him as I work with these patriotic themes. Bless all who have served in the protection of our freedom.

  39. Lily Kamikihara says:

    I’ve made a couple of quilts for our Guild’s Quilt of Valor project. I hope to make more in the future. This book will definitely inspire me.

  40. spierssusan says:

    I am a Veteran, but have not tried these quilts! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway – truly inspiring!

  41. Pat in WNY says:

    Our quilting ministry group provides quilts to a number of worthy endeavors, one of which is quilts for veterans. Most of these are made by one member and we all contribute patriotic fabrics from our stashes when she needs something in particular. We also have a member who makes little dresses for Samaritans Purse shoeboxes, the rest of us make quilts for nursing homes, chemo patients, local fire disaster families and others.

  42. I am facilitating QOV project in my guild. We hope to honor 30 local veterans in a ceremony in 2019
    Donna, NC

  43. Lydia Reading says:

    Have not made a Quilts of Valor yet, but would like to make and send one to my brother, who did three tours of duty in Vietnam, and now suffers with Agent Orange symptoms. I think a valor quilt from me would really make his day. It would make me really happy to make him happy.

  44. suzi leong says:

    i make quilts for the local veterans hospital…they need extra long for those with
    spinal injuries and are bedridden…there are many invisible heroes in our midst.
    never forget…even after the tour duty is over, the effects remain forever..they
    are forever changed in ways we can never comprehend.

  45. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    I have made at least five red, white & blue Quilts of Valor and I love making them.

  46. Kathy A says:

    I made a rail fence red, white, and blue quilt for a veteran and his wife for their 50th wedding anniversary. He served as a Marine, spent his civilian life in law enforcement and taught terrorism training for homeland security. Thank you for all who serve to keep us free.

  47. Karen S Kijinski says:

    I have yet to make a quilt for Quilts of Valor but it is something i plan to do in the near future. Thanks for the chance of winning one of fours books!

  48. Kelli Hinatsu says:

    I haven’t made a Quilt of Valor. But I have made quilts in honor of my father- and mother-in-law. I used their clothes and made quilts for each of their children’s families in their honor. My father-in-law served in the 442nd Division during WW2 while my mother-in-law and both of their families were in the Minidoka Idaho internment camp. It is an honor to be a part of their heritage.

  49. Barb K says:

    My local quilt guild came together to make a quilt of Valor–we all contributed appropriate colors for a red, white and blue quilt.

  50. Martha says:

    I purchase fabrics and make quilt blocks and tops while others do quilting and binding for Quilts of Valor that are given to veterans I have never met but respect. I will continue to do so, and I already have enough blocks ready to assemble into 12 more QOV tops.

  51. MS Barb says:

    I have not made a quilt of valor

  52. barbara woods says:

    we gave one to a veteran this past Friday, our sewing group made it and plan on doing another next year

  53. I hope to make a quilt of valor this coming year. This would be great inspiration!

  54. Connie says:

    I donated valor panel fabrics to my local sewing group & they give their quilts to vaterans.

  55. Margaret Wolf says:

    I have never heard of a Quilt of Valor. This will be a treat to make one.

  56. Sarah Sheckells says:

    I haven’t made a Quilt of Valor yet, but have two sons serving and am inspired to create a quilt. I have made them both a quilt with regard to their service but feel that in time, I should make one for someone I don’t know. We’ve moved to a new community and I’ve met quilters who are interested in working on a Quilt of Valor together. That is on our list!!

  57. Tanya says:

    Happy Veteran’s Day! I love making these patriotically inspired quilts.

  58. Jean GB says:

    I started to make one but it was a take off of the American flag and was told that was not a good idea
    Will have to think of something else.

  59. Jocelyn says:

    I have made several quilt tops and donated them, along with patriotic fabric to my local quilt shop..

  60. Laura F. says:

    I have made many valor blocks that I send to the quilt representative in my area of Maine who puts them together into Valor quilts. It’s a state wide participation.

  61. Judy Helms says:

    In two different states that I have lived in recently, the guilds I belonged to are very active in making quilts for Quilts of Valor. The hear-warming stories of the presentation ceremonies the coordinators have shared make you realize how grateful these receivers are for the kindnesses of quilters.

  62. Nancy Rocker says:

    I donate knitting blankets to a local organization called General Needs which serve with Dignity the homeless veterans and veterans in emergency shelters. I would like to make a quilt for Quilts of Valor.

  63. Carol Cook says:

    I attended a workshop with my sister’s quilt group to make QOVs. We made several that day. Also made one for a local group. Time to make another.

  64. Kathy Collins says:

    I want to make a quilt for my brother.

  65. Catherine Erlanger says:

    Veteran’s Day is special in our family — so many have served, both World Wars in every theatre, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan. We are very proud of their service. None received Quilt of Valor so that honor falls to me — 8 quilts for the living.

  66. Pamela Reim says:

    As a longarm quilter, I have quilted a number of QOV from quilters all over the US.

  67. Susan says:

    I have participated by making blocks for a group QOV. I have also been contemplating making one for my nephew-in-law. I keep “thinking” about it instead of just jumping in and doing it.

  68. Sue Brim says:

    I have made and quilted two Quilts of Valor, my next one will be for my daughter in law’s father. He served in Vietnam as a medic.

  69. Doni Boyd says:

    Our small group makes 2 dozen QOVs a year and presents them to local veterans. We all love the outpouring of support from our small Coastal town.

  70. Linda Fleming says:

    I haven’t made a Quilt of Valor yet, but I’d love to make one. I’ve been collecting red and blue fabrics and the book would provide me with much inspiration.

  71. Chris Chambers says:

    I’m working on a Mark Lipinski pattern for a Quilt of Valor donation. Glad to participate in this organization’s efforts to honor veterans!

  72. M.L. says:

    I’ve sewn and donated several blocks for a QOV gathering.

  73. pam odell says:

    Just joined quilts of valor and looking forward to working on quilts of valor with my group

  74. Susan Nixon says:

    I have been making quilt tops for 13 years for American Hero Quilts, which are counted under the QOV banner. We’ve made over 27,000 quilts, so far, and they go to Madigan Hospital, another hospital nearby, to Afghanistan and to Qatar. It’s a cause close to my heart because my son, my husband, my father, my father-in-law, two brothers and I all served in the military. The history goes back further than that, but no need to list everyone. =) Thanks for a chance to win this great book. New quilt ideas are always welcome.

  75. Linda Noel says:

    My friend just started a group in our quilt guild! We hope to have a busy 2019 making Quilts of Valor!

  76. Janice King says:

    So far I’ve made o ly one official QOV. But my charity group gives to veterans and I’ve made quilts for that effort.

  77. Celia says:

    I made a quilt of valor for a woman who lost her son. She took it with her to a ceremony at Fort Hood. She had come to the workforce center where I worked to apply for another job. While I assisted her with the computer, she explained she had lost her job because of grieving her son’s death and missed too many days. My heart ached for her. She had no idea I was making the quilt for her. My prayer was for comfort to her heart as she used the quilt.

  78. Becky DuBose says:

    My quilt of valor is still in the planning stage and collecting fabric stage. I plan to give it to a vet who did several tours in Afga and now is being treated for cancer.

  79. Sylvia says:

    I made 3 bedsized quilts for homeless women veterans served by Veteran’s First in Arizona. Each was conatined in a matching pillow cver for summer storqge.

  80. Ann Marie Berg says:

    My small quilt group has had us make blocks for Quilts of Valor, putting together beautiful quilts! We continue to do this.

  81. Maurine says:

    I have not participated yet. But it is on my to do list since my son is serving. Or does it count since I made him a quilt:))

  82. Kristi Castanette says:

    My father and uncle were WWII vets and my husband is a Viet Nam vet. I am proud of their service to our country. I’ve made a Quilt of Valor quilt and plan on making more. Thank you for this giveaway.

  83. Ellen Haugen Liliedahl says:

    I have not made a Quilt of Valor yet, but hope to make one soon for my husband who is a veteran.

  84. Bertella Hansen says:

    I am a member of a quilt of valor group and we have each made 8-10 quilts of valor. My last 3 were sent to West Virginia for a presentation. We also get to present quilts to service people and have presented to someone from WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a special moment we get to participate in.

  85. Mary O. says:

    I have donated to the local Quilts of Valor group. My daughter was in the Navy. I am so thankful for all who have served, or are serving, and the sacrifices they have made.

  86. Ray Burke says:

    As a proud combat veteran and seeing Marianne Fons in action I am extremely interested in this program. I have not participated in a Quilt of Valor project personally but would love to get involved. I have made two Quilts of Valor on my own and plan on doing more. I can say that if I were ever to personally receive a Quilt of Valor it would be one of the most cherished and proud moments of my life. Thank you for this tremendous opportunity!

  87. Carolyn Hanson says:

    I’ve donated a lot of fabric for making Quilts of Valor it is time to do one.

  88. Carolyn Hanson says:

    I’d love to win one of these books. This is such a great project.

  89. Ellee says:

    Through my guild I have made and donated quilt tops which other members have quilted and bound.

  90. NANCY HOWER says:

    I have not made a quilt but have made wall hangings. I have a son retiring army next spring . He has been deployed 3 times.

  91. Eddi Baird says:

    What was your contribution to Veterans’ Day? I played 3 concerts in a band uniform. How about a quilt for a true patriot???