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one yard of happiness

one yard of happiness

By Patricia Belyea 

SEATTLE WA  When I told my twin sister Pamela that I was going to give one yard of yukata cotton to everyone who came to my Mother’s Day Open House, she said “You can’t do that.”

Hannah Mae picks out her yukata fabricSeeing I was determined, Pamela asserted “Well, you know the ones that don’t really sell. Let them choose from a selection of those.” “No,” I responded. “I want my guests to look through ALL my yukata cottons. Then they’ll see more than one that they fall in love with.”

Who really wants to go into someone’s home to go shopping? I think that’s a pretty big hurdle to overcome as it might be uncomfortable or hard to get away. Going into the unknown is difficult unless you’re someone who truly seeks adventure.

Giving away one yard of yukata cotton really encouraged new people to come through the door at Okan Arts today. Instead of just my family and friends stopping by, half of the shoppers today were people I had never met before! And seeing what everyone chose for their free yard was fascinating.

The only person who didn’t take home any yukata cotton beyond the free yard was my twin sister. But then, she’s family.

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