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a special request to you

a special request to you

By Patricia  Belyea

Last Fall I learned that a family friend had been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Knowing that every day my friend’s muscles were weakening and slowly wasting away until total paralysis takes over horrified me. All the more terrifying is the fact that her brain will not fail and she will be aware of every step of the decline. A living nightmare.

There is no cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also known as ALS. I immediately made my friend a comfort quilt (detail below). That was all I could do and she gracefully accepted my gift.

But now there is something we can all do.

We can buy a $5 ticket for a raffle quilt made to support ALS research and patient care services—both sorely needed.

The raffle quilt, Coming Together, is made of blocks hand-stitched by modern quilters at 2016 QuiltCom West. Marcus Fabrics donated the fabric and Victoria Findlay Wolfe produced the quilt.

The raffle drawing is on June 19. So you need to act NOW.

As there are hundreds of you and only one quilt, I don’t expect you to win the prize. Instead you win the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made a difference to others afflicted with this dreaded disease and their loved ones.

To sweeten the pie, I will send three yards of gorgeous hand-dyed vintage Japanese yukata cotton to one raffle ticket buyer (US resident only). Just buy one or more raffle tickets, then write DONE in the Comment section below, and you will be in a drawing for this Okan Arts prize.

THE GIVEAWAY IS OVER. The winner is Pm W of Seattle WA.

To buy raffle tickets, +click here

Thank you to the block makers, quilt sponsors, and raffle ticket buyers. You give hope to the world!


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24 comments to “a special request to you”

  1. Karen Kijinski says:


  2. Allison Lockwood says:


  3. Mary Kay Davis says:


  4. Carolyn Burton says:

    Done. Anything to help eradicate this terrible disease. Thank you Patricia!

  5. E J Bradley says:


  6. Pm Weizenbaum says:

    Thanks for making the process so easy, Patricia.

  7. Janet Wright says:

    Done! 5 tickets- I had a friend whose father had ALS. Hope for a cure

  8. Trudi Rammelkamp says:


  9. Andrea Bursaw says:

    DONE x 4

  10. Gloria Pfeif says:


  11. Regina Thomsen says:

    Thank you for a reminder of blessings we have that give us an opportunity to contribute to those in need. May the goal be reached! Love the quilt name and design!

  12. Regina Thomsen says:

    Forgot to write ‘DONE’…!!!

  13. Jamie S says:


  14. Susan Francis says:

    Done: Patricia, I can see my sister’s name already on the quilt: “Wendy Francis” – yeah!

  15. Mary D says:

    I bought a raffle ticket and got an email confirm.

  16. Robin Shilman says:

    Done and Thank you for sharing this opportunity.

  17. Sylvia Montgomery says:

    Done, in memory of Marianne who was so generous with her smile.

  18. Romero Niki says:


  19. Sue Laughton says:


  20. Mary Gillette says:


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