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tale of two cities

tale of two cities

By Patricia Belyea 

WAUCONDA WA  When I made arrangements with Sally McTimmonds to make a presentation to the Piecemakers quilt guild in Colville, I was mixed up. I thought we were talking about Oroville. 

Colville is a 1.75 hour drive from my cabin while Oroville is a scant 50 minutes away. Good thing I figured out my error in time.

On the way east, I stopped in Kettle Falls to visit The Red Rooster Quilt Shop. The shop had moved and in its place was The Old Apple Warehouse. There I saw a vintage orange and green Drunkard’s Path quilt in perfect condition. I gave it two seconds of thought and then purchased the exceptional piece for my upcoming birthday.

I have never bought a quilt before so this one is the first in my quilt collection. I love its bold and daring color combination. And the piecing and quilting are both hand-stitched!

Driving 3.5 hours in one day for a guild presentation was a little arduous. And getting home proved dark and lonely. Once past Colville, only nine vehicles passed me on the remote highway.

Yet everything worked out just perfectly. If the presentation had been in Oroville, I would never have acquired my new quilt!

Quilt Stats:

84″ x 64″
Drunkard’s Path pattern
Cotton batting

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