BB9182 yukata cotton
BB9182 yukata cotton

BB9182 yukata cotton

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-Sold as yardage

-Vintage Japanese yukata cotton

-Hand-dyed in Showa period, 14.75”

-A spectacular double-dyed bolt with gray and cream flowers, centered with red and with teal leaves, on a speckled tan and brownish gray

-The metallic thread in the selvedge signifies that this bolt was dyed in a superior artisan workshop

Adventuresome quilters love to work with yukata cottons. The out-of-the-ordinary patterns add a special spirit to their projects.

Approximately 14” wide, yukata cotton is loomed for making casual, unlined summer kimono. One bolt measures 12 yards—the exact amount needed to make one kimono.

Artisans, using the ​chusen​ method, hand-dye this remarkable cotton with paper stencils and vivid colors.

Okan Arts sources 20- to 60-year-old yukata cottons in Japan from kimono stores, antique shops, flea markets, and pickers. The vintage bolts are shipped to Tokyo where they are consolidated for the journey to Okan Arts in North America.

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