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they said “yes”

they said “yes”

By Patricia Belyea 

LA CONNER WA  Today we celebrated StashFest Friends—individuals who each gave $100 to support StashFest and La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum. We made the ask and they responded with their pocketbooks!

Five of the thirteen Friends joined the Museum’s leadership for a delightful afternoon tea party, catered by Joe Pepia with gluten-free options by Janet Foster. A classic orange cake was served with fresh strawberries, confectioners sugar and whipped cream. Joe poured Oxford Tea, a blend he just brought back from a walking tour in the UK.

Curator Kathleen Kox regaled us with a show of historic quilts that have just been donated to the Museum. With her white gloves on and Membership Manager Arin Magill helping, Kathleen exhibited two quilts from the 1840s and nine more that span to the 1950s. (The pictured quilt is a stunning Pickle Dish pattern.)

The StashFest Friends who came today are:

  • Joe Pepia (top center with Janet Foster)
  • Museum director Liz Theaker (top right)
  • SuSan Riedel (bottom left, on left)
  • Nancy Anders (bottom left, on right)
  • Christina Erickson (bottom center)

The Friends who could not join us are:

  • Maurine Noble
  • Lorretta Gilbert
  • Julie Anderson
  • Lucy Lowry
  • Gloria Pfeif
  • Cindy Asprey
  • Marylee Drake
  • Ako Shimozato

Thank you again, StashFest Friends. Best Friends Forever!!!






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