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shooting with rosanne

shooting with rosanne

By Patricia Belyea 

SEATTLE WA  For the last few months, Margo Piikkila and I designed and sewed home decor items out of yukata cottons. The fabulous accessories will be part of a feature article in the fall issue of Quilters’ Connection, Canada’s only quilting magazine.

Props for Home Decor Photo ShootTo prep for the photo shoot, I scoured my home for Japanese props. Then off to the store for flowers, fruit and delightful baked goods. I went to Fresh Flours on Greenwood Ave. for Japanese confections made by Tokara but they were sold out. Instead I left with colorful mini-French macaroons, which turned out to be perfect.

Rosanne Olson, with all her photography gear, met me at Gloria’s home on the waterfront in West Seattle. WIth my shot list in hand, we spent the morning moving everything around in Gloria’s picture-perfect home to turn it into a Japanese-touched haven.

The final photos are superb—each a little vignette includes the yukata cotton samples and a few props. The simplest compositions took the longest to set up as fussing with each detail shifted the look and feel of each shot tremendously.

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