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This page was suggested by a Girl Scout troop in Seattle. In researching quilting and quilt guilds for their badges, the girls found my website. They asked me to make my Resources section more helpful.

Here are links to websites that offer more information about quilting; some general, some detailed.

If you have any suggestions for additional quilting resources, please let me know—patricia@okanarts.com.

Quilting Resources Galore

Paradise Fibers offers a broad introduction to quilting with links to other informative sites.


Beginning Quilting Series

Amy Smart developed a comprehensive and visually appealing series of blog posts about quilting that I recommend:


So You Want To Be A Quilter

Lisa Calle, a modern quilt gal, produced an endless series of tutorials for beginners that are oh-so helpful.


Video Tutorials

Ann Tarabini is passionate about teaching quilting and has prepared an extensive series of videos to teach others online for free.


Quilt Encyclopedia

Also check out Ann Tarabini’s excellent listing of quilting terms for beginners.


A Plethora of Sewing Info

Bella of California Youth Group in Sacramento found this in-depth info about sewing on the Home Advisor website.


Making A Barn Quilt

An in-depth resource for making hand-painted wooden barn decorations with quilt graphics.




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