KO406 Vintage Kokeshi - Set of Two
KO406 Vintage Kokeshi - Set of Two
KO406 Vintage Kokeshi - Set of Two
KO406 Vintage Kokeshi - Set of Two
KO406 Vintage Kokeshi - Set of Two
KO406 Vintage Kokeshi - Set of Two

KO406 Vintage Kokeshi - Set of Two

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-Two iconic Japanese wooden dolls, handcrafted in northern Japan

-The doll on the left is 7.25” tall, the base is 42.7mm in diameter and the doll on the right is 7” tall, the base is 36.25mm in diameter, 

-Made in the Tsugaru style

-The doll on the left has decorative diamond shapes along with the classic lathe lines in red, purple and green

-The doll of the left is has a more unusual shape, with a defined waist, myriad colorful lathe lines, blush pink cheeks and a peony on the front of her base

-Both dolls have the characteristic all black hair with brushmark bangs, while the doll on the right has a petite bun

-The doll on the left is likely made by Toshiyuki Kojima, and the doll on the right is likely made by Yoshiki Sato

-Each doll is signed by the maker 

-Each kokeshi comes with a package of non-staining Museum Putty to secure your doll

NOTE All kokeshi are included in our $8 Flat Shipping Rate and can be combined with any fabric order

The iconic wooden dolls from Japan were originally made as souvenirs for hot springs in northern Japan. Once given as toys to children, today kokeshi are collected as irresistible examples of Japanese folk art.

Crafted by woodworkers known as kijishi, no two kokeshi are alike. The wooden shapes, painted motifs, and facial features are all characteristic of the specific region where the kokeshi are made.

To learn more about kokeshi +click here

To meet Sally Crowe and her kokeshi family +click here

The patterns on the kokeshi are created with water-soluble paints and dyes so they are non-toxic. Do not wash your doll with water but instead wipe with a dry cloth.

The painted patterns will fade over time and the wood will age to a tawny patina. This adds to the beauty of your kokeshi.

To secure your doll, be sure to use the provided Museum Putty.

Okan Arts sources vintage kokeshi from collectors across Japan.

Note that these dolls are pre-owned and may have small scratches or flaws to the finish.

Also, the photos of the kokeshi may not show completely accurate colors due to the varying calibrations of device screens.

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