Pretty, a quilt by Sarah Nishiura
Inspiration for Pretty, a quilt by Sarah Nishiura
Detail of Pretty, a quilt by Sarah Nishiura
Detail of Pretty, a quilt by Sarah Nishiura
Back of Pretty, a quilt by Sarah Nishiura
Detail of Pretty, a quilt by Sarah Nishiura
Sarah Nishiura, quilt artist


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A quilt by Sarah Nishiura

85" x 89"

This quilt was inspired by a pretty 1960s era pink and red party dress I found at a thrift store. The dress was a relic of another era with an extremely full skirt, and a tiny little waist. The fabric, covered with exuberant reddish orange flowers,  was wild but ultimately contained by the strict shape of the dress. When designing this quilt, I decided to follow the lead of the dress, utilizing its fabric and many other vintage florals, and stitching them into a controlled framework of repeating shapes. Combining all the lively pinks and reds with a range of warm grey men’s shirts added up to a quilt that is actually much quieter and more peaceful than the original party dress would have suggested possible.

100% cotton recycled and new material, machine pieced, hand quilted

Because of the nature of working with recycled materials, occasional irregularities in the fabrics are to be expected. When these minor imperfections mean that the strength of the material may be compromised, the area is reinforced with decorative embroidery (see close-up photo).

Combining original designs with traditional techniques, Sarah Nishiura’s quilts are pieced from 100% cotton recycled and vintage materials, pieced with new yardage, and quilted by hand. Each quilt is one of a kind, suitable for warmth or display.

The quilt comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a custom cotton bag. Shipping and insurance are free to a domestic US address.

A Chicago-based quiltmaker, Sarah Nishiura utilizes traditional techniques to craft quilts out of recycled and vintage materials. Sarah’s work explores and celebrates the infinite possibilities of geometric design. Her quilts have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally, and are included in private, corporate and public art collections throughout the US.

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