Glow, a quilt by Patricia Belyea
Glow, a quilt by Patricia Belyea
Detail of Glow, a quilt by Patricia Belyea
Stitch pattern for Glow, a quilt by Patricia Belyea
Signature on Glow, a quilt by Patricia Belyea
Back of Glow, a quilt by Patricia Belyea
East-Meets-West Quilts, a book by Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts
Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts


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Quilt by Patricia Belyea
48" x 64"

In mid-June, fireflies create a magical light above the waterways in rural Japan. The Japanese travel great distances to see these luminous creatures, which are believed to be the souls of warriors lost in ancient battles.

I had never seen anything like the pink yukata cotton in Glow—fireflies represented as glowing white dots and the souls of fallen warriors as soaring figures. My spirit animal is the radiant firefly. So, of course, I had to use this special fabric! 

I paired the pink pattern with a checkerboard from Wonderland, a turquoise sky filled with starry swirls, and an abstract with the nonsensical word “TOKYOIKS”. The hand-stitch pattern for quilting includes both floating figures and celestial swirls—stitched with black perle cotton.

Glow was featured in Patricia’s book, East-Meets-West Quilts, as a project with instructions. It was also exhibited at the National Quilt Museum and Texas Quilt MuseumMade with vintage yukata cottons, sourced in Japan by Patricia, plus contemporary solids. 

The quilt, signed with Patricia’s applique´signature, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a custom linen bag. Shipping and insurance are free to a domestic US address.

Photos of quilt and Patricia by Kate Baldwin.

Patricia founded Okan Arts—a family business that imports vintage Japanese textiles. Inspired by these found fabrics, Patricia incorporates hand-dyed yukata cottons into her quilt designs. An award-winning quilter, Patricia’s quilts have been exhibited at quilt museums across the country.

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