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shenanigans at satin moon

shenanigans at satin moon

By Patricia Belyea 

VICTORIA BC  Victoria’s downtown quilt shop, Satin Moon, has been abuzz for the last two days with all sorts of comings and goings. Yesterday I hosted a trunk show with all the yukata cottons I could fit in my car. There were just over 200 bolts filling the tables in the shop’s classroom.

Trunk Show at Satin Moon in Victoria BC, July 2013It was so much fun with old friends meeting up, conversations and laughter, patient husbands waiting nearby, and even a two little girls helping their mother. My mom stopped by and visited with the shop ladies—a wonderful team who always make her feel welcome.

Today three members of Victoria Quilters’ Guild took my Doodle Piecing Class, adding complex curves and pattern making to their quilting repertoires.

Rhonda brought beautiful Asian prints to make her doodle sampler:

Doodle Piecing Class at Satin Moon in Victoria BC, July 2013Teresa, a local long-arm quilter, made two blocks with a fresh modern collection of cottons:

Doodle Piecing Class at Satin Moon in Victoria BC, July 2013Kathleen, a quasi-newbie to quilting, designed a complicated composition with twelve pieces and wavy lines.  And she used blue fabric with bugs!:

Doodle Piecing Class at Satin Moon in Victoria BC, July 2013

Joan from Nova Scotia visitsTo add delight to our day, Joan from Nova Scotia stopped by and spontaneously “audited” the class. In town with her husband who is attending a conference, Joan quietly watched and learned. Before she left, a few hours later, Joan bought us all Starbucks lattes!

The last two days confirmed the camaraderie of quilting sisters and the inviting hospitality of Satin Moon.

Joan finishes her first Doodle Piecing blockONE DAY LATER

Kathleen went home and promptly finished her complicated block. Her tightly pointed inset seam is perfect.



Teresa’s Doodle Piecing top


Teresa completed her quilt top and posted a picture on Facebook for all her friends to see.




Rhonda’s Doodle Piecing Quilt TopTHREE DAYS LATER

Rhonda emailed me a pic of her completed quilt top.

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