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high in the okanogan

By Patricia Belyea

I heard a speaker talk about life after fifty—health problems, ageism at work, divorce, declining parents and more can manifest at that time. His advice: accept the reality of middle-age and then make sure you secure happiness in your life.

In discussing this with Michael, I posed the question: If we could do whatever we wanted and live wherever we wanted, what place would make us happy? We both answered—a rural location.

our resolve

We bought a second home in the Okanogan Highlands—in the remotest corner of Washington state. Surrounded by national forest on two sides, our log house has an all-year creek, the sweetest air, and the starriest night skies.

Although it’s a six-hour drive, door to door, the time and space between homes transports our minds as well as our bodies. The Cabin, as it’s fondly called, is a true retreat.

Life at the Cabin means: goofy clothes, wildlife sightings, bonfires, lake swims, snowshoeing, walks to a nearby ghost town, tractor rides, board games, bird books, and lots of fun projects.

I have pieced some favorite quilt tops on a vintage Bernina machine while there. Michael, on the other hand, has kept busy building an authentic covered wooden bridge and a new access road.

The Cabin is an inspiration and an important part of our family life.