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peggy juve: an artist wholly

peggy juve: an artist wholly

By Patricia Belyea  

LANGLEY WA  Arriving at Peggy Juve’s home on Whidbey Island, I was enamored by, well, everything. Peggy and her husband of 35 years, Bob Hodges, have built a space that’s charming and chockfull of arty treasures.
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterBob, a glass artist, has his own pieces as well as those of friends scattered throughout. On all the window sills, sunlight streams through an eclectic collection of fine art glasses.
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterPeggy admitted that she has been involved with creative endeavors her whole life. Encouraged as a child to pursue any interest, as an adult Peggy has painted silk, made designer clothing, painted art glass, painted with oils, co-owned Eddy’s—a shop featuring artist designed tees and one-of-a-kind wearables, and most recently become a digital textile artist.

Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterPeggy produces her newest creations using “Ana,” her garment printer. She commented “Digital-to-garment printers are typically used for applying graphics to t-shirts. I stretch my machine’s capabilities, applying my designs to up-cycled clothing and luxury fabrics.”
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterOne of the fabric artisans invited to present at StashFest 2014, Peggy has developed intriguing and cosy scarves from recycled jerseys and t-shirts.
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterEven more cushy are Peggy’s silk, wool and angora scarves. She bought a huge bolt of virgin angora in natural champagne for these deluxe wraps.
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterI love Peggy’s repurposed cotton, wool, rayon, cashmere and wool sweaters. She prints base graphics and then tastefully embellishes the artwork with appliques, bows and buttons.
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterAt StashFest, Peggy will also have her signature pill hats in fleece, wool and cotton, plus placemats and art fabrics. Collaborating with other artists is another aspect of Peggy’s creations–such as her hat tops that feature art by Meredith MacLeod and Melissa Koch.
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterThinking of quilters and pillow makers, Peggy designed a fantastical suite of botanical squares. StashFesters will be able to buy individual squares or multiples, printed on organic cotton, for P. Juve-inspired projects.
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterMy stimulating afternoon ended with Peggy brewing us some tea in her handcrafted kitchen.
Peggy Juve, StashFest Presenter

Sitting with her boisterous pugs, I discovered Peggy is a perennial volunteer for arts organizations on the island. Her latest passion is Island Shakespeare Festival, a free outdoor event that’s becoming a regional attraction!
Peggy Juve, StashFest PresenterWe could have kept going but it was time to catch a ferry home. Lucky me, I was the last car on the 5pm ferry. Always a good omen.

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