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spirit quilts by commission

incorporating clothes that hold meanings

A Spirit Quilt can honor a legacy, celebrate a life milestone, bring comfort in illness, or provide peace to the bereaved.

When the Spirit Quilt is planned as a surprise, an accomplice is needed to collect the very personal effects that will be part of the composition.

Once the clothing is available, I like to meet for about one hour to discuss the project. It’s important, as the quilt maker, to gain an understanding of all the people involved.

Throughout the project, I stay in touch—keeping my patron apprised of the quilt’s progress. Turnaround time usually spans three months. The design of the Spirit Quilt is revealed for the first time upon delivery.

If you are interested in commissioning a Spirit Quilt, please feel free to contact me about your ideas.

Patricia Belyea


Family Guy
2013, 55″ x 65″

This quilt was commissioned for Rod Brooks’s 60th birthday with clothing from 18 family members.

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Johnny Quilt :: XXL Heart

XXL Heart
2015, 52″ x 60″

Made from the clothes of Johnny Curry (1987-2008), a university senior who was shot to death in his apartment when packing to go home for Christmas.

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The Power of Love Quilt, 2013

The Power of Love
2013, 52″ x 62″

Rod Brooks commissioned this healing quilt for his wife Cindy when she was diagnosed with cancer for the third time.

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Saint Jane quilt by Patricia BelyeaSaint Jane
2014, 43″ x 54″

A personal project, I began this quilt at the end of my father’s life with pieces from my mother’s pink seersucker shirt.

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Here Comes The Sun quilt by Patricia BelyeaHere Comes The Sun
2015, 54″ X 88″

Made with a childhood nightgown, this quilt was presented to Carson Thomas for her high school graduation.

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