JW042 Ikat Wool
JW042 Ikat Wool

JW042 Ikat Wool

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-Sold as yardage

-Vintage Japanese kimono wool

-Woven in Showa period, 14.5″ wide

-Tortoise shell pattern in burgundy red filled with cream mosquito cross weave on a background of old cranberry red

-Although this bolt looks highly textured, it is a superfine weight

-Double ikat weave with 100% silk warp and 100% wool weft

Ikat, a meticulous yarn-dyeing technique, creates patterns in the wool once woven. A characteristic of ikat, that’s prized by textile collectors, is the blurriness along the edges of the patterns due to the difficulty of lining up the dyed yarns. 

There are three ways to produce ikat: warp ikat where the lengthwise yarns are dyed; weft ikat where the transverse yarns are dyed; and double ikat where both warp and weft yarns are dyed.

Okan Arts recommends washing kimono wools in your washing machine, set on Delicate with the cold wash/cold rinse cycle. Our preference for clothes detergent is Seventh Generation.

Please don’t throw your wool into the dyer but instead lay out or hang to dry. This prevents any creases from being cooked into your wool from the heat of the dryer.

Press with your iron set on Wool. Dry cleaning is not recommended.

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