Sashiko 2 Sewing Machine

a hand-stitched look by machine

The Sashiko 2 sewing machine creates dashed stitches that look like hand stitching!

There are four stitch lengths and four stitch gaps that can be mixed and matched. More variation can be created by changing the thread weight.

The Sashiko 2 stitches from the bottom, taking a double stitch to advance the dashed stitching on the top. So the top stitch doubles in weight for a substaintial look. On the back is a solid line of stitching—a locked chain stitch.

Okan Arts has been using this magical machine for over three years.

blog posts

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price alert

Okan Arts is authorized to sell the Sashiko 2, made by Baby Lock in Japan. To date, we have shipped machines to quilters all across America.

Please contact us using the form below to learn about our latest deal that includes free shipping to your home. 

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