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the sashiko 2

a hand-stitched look by machine

The Sashiko 2 sewing machine, by Baby Lock, only makes a dashed stitch. Nothing more.

There are four stitch lengths and four stitch gaps. More variation can be created by changing the thread weight.

Okan Arts has been using this machine for over two years. You can see how Victoria has marked and stitched a small quilt project in this blog post: +read now

check out the back

The Sashiko 2 stitches from the bottom, taking a double stitch to advance the dashed stitching on the top. The look on the back is a solid line of stitching—a locked chain stitch.

bigger projects

Victoria is also stitching a new series of quilts by Patricia. The quilts are approximately 60″ x 60″. This example includes a little hand stitching in the center as the machine can’t make tight turns on big projects.

an authorized seller

Okan Arts is authorized to sell the Sashiko 2. To date, we have drop shipped machines to quilters all across America.

As we are not allowed to publish pricing online, we invite you to contact Patricia at Okan Arts to learn more: