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four october giveaways!

four october giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month Okan Arts is giving away an issue of UPPERCASE and the inaugural issue of Little U, periodicals published by UPPERCASE. There are four giveaways, each valued at $41.

If you are not familiar with UPPERCASE, meet an independent publisher that produces ad-free magazines and books for the creative and curious.

Janine Vangool is the designer, editor, and publisher behind UPPERCASE. While Janine keeps up a no-fail schedule for developing UPPERCASE, she also creates encyclopedic books full of contemporary content and vintage ephemera, and designs fabric collections for Windham.

The magazine UPPERCASE is chockfull of contributions by makers and creatives around the world. With a call to participate for each issue, legions of craftspeople, illustrators, photographers, calligraphers, and more send in their work. Every quarter, Janine curates and publishes a wonderful collection of imaginative projects.

Issue 30, with a theme of The Rule of Trees, is full of creative adventures including wooden quilts made by Laura Petrovich-Cheney. Stories big and small brim with inspiration and wisdom. There’s even a one-page article about a quilt I made with snippets of my mom’s pink seersucker blouse!

After becoming a mother, Janine enjoyed all the lively and fun designs produced for little ones. So Janine birthed Little U, an occasional magazine, to celebrate all of the creativity inspired by and for children. It’s a delightful exploration of wonder, joy, color, and imagery.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. The winners are Mary S of Kingston WA, Nancy L of Salem OR, and Audrey E of Pateros WA.

To participate in the October giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: How do you find inspiration for your next quilt project?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The October 2018 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight Pacific Time on October 31, 2018. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (sorry to our Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Four lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. Each will win the No. 30 issue of UPPERCASE and the inaugural issue of Little U. Each winner must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To visit the UPPERCASE website +click here

To receive a 15% discount on any book or magazine in the UPPERCASE online shop, use this link:

Thank you Janine for the donation of the UPPERCASE and Little U issues! Please note that Okan Arts received no compensation for this giveaway.

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148 comments to “four october giveaways!”

  1. Christine Gross says:

    My goodness, that is a good question. Inspiration for me comes from many places. Sometimes it is from fabric I’ve purchased and want to use in a quilt – just have to figure out what pattern, what size. The fabric wants to be used, I only purchase fabric I love so I want to see it every day in use. I also get inspiration from nature, traditional patterns and the beauty in everyday life.
    Christine Gross

  2. Aime Augsburg says:

    Those periodicals look amazing! Many things inspire the making of a quilt so it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one. The one thing that I go back to time after time is recycling clothing into something new. The project I’ve worked over a long period of time (and getting closer to finishing) is a crazy patch quilt made from my daughter’s t-shirts and jeans. Has TONS of embellishment to keep the creative juices flowing. I began recycling clothing many years ago when the money was tight and the little one needed clothing. No sense in letting perfectly good fabric go to waste when the original owner can’t use it anymore!!!

  3. Jan Sutter says:

    My inspirations come from websites, blogs, and nature. I love seeing what other creative people are doing.

  4. Gin Ruddy says:

    Inspiration for me comes from the beauty around me: Art, nature, color and light.

  5. Ronni says:

    For me, inspiration comes from photos I’ve taken, fabric I’ve bought, or colors around me.

  6. Janet Wright says:

    As always, I love your blog. You put so much into it and I come away inspired. So–I have to say–your blog inspires me and also just looking at fabric–Yukata –of course. Sometimes just looking at the color combinations in Yukata starts the creative juices rolling.

  7. Linda Fleming says:

    I usually have a recipient in mind when I’m planning my next quilt project so I like to select the pattern and fabric considering their age and interests. I keep up with what’s new out there by reading from many different sources including online blogs and newsletters, bookstores and the great selection of art and craft books, ebooks and magazines at our local library!

  8. Linda W. says:

    My problem is that I have so many ideas that I have difficulty picking just one to focus on. I keep lists of things I want to make (right now on the list: eye pillows for my yogi friends, each unique for the individual; slow stitching and block printing studies; a quilt made from beautiful Indian fabrics that I just bought in London; block printing on fabric that I hand-dyed this summer…). I also follow many artists on Instagram and am inspired by their work. I save examples of techniques that I want to try.

  9. Ellen Hemmert says:

    Great question and answers! I find it everywhere, particularly when there is a pattern like tiles and a church floor, trees in a row, etc,

  10. Martha Wacker says:

    My inspirations come from blogs and websites, sometimes from thinking of the recipient of the quilt I am making, sometimes from just what I have on hand (necessity is the mother of invention, right?); and from random things like cards I receive….and nature, a big contributor!

  11. Katrine Eagling says:

    There are so many ways to find inspiration that I can’t pick just one or two. My eyes never stop sending information in the form of graphic design to my brain. Thanks for sharing this with us Patricia.

  12. Tanya says:

    I am inspired by websites such as yours and all the other generous artists that share their ideas in books and blogs.

  13. Shelly says:

    In some of my recent work the inspiration has come from photographs I took, from fabrics I created with procion dyes, and from drawings by my grandchildren.

  14. Bonnie says:

    I get inspire from fabrics I love & putting them together in a variety of ways & then cutting them up again ( & sometimes again) & putting them tougher in a new way.

  15. Melissa Robinson says:

    I really enjoy bring inspired by visiting Instagram posts.

  16. YOchi dayan says:

    I get my inspiration mostly from my love of art and crafts. I also incorporate childhood memories and child’s life.
    Uou can include me because i have an american address.

  17. Gretchen says:

    Great question! My inspiration comes often with changes of the seasons, experiences, travel and places Ive visited, and anything that involves my passions. I’m a strong visual person so it’s easy for me to see quilt ideas or any kind of creative project in the little and big things that come me way.

  18. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    My inspiration comes from the fabric.

  19. Linda Andrews says:

    My inspirations come from walks in the woods and on beaches, musings and memories, skies and light and the stellars jays at my bird feeder.

  20. Jerie Clark says:

    I am inspired by the quilts I see at local quilt shows and by websites and magazines.

  21. Dottie MACOMBER says:

    I get inspiration for my next project from designers in magazines, as well as from books and patterns. Sometimes I am inspired by something I see in nature.

  22. Joey Colbert says:

    I find inspiration by looking at other fiber artists’ work from all over the world. Lately, I’m particularly keen on the traditional piecework of Korea and the traditional embroideries from India.

  23. Robin Shilman says:

    Magazines, books, photos, nature, published patterns and artists that I follow all give me ideas to pursue in my way.

  24. Barbara Cutler says:

    I find inspiration from the fabrics I buy and samples in the store. Also in books I have.

  25. Cynthia Cook says:

    My latest inspiration came from a set of blocks I thought would be perfect in a quilt I was working on…..and they didn’t work out in that quilt so I found a way to use them in a new quilt. So, I guess you could say I’m inspired by my own mistakes.

  26. Valerie Lau says:

    I get inspiration from Japanese boro pieces, Gees Bend quilts…items that are elegant in their simplicity and the humble materials used to create them. I love scrap quilt designs and most often make gift bags as a way of wrapping a gift in something more personal.

  27. Susan Nixon says:

    Inspiration comes from a lot of places. Sometimes it’s simply need, sometimes it’s a blog hop I’ve agreed to do. I am more of a traditional quilter who dabbles occasionally in modern, so traditional blocks and quilts have been motivation for my making something. Occasionally, it’s something someone says that inspires me to create something. This looks like an interesting magazine, and I appreciate the chance to win a copy and check it out. Thank you!

  28. Pm Weizenbaum says:

    For quilt projects, most often I’m inspired by realizing how an image or a concept would speak to someone I care about — and the specifics grow from that union. For clothing projects, the fabrics whisper to me what they could be. My biggest quilting challenge is to connect a concept with myself, so I can finally make something just for me.

  29. Nicole Sender says:

    I find inspiration for my next quilt project by reviewing my pinterest board where I’ve saved many quilt ideas that i found inspiring. My sources are quilting blogs, fabric websites and you tube tutorials.

  30. Janice King says:

    For color, I find inspiration in trying to use the fabrics donated to my charity quilting group. For design, I see shapes in architecture elements, nature.

  31. Susan Rush says:

    I find inspiration from the colors of nature and the animals that inhabit the world. When I take pictures, I always wonder how this would look as a quilt.

  32. Kate Meyers says:

    Great question! I find my inspirations from pictures of architecture, when I look at how nature balances itself, reptiles to rock formations, desert colors and light play.

  33. Barbara Kampas says:

    The initial inspiration always come from one or two distinct pieces of fabric. As I check my stash and/or purchase other pieces the mind begins to explore designs, a decision made, and updated as the piecing is done.

  34. Kathy E. says:

    I read a lot of quilting and sewing blogs to receive inspiration and ideas for my next projects. My list is quite long and yet, I continue reading for more ideas!

  35. Beth says:

    Inspiration, for me, comes from many places. It might be the bark of a tree, a radar image, craggy branches, the color of a sign, peeling paint, etc. Inspiration is all around us.

  36. Pip D. says:

    My inspirations cone from nature and from heirloom designs.

  37. Cheryl Macomber says:

    I find my inspiration from my stash of ideas, whether they be saved online links, Pinterest, or magazines and books. Fabric also inspires me.

  38. Shasta says:

    I usually find inspiration online usually through a blog, Facebook or Pinterest. I tend to find several quilts I want to make a day, but unfortunately since I can’t make that many, I wind up just adding them to a mental list. Eventually I will come across one I can’t resist making, although I still don’t know why some are more irresistible than others.

  39. theresa j says:

    I find most of my quilt inspriation online

  40. Brenda says:

    Anywhere! Sometimes it’s thinking of a particular person to make for and what i think of when I think of them. Sometimes it’s a quilt or a pattern or an image that just calls to me to make it. Sometimes it’s the fabric. And sometimes I just pull some idea out of I don’t know where and have to explore it! And sometimes its through a magazine like Uppercase. I was lucky enough to win a gift subscription one year, but could not afford to renew it.

  41. Nadine Nakano says:

    Magazines , look at my notes, look around me – what suits my fancy at the moment will be what I do – doing small projects I can finish rather soon is what I am focusing on these days

  42. Cynthia rosner says:

    I get inspiration from quilt books, quilt magazines and instagram. In fact I have too many ideas!

  43. Janet Schayer says:

    I’ve been seeing quilts everywhere lately. I look at an image and I see a quilt. I think of a word and in my mind I see a quilt. Currently I’m working on Christmas and denim. I’m also contemplating pumpkins.

  44. Wehaf says:

    My inspiration comes mostly form my own head and from children’s books.

  45. Jackie says:

    I go for a run outside. Some how fresh air and exercise combine to unleash my creativity

  46. Christi says:

    I guess everywhere blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, books, friends, magazines, even churches and buildings. Nature is full of colors and designs just look around.

  47. Lorraine says:

    Ever challenging to be more observant of nature’s forms and colors.

  48. Maggi in NY says:

    For me, it’s all about color. Right now the autumnal shades are influencing me greatly. Then I look for a pattern I want o work with.

  49. spierssusan says:

    Nature is always my inspiration! Living in the south Mississippi affords many wonderful floral & fauna ideas throughout the year!

  50. Deb says:

    Inspiration comes to me in many ways though mainly through my walks in the forest or my garden, a particular passage in a book I may be reading and from dreams.

  51. Lea says:

    My inspiration is usually found in nature, but I’m also inspired when I get to have “play days” or challenges with a group of friends. The energy inba group can really help get me thinking!!!

  52. Nancy Hutchison says:

    Inspiring ideas come from many places when I keep my mind open. Especially outdoors.

  53. Meredith Pearson says:

    My morning walk with my golden retriever Sophie provides daily opportunities for nature photography. My photos provide the inspiration for much of my fiber work.

  54. Annette Schardin says:

    Inspiration varies from project to project. Sometimes it’s a fabric that I fall in love with and have to figure how to best use it. Or sometimes I see a quilt made up in a certain pattern that I want to tweak. This could be from magazines,quilt show, quilt store, a techniques class.

  55. Cassandra says:

    Architectural details are my biggest source of inspiration, but this is closely followed by nature, art, and textural variations. In the last year or so, I have also been doing semi-improvisational quilts inspired by simple geometric shapes including rectangles, equilateral triangles, and circles.

  56. Donna Conklin says:

    Every quilt I’ve made has been inspired by the persons interest I’m making it for, whether it’s nature (fall leaves, bug 9 patch,) sailing with embroidered sea creatures, flowers using vintage sheets, chickens – a log cabin with the fabric ranging from egg Prints to chicken foot prints. I’ve made dozens of quilts but never one to keep. At 65 it’s time to make a keeper and my love for Asian art and kimonos will be my theme.

  57. Patricia Gottshalk says:

    I will be in the PNW later this month. Hoping to visit the storefront. This publication looks like a jumping off point for so many beautiful things. So much more fun then the cookie cutter kit quilts that are popular today. I love when an idea has legs and takes you on a journey, sometime at a stroll and other times at a fast run. The pics from the curved piecing workshop are breathtaking.

  58. Susan Reeve says:

    My heart guides me to what designs and fabrics I should use in my quilts. I use scraps of fabric from clothing worn by loved ones I’ve lost, mixed with new fabrics to celebrate the past and present. Having a little fabric reminder of those I love in the quilt is a way to honor them.

  59. Jayne Smith says:

    I’m not really a quilter per se, but I have become drawn to small quilt projects such as Sue Spargo does. I recently took a newbie course on Japanese Embroidery, so you can see my interest lies in Japanese materials. Im just beginning to take the leap to becoming a creator. I find your posts to be inspiring and intriguing!

  60. Sometimes the fabric itself is my inspiration to make it shine or make a statement. Other times it’s a technique that I want to try that inspires me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. Cindy Brouillard says:

    Creativity comes from a lot of trial and error for me.

  62. LaVaughn Bye says:

    Inspiration comes from unexpected places: nature, of course, but also perhaps the label on a jam jar, or the shadow of rake tines in the fading October light.
    Sometimes a fabric itself tells me whaat it wants me to do.

  63. Terry Cullan says:

    I think for me inspiration can be anywhere you look, from the shapes of windows to the colors of the outdoors.

  64. Edith Bieri says:

    My Inspiration comes from nature, colors, Special fabrics, yarn and threads

  65. Margaret says:

    Wonderful inspirations!

  66. Mary Willis says:

    I get inspiration lots of ways, looking through magazines, visiting shops and quilting shows, playing with fabric, or thinking about the reason I’m making a quilt.

  67. Barbara Sanders says:

    I love the creativity and design of Uppercase and now Little U!

  68. Susan Kelley says:

    Inspiration for me comes from many places, sometimes it is a quilt some else masde that has a color combination that catches my eye, sometimes it is a piece of fabric that sparks me. Sometimes I just start and the quilt talks to me as it evelves. All are good. I just keep quilting.

  69. Julie Landrith says:

    Color, designs in fabric, creations of others, nature and sometimes the need for a gift or treasure all inspire me.

  70. Kathie L says:

    I love my guild’s show and tell.

  71. Catherine Gillette says:

    Nature and my friends inspire me, spent weekend at retreat and it’s always great to see what everyone is working on and get ideas.

  72. Connie Koontz says:

    Strolling thru my favorite quilt store sparks my creativity…finding that just right fabric! Quilt shows always make me aspire to greatness.

  73. Hilda Hrebs says:

    Love it, very inspirational

  74. Bette says:

    I find inspiration from magazines, books, fabric patterns and my Grandchildren’s artwork to name a few. I’m always in search of the next new thing.

  75. Jennifer T says:

    I start with a color or pattern or shape in nature that moves me on a given day, or a combination of colors I’ve seen elsewhere that I’ve never tried together.

  76. Mary says:

    I find inspiration many ways. My most recent project came from visiting a new quilt shop and falling in love with a quilt the owner designed and sewed. I’ve been inspired by patterns in magazines and by quilts my quilt friends are producing. Sometimes I start with a design and add elements or switch the fabrics to something quite different. We are so lucky to be a part of a creative endeavor where we can find inspiration most anywhere!

  77. Katalin Hise says:

    For me it starts with the fabric. I love to imagine how different color combinations will go together and also they will look when texture is added by quilting.

  78. Angela J Short says:

    I find inspiration in nature mainly. Have a great day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  79. Linda Lim says:

    It is always exciting to see new magazines come on the market, and I would love to see these

  80. Katherine Collins says:

    I get inspiration from nature and others around me!

  81. Jerry Turner says:

    This is just the latest source of inspiration. I’m lucky to live near Balboa park in San Diego. A friend and I have been taking extreme closeups of tree bark, rocks, leaves, anything really. iI is amazing what is in front of our eyes that is not seen and is useful.

  82. Teri C says:

    Inspiration for me comes from many sources starting with nature but also incorprating ideas from magazines and the internet. Uppercase looks amazing.

  83. Michelle D says:

    My inspiration comes from digging through my stacks of quilt books, magazines, and pages ripped out of magazines that have never gotten “organized”!

  84. Aime Augsburg says:

    I get inspired for making a new quilt by the fabrics I find. They might be in a fabric store, but they might be in my daughter’s closet, too! I looked at the UPPERCASE website before and spent a lot of time there. Lots of inspiration in there. Very creative.

  85. Rosemary says:

    Inspiration for quilts can come from anywhere. Right now, I’m working on things for my 18 month old granddaughter who LOVES anything I make. I started making large fabric letters. She immediately recognized “A,” but was no so sure of “E.” I put them in a little antique metal lunchbox that she carries around. She recognizes some letters more than others. I use fabric scraps from my stash and especially those that I made her clothes from so she recognizes strawberries, ladybugs, bees, etc. Once I finish the vowels, I’ll start on the consonants. She already realizes that letters make up words as she recognizes some letters in words around the house. I take care of her three days a week. I have some Japanese fabric that I will eventually make her a blouse or a jacket from. When we walk in the neighborhood, she picks up sticks and attempts to write with them-already understanding that writing is important. When we read to her we use our finger to indicate following the words and she mimics this when she is “reading.”

  86. Jan says:

    This is an easy answer for once. I’m able to see miles of the Blue Ridge Mountains from my deck and am currently making large post card type pictures of this scene. After 25 years of living here I’m using what I see in my back yard.

  87. Donna says:

    Looks like great inspiration in these publications. Always fun to find new inspiration from new blogs and new publications.

  88. Sueanne Mockensturm says:

    Usually in quilting magazines or going to a quilt show really gets my juices flowing.

  89. Katrine Eagling says:

    Inspiration is everywhere, it’s mind boggling!

  90. Donna Smith says:

    If I’m paying attention, inspiration can come from everywhere.

  91. Kathleen Flanagan says:

    Inspiration comes to me from nature. Staying grounded and connceted to the earth!

  92. Barbara Lotthammer says:

    I get new inspiration when I go to quilt shops or art galleries and color combinations jump out and speak to me

  93. Judy Maloney says:

    I find inspiration in everyday things, the way light hits a certain object, the mist rising off a pond, leaves falling and traveling down a stream. I also find inspiration in following talented artists like yourself, Janine Vangool, and Christine Mauersberger!

  94. Wendy Hill says:

    Inspiration is everywhere, all the time, so being observant, being open to seeing things out of their context, and being willing to follow ideas no matter where they lead is the way to be inspired (without having to “find” it).

  95. Janet says:

    My inspiration comes when I least expect it. A picture in a magazine, discovering a fabric in my stash that I had forgotten about, looking at my new surroundings. When it hits I can’t wait to get into my studio and start a project.

  96. Debra says:

    My inspiration comes from color and pattern design.

  97. Jean Bailey says:

    My inspiration source is often the monthly challenge from my art quilt group. We choose a word or a theme for a small quilt. I combine the theme with a technique I have been itching to try. For example the Sept challenge was “Leaf” and I wanted to practice the Joe Cunningham piecing method so I made an abstract leaf with bias binding swoops on top.

  98. Pat Davies says:

    I get inspired by beauty especially when am away from home! I guess I am more relaxed and open so get so many ideas of what to make next! My failing is not writie all the ideas down as soon as they come to me!

  99. CHARLOTTE KEY says:

    I get a lot of inspiration from the blogs that I follow.

  100. nancy hower says:

    I look forward to your posts. I am a Snowbird and have just returned to Yuma, AZ from Mt. Vernon, WA.
    Although I do not consider myself to be an artist creator, I can never to a project as the originator planned it. times my changes work and sometimes they do not.

  101. Mary Rowin says:

    Any image can inspire whether from nature or an art museum. Also fabrics can give me ideas for paintings…and it all rolls along!

  102. Shari Harrison says:

    I love Janice’s fabrics! A beautiful print fabric is often my inspiration for a project, but I find ideas everywhere. Sometimes it’s a quilt on Pinterest, a pattern in a shop or a beautiful photograph. With the birth of my grandson I am also drawn to quilts & projects for babies & children. I usually gave several projects going on, in different stages. I would love to win some more inspiration!

  103. Vivian Roop says:

    My mind seems to hold long lists of inspiration, there is always something in it that needs to be addressed. It could be a color, the season, a photo, a news item, or fabric, of course. If there only were time enough.

  104. Cindy Hanrahan says:

    I always want to learn a new technique, and maybe try a new tool. Browsing fabrics i. my local store or online also seems to inspire me to make something new.

  105. susan giordano says:

    I’m new to quilting but have a deep affection for quilts. My love of quilts started early in my life as I came across classic quilts. Modern approaches to quilting as well as a deepening awareness of the art of quilting around the world has added to my motivation to learn.

  106. Antonia Lozon says:

    Finding inspiration isn’t the problem: it comes from everywhere–people, places, colors, trees, fabrics, books, a bottle cap on the ground. The problem is finding the time and space to make something from the inspiration before something else shows up. I’m always about 5 projects behind. And once you take up collage, the possibilities are limitless!

  107. Janine says:

    I am inspired by nearly everything- nature, art, paintings, art and quilting in other cultures, rugs, tapestries, architecture, modern quilting, vintage quilting, antique quilts, emotions…..the list is endless.

  108. Meriul says:

    My inspiration comes in many forms……nature, photos, colors, seasons, etc., etc!! Can’t wait to start my next project!

  109. Kendra Hume says:

    I never know where my next inspiration will come from. Being a visual person I seek out museums, books, theater and other creative venues, however my inspirations most of the time are from random visual occurrences. Life is an adventure full of surprises!

  110. Mary Campbell says:

    My inspiration comes from the study of old quilts as well as a love for the colors and textures of nature all around me.

  111. Carol Young says:

    Each of your notofications bring joy and excitement.

  112. Julie Thompson says:

    Colors and shapes. And fabrics. Still working on gettung it. SO researching threads at the moment.

  113. Lisa Frederick says:

    I find inspiration from nature especially the changing seasons. Also from Pinterest and my large fabric stash!!

  114. Diane Richter says:

    I find I am often inspired by elements of the seasons: leaves and fall colors, snow flakes, flowers, and sunshine. Also, the work of other quilters working in the modern quilt style has broadened my own work.

  115. Phyllis Merritt says:

    I find inspiration looking at the many and varied and beautiful quilts my mother left me.

  116. Colleen says:

    My inspiration comes from all around me, in nature. I live in northern Michigan, the seasons are beautiful. I love color so I seem to be most inspired by the vibrancy of the colors around me. They spark my creativity and encourage me to explore using them daily

  117. Lily Kamikihara says:

    I get alot of inspiration from my fellow quilters and Pinterest. It is amazing how folks will use the same pattern but it comes out different. Maybe they used different colors or added their own spin to it. This gets me thinking that I can do the same.

  118. Barbara Montejo says:

    I get inspiration from speakers at my quilt guild meetings and from my friends

  119. Martha O. says:

    When “stuck”, I have learned to ask a three-year-old girl: “What is something that you think I should know about?” Then I make something that incorporates what was mentioned. Sometimes she talks of an animal, an accomplishment (potty training was a biggie) or a new favorite thing or color. Last week I learned her current favorite color: “rainbow”. I searched in one shop, discovered some fabric with rainbows and usrf it in a purse, a hood, and the lining of a poncho.

  120. Nancy Long says:

    I am inspired by shapes, colors, and textures I find in nature.

  121. Melisse Laing says:

    Inspiration is never a problem for me. I get ideas from such diverse things as music, politics, other media, sermons, headlines, comments that I overhear, dreams, nature and more. Currently I am beginning on a new series based on my frustrations living with Parkinsons.

  122. Laurel Lee Pedersen says:

    I get inspiration from my favorite bloggers and from my stash of quilting books.

  123. Suzanna Moore says:

    Irony fond inspiration….it finds me. Sometimes a nudge, other times a 2×4 blow to the side of my head. It often cannot be denied.

  124. Carol B says:

    Inspiration for me often comes from nature. I live in an area that experience seasons, so there’s a lot of inspiration throughout the year

  125. Kathy S says:

    I’m very often inspired by a city landscape, think New York, and the details found within.

  126. NancyB from Many LA says:

    It comes from other quilts, internet, colors, quotes, ideas,,,

  127. Laura F. says:

    This time of year especially I find inspiration in the Autumn leaves. Every year I’m in awe of the color all around me. All the seasons here in New England are inspirational but Autumn is the best.

  128. Jean GB says:

    I find inspiration by seeing something in a magazine or on the web. Maybe a special occasion is coming up and I grab one of my UFOs and finish it.

  129. Thrum says:

    I love the creative inspiration in this books.

  130. Katie Kull says:

    I gather fabric and decide which ones I want to use in a project. Then I start sketching quilt ideas. Sometimes my design comes from the fabric used, or sometimes it’s from a photo I’ve taken.

  131. Susan Zakanycz says:

    I find inspiration for my quilting through my garden in the mountains of North Carolina.

  132. Linda Levy says:

    I usually get inspiration from either a beautiful piece of fabric, or a lovely color,.

  133. Kathy Pitts says:

    When I am ready to start a new quilt I pull out a variety of fabrics from my extensive stash, take a good long look at them, decide which one will be the focus fabric and take it from there. I use just piecing or applique with piecing depending on what I have envisioned. I am seldom disappointed, if I am I start over.

  134. Kathleen Wade says:

    My inspiration for my next quilt comes from either fabric I’ve bought that I want to use or a picture or pattern I’ve seen and want to try. I take photos on my phone of quilts or colors I like, follow blogs of quilters and fabric companies, and also save ideas on Pinterest.

  135. Ann Rippel says:

    Inspiration for my next quilt project lately is coming from my local quilt store. Rene, the owner at the quilt shop is always challenging her customers to think outside the box. Go for a new color, different type of fabric, or new pattern. Now, I am adding Velvet to my quilts. Velvet adds charm and a different type of beauty to my quilt.

  136. pjdominici says:

    I am mostly inspired by teachers. I need their guidance and permission to explore while giving me the techniques to be a confident quilter.

  137. Carol Johnson says:

    I have begun taking pictures regularly of floors, buildings, book covers, soda cans, etc., that could be reinterpreted into a quilt. One in particular that I intend to make for my brother will interpret the sweeping tile work of the floor in the new art building at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia, where he is a professor.

  138. Jane says:

    This sure looks like fun. I’m going to look for this magazine!

  139. marty says:

    Good question! Sometimes i just gaze at underutilized textiles around my environment and repurpose them

  140. Hilda Hrebs says:

    I love the inspirations these books give

  141. Audrey says:

    I almost always start with the fabric, what it looks and feels like to me. I get a lot of inspiration from antique quilts too. The giveaway looks very interesting and fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. Karen M says:

    I get inspiration from many places: Instagram, Pinterest, my local quilt guild, and my small quilt group. Also, a fabric might inspire me. I have so many ideas – there’s not enough time in the day to work on them!

  143. Anita L Jackson says:

    When looking for inspiration on a project, I think of the person I am gifting it to, their personality and desires. Then flipping through magazines, browsing fabric selections and browsing on line sites, I find the perfect pattern for my beloved ~

  144. Laura Lundrigan says:

    I have a variety of publications and saved images that inspire me!

  145. Linda Noel says:

    I’m a new beginner quilter so it’s not hard to find inspiration. I look on pinterest, books (East-Meets-West) and I listen to sewing and quilting blogs.

  146. Sandra Hughes says:

    I love fabric and different kinds or materials so my inspiration comes from books, blogs and especially quilt shows. I love to see the beautiful quilts that the blog person shows when she comes back from the shows and I like the magazine “Art Quilting Studio” from Stampington.

  147. Nancy Hower says:

    I find my inspiration through the intended recipiant. I am finishing a project for a young musician whose favorite colors are red and black. I went shopping for black red, white and shades of gray with musical design fabric. From that I pick a pattern that speaks to me and usually make changes that also speak to me and go for it. The current project is over6 years from inception to completion

  148. Lottie Smith says:

    Appreciate the introduction to Uppercase and the opportunity to learn new things through your blog and your emails. Thank you.