the magic of indigo—two spots left in June workshop :: Okan Arts
the magic of indigo—two spots left in June workshop

the magic of indigo—two spots left in June workshop

By Patricia Belyea 

SEATTLE WA  I have just begun my journey of learning about indigo—one of the most coveted and mysterious color dyes in the history of the world. So far I have only read about indigo and indigo dyeing. In early June I’ll be the Teacher’s Assistant for an indigo dyeing workshop in Seattle!

Indigo Dyed CottonsKathy Hattori of Botanical Colors in Seattle has put together an intensive four-day indigo dyeing workshop that includes dyeing yarn, paper and fabrics including ribbons, silk, velvet, and handwovens. Plus additional fabrics students bring to dip.

The range of indigo varieties that participants will experience are:

    Organic indigo powder
    Bandladeshi fair trade indigo
    Salvadorean fair trade indigo
    Instant indigo
    Saxon blue converted indigo

The workshop will be held inside and outside at Magnusen Park on the shores of Lake Washington. The classroom and fully equipped kitchen are inside while the hanging area is just outside for dipped fabrics.

I am really looking forward to getting my hands blue—the sign of an indigo master. Can you make it? 

Intensive Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Thu, June 6 through Sun, June 9
10am to 4pm each day

$595, all inclusive, includes yarns and fabrics, dyes and supplies used in class.
Light refreshments will be served at snack time.

Click here to learn more and sign up: Botanical Colors Indigo Intensive


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