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four november giveaways!

four november giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month Okan Arts is giving away a copy of maido: A gaijin’s guide to Japanese gestures and culture and two yards of bright yukata cotton. There are four giveaways, each valued at $45.

maido, written by Christy Colón Hasegawa and published by Schiffer, describes the most common Japanese gestures and defines their meanings and cultural context. Whether you’re an armchair traveler or heading to the Tokyo Quilt Festival in January, this book is designed to help you navigate in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Here are a few terms that are described in maido:

The two yards of fabric, vintage printed yukata cotton from Japan, glow with happiness and sakura blossoms on checkerboard backgrounds.
THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. The winners are Linda N of Stafford VA, Lu P of Dallas TX, Barbara D of Santa Barbara CA, and Laura S of Milton FL.

To participate in the November giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: To what extent have you traveled in Japan?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The November 2018 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight Pacific Time on November 30, 2018. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (sorry to our Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Four lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. Each will win a copy of maido and two yards of the yukata cotton shown. Each winner must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To visit the Schiffer Publishing website +click here

To visit the Okan Arts shop to see more yukata cottons +click here

Thank you Schiffer Publishing for the donation of maido: A gaijin’s guide to Japanese gestures and culture. Please note that Okan Arts received no compensation for this giveaway.

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153 comments to “four november giveaways!”

  1. Jerie Clark says:

    I have not traveled to Japan at all but would very much like to. Did not realize there was a Japanese sign language. Does everyone use it?

  2. Kelley Cunningham says:

    I had a twelve hour stopover at Narita airport returning from Australia once. I had hoped to take the train from the airport to a nearby shrine but I was a bit overwhelmed. I tried to ask for details at the Japan Airlines counter but they didn’t understand what I was asking, so I gave up, wandered around and shopped and then spent most of my time in the first class lounge drinking gin and eating rice crackers 😀

  3. Robin Medley says:

    May I practice my English with you?

  4. Martha Wacker says:

    I have been to Japan once, a wonderful trip, and am impatient to go again. Especially now that I am a quilter and would love to see fabric, quilts, and other texiles there.

  5. Valerie Lau says:

    Last year we participated in a Japan-USA friendship home stay near Nara. My hostess took me to a special vintage kimono shop to buy a yukata at a very reasonable price! Our hosts’ friendship club had a number of members who made crafts from vintage obi and kimono to sell as fundraisers for the club. We then went onto Kyoto to see many of the beautiful gardens. A lovely trip as we had the chance for more than just sightseeing.

  6. valerie Kobayashi says:

    My new obsession is your book!! I am enjoying trying to duplicate your quilting methods. Thank you so much for sharing!! Your book has provided me with much joy!

  7. Judith Lawrance says:

    I have never traveled to Japan. But my son is in the Air Force stationed there. He and his wife are enjoying it.
    He has learned some of the language and is learning to ,play the Sakahatchi Flute. Both of those things may be quite difficult— but, being the determined person he is,I am not surprised!! His wife kindly sent me some Japanese Fat quarters for my birthday last month— and she isn’t even a quilter or sewer! Needless to say,I was thrilled.

  8. Ann M Saunderson says:

    My travel to Japan has been via a Japanese exchange student, Midori as she shared about her home there. And books, fabric etc.

  9. Tanya says:

    I haven’t been to Japan yet – hope to in the near future!

  10. Dee says:

    I lived in Japan for four months in 1995, just down the street from the Blue & White. Loved going to shrine sales for the big bundles of old kimonos. Enjoyed lots of public baths from Sendai in the north to Fukuoka in the south and everywhere in between.
    Thank you for this contest.

  11. Ellee says:

    Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to visit Japan.

  12. Debbi Cagney says:

    I hope I win – love everything.

  13. Karen M says:

    I have never been to Japan but maybe one day I can go with a tour group to the quilt festival. It would be amazing!

  14. Linda Noel says:

    I hope to go one day! I love the East Meets West book so it would be wonderful to win some yukata cotton!

  15. mary mandernach says:

    I spent some time in the Japan airport on my way to and from China, I would really love to visit Japan

  16. Jmj says:

    Never been. My kids have. They loved it!!!! I have made quilts out of yukata fabric

  17. Susan Nixon says:

    Wow, two great fabrics AND a wonderful book! Thanks for the chance to win. I have been to Tokyo on a layover, in 1967, and the plane also stopped in Osaka, so that was mostly a flyover, except for the night walking down Ginza and having dinner in a restaurant. What a long time that’s been! I’d love to visit Hokkaido, maybe for the ice carving.

  18. K Jill Varnell says:

    Unfortunately i have never travelled to Japan. However i have experienced Japanese culture vicariously through my daughter & my cousin.

  19. Gloria Pfeif says:

    I have been fortunate to travel to Japan four times. My first trip was on business and the rest have been general travel with Smithsonian Journeys and textile related travel to the Tokyo Quilt Show and an indigo workshop. There is so much to see and do, one trip will not be enough.

    Gloria P.

  20. Christi says:

    I have not been at all. My husband has gone too many times too count but I stayed home with the kids.

  21. Katrine Eagling says:

    Never, but I think it would be fun.

  22. Rhoda Helmuth says:

    I have never gone but a textile tour of Japan is on my bucket list!

  23. Linda Fleming says:

    Alas, I’ve never been to Japan except in my dreams. I love to watch videos about various locations and venues in Japan. One of my favorites is the Wisteria gardens in bloom. I enjoy reading your blog and finding out about traditional methods of dyeing fabric, shopping and travel around Japan.

  24. Becky DuBose says:

    I have not traveled in Japan but love the fabrics. I am currently working Japanese fabrics into string quilt blocks.

  25. Barbara Kampas says:

    I have not had the opportunity to travel in Japan. I use Japanese fabrics in my quilts because I appreciate the design and color combinations.

  26. Alice Ronne says:

    I’ve been to Japan but it’s been a long time. My niece is teaching English there on a two year contract so I’m hoping to visit her. Love the fabric too! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  27. Pat in WNY says:

    I have never had the opportunity to travel to Japan, although when my children were young we hosted a Japanese exchange student for a part of the school year. A late aunt also studied pottery making under a Japanese master for several years while she lived and worked in Japan. Thank you for hosting these lovely giveaways.

  28. Darlene Arnswald says:

    Going to the Quilt festival in Japan AND visiting Japan are at the top of my bucket list. My husband and I watch NHK World (from Japan) every evening. We’ve learned so much! This book sounds GREAT! Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

  29. Mary Jo Buckingham says:

    My love of all things Japanese started at age ten when my Dad took me to a visiting exhibit of Hiroshige’s 53 Stations and afterwards treated me to tempura at the oldest, traditional Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis. At 30, I accepted a job at Taipei American School but spent most vacations in various parts of Japan. Years later, I worked for Nishinomiya Education Ministry, and enjoyed visiting traditional artists in rural Japan. More years later, my husband and I hosted a lovely Japanese high schooler for year; this experience deepened our understanding of Japanese family life. Now, I visit Japan in my heart when I sew these beautiful yukata fabrics.

  30. suzi leong says:


  31. Jane Holbrook says:

    Thank you for the generous giveaway. Such sweet fabric, really inspiring. I have not yet traveled to Japan, maybe next year..

  32. Ray Burke says:

    I have only traveled through Japan on several occasions. I often think about and would love to visit especially now that I quilt.

  33. Lily Kamikihara says:

    I have been to Japan 3 times and planning my 4th trip. My first trip was as an exchange student and I stayed for 9 months. I was able to travel from Kagoshima to Hokkaido. The 2nd trip was with my mom and sisters to Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo. The 3rd trip was with my tennis friends last year to the same cities. This time I tried to visit as many fabric stores. Looking forward to fabric shopping next summer.

  34. Pam Stahl says:

    I’ve never been to Japan. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  35. Marilynn Dondero-Rich says:

    I am hoping to travel to Japan next year. This book would be a great help!

  36. Robin Shilman says:

    I have never been to Japan except through reading and watching documentaries and learning as much as I can. It is on my bucket list.

  37. Eileen Hallock says:

    I am a total Japanophile – Painted Kimono Studio. Working on a new body of work and the fabric would be a great addition to the materials that I am working with.

  38. Jayne Smith says:

    I have a desire to attend my grandson’s wedding in Japan when he finally asks his darling partner to wed. My daughter-in-law visits her parents every year in northern Japan.

  39. Mary Rowin says:

    I loved my trip to Japan and hope to return, armed with good gestures!

    • Pauline Mitchell says:

      I have had several lay overs in the airport in Tokyo while living and teaching in Bangkok. The most memorable was on a return trip from visiting in the USA. Our two young children who were on the way home to Bangkok from there first trip out of the country clapped their hands on seeing noodle soup in the restaurant there.

  40. Rose Rademan says:

    I have not been to Japan yet but definitely a fan of their fabric,art and food!

  41. Annette S says:

    I have never travelled to Japan. I have a Japanese sister-in-law and 2 nieces. Have been following your site initially through Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

  42. Kathy S says:

    I’ve never been. The fabrics, though, are brilliant.

  43. Kathie L says:

    I have a former student who is from Japan. I travel only through her descriptions of her vacations in her country.

  44. Carol Fraley says:

    This sound very interesting, can’t wait to read it!

  45. Jill Moreaux says:

    I would love to travel in Japan! Someday…

  46. Steffani McChesney says:

    I lived in Japan for 2 1/2 years from 1947 to 1950. We lived on the southern island of Kyushu on Ashiya Air Base. We were some of the first American families sent to live in Japan after the war. I was five years old when we moved there. Many Japanese had never seen Westerners, especially not children. With my butt-length blonde hair I was quite an attraction. We met many of the local people because of my hair. I am very fortunate to have had this experience. It is one of my fondest memories in my life.

  47. Margaret Rehnstrom says:

    I have never been to Japan, but I am a collector of things “Japanese”. I have fans, fabrics, and other little items. I took a class with John Marshall at the Seattle Art Museum years ago and he brought kimono fabric for us to make cute little gift sacks.

  48. Jerry Turner says:

    I have never been but is the one place in the world I would like to see.

  49. Michele Rook says:

    My travels to Japan was 1958 through 1961. My late father was a member of the Air Force assigned with his family to Yokota AFB. Three glorious years to immerse ourselves in the culture, we travelled extensively through the country, went to festivals, learned the language and my mother and I learned doll making, kimono patterns, and other traditional crafts. But through the years, I’ve remained close the the Japanese culture because born and raised in Hawaii we have a heavy influence of ‘all things Japanese’. I am a Hawaiian quilter, a family tradition. My second passion is Sashiko in the Japanese patterns with flora and fauna patterns of Hawaii for quilt tops and table runners.

    My interests this year is to attend a Sylvia Pippin class as I use her patterns for Hawaiian flora, attend a class at Okan Arts as I think the curves would add a dimension to my Sashilko projects and then I’ll plan a trip to Japan to revisit all the places I did with my parents and siblings.

  50. Mary Willis says:

    I have not traveled to Japan yet! But, I am going there in February with the Bonnie Hunter Crafttour group. I am very excited to visit the Tokyo Quilt Festival. It’s been on my bucket list. ⛩

  51. Linda Nakamura says:

    As a family, we visited 2-3 times for 10 days or so. By myself, I have gone once when I graduated from college over 50 years ago. We also lived 4 years there because of my husband’s job, one year in Yokohama and another 3 in Osaka/Kobe. We would pop over from Seoul for short stays in the following 4 years because we enjoyed the food and culture so much. I have never heard of this book before and it would of been useful for us to have had this when we were living there.

  52. Jo Ewald says:

    My guided tour of Japan included all kinds of things: edaname harvesting, visiting many temples, Mt. Fujii, fabric shops, used kimono shops, etc.

  53. Dawn Barach says:

    I haven’t been to Japan yet but it’s very high on my travel wish list!

  54. Janine Morrell says:

    I’ve only traveled to Japan vicariously through others or in my mind. My sister was stationed in Okinawa when she was in the Navy and friends had a Japanese exchange student for a year. Another friends parents are still missionaries in Japan. I am fascinated by their culture- especially their quilting culture. There is quite a rigorous process to be a “Quilter” in Japan – you pick one professional Quilter to study under, and it can take some time to be on your own. You must master certain basic techniques before moving on.

  55. Lynn Thornton says:

    My husband spent his Junior year abroad in Japan but I have never gone. Our home is filled with Japanese decor and I would love to go to explore the fabric stores.

  56. mlmasters2014 says:

    I’ve never been to Japan although I am constantly inspired by their culture, art and especially their quilting.

  57. Julie Landrith says:

    I never traveled to or in Japan, except visually via the television.

  58. Mary Glinski says:

    I lived in Japan for 2 years in the early eighties and loved everything about it. We lived in the Omotesando area and they closed the street on Sunday’s so families could stroll and bicycle with their families. Both of us are tall and my husband has a full beard and mustache which drew attention especially from the younger girls. I’ve been interested in Japanese design ever since. We returned to Japan a few years ago and visited some of our favorite places.

  59. My husband and I have been fortunate to have traveled to Tokyo a couple of years ago. We are traveling to Fukui in the spring to visit our son who lives there

  60. Ellen N says:

    I have traveled to Tokyo and surrounding area, visited the beautiful mountain town, Nikko. Visited Japanese Garden in Tokyo, so beautiful. Attended a dinner in silk kimono purchased just for the occasion.
    A second visit was to a US Navy base to visit a son and Japanese wife and baby girl.
    I love the people and their kindness extended to visitors.
    Would love to go to the Quilt Show in January some year. Also, I am a fan of Indigo
    fabrics and a shopping experience or visit to where they are dyed would be wonderful.
    Happy you asked this question, it brings back many wonderful memories.

  61. Deb says:

    I have not traveled to Kapan, but it’s on my list!

  62. Lori Morton says:

    I have never traveled outside of the United States…but know Japan would be Beautiful place to visitl! Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way 🙂

  63. Paula Morgan says:

    Only through the news… my dad was a lover of Japanese art. I imagine the areas that were not impacted by extreme weather are beautiful and serene.

  64. Barbara says:

    I would love to go to Japan and hope to visit the big quilt show in Tokyo.

  65. Barbara Dahl says:

    Thank you for this generous and timely offer. I would love to win it. I have never traveled to Japan except through friends and family and their stories. My daughter-in-law’s mother lived in Japan for several months and made many friends there and my son and DIL were able to visit them once. Thank you again.

  66. Karen Bleasdale says:

    From traveling to Japan via my dreams, imagination and armchair, I have enough frequent flyer miles to retire in an airplane. Thank you for offering us beautiful fabric.

  67. Tina Davis says:

    I have not yet traveled to Japan. It is on my list!

  68. Rosemary says:

    Unfortunately I have never traveled to Japan, but I love their fabrics, traditions, etc. As an example, I love doing Sashiko and have made several projects that I’ve given as gifts to friends.

  69. Ms Julia E Bernstein says:

    my last trip to japan was just for quilting,the tokoyo quilt festival and then drove to the old master shibori town and museum. i just completed a shasiko sampler.

  70. Kathleen Craig says:

    My first trip to Japan will be in February! I am SOOOOOO thrilled to have this dream come true. My husband passed away over the summer. He would be so pleased to know that I am fulfilling a dream. I have been interested in all things Japanese for many years. There is so much I hope to see and experience!

  71. Pam says:

    I haven’t yet visited Japan, but our oldest grandson has made Tokyo his home for the past 5 or 6 years since college…..and we hope to attend a wedding there some time in the future…..

  72. Donna Smith says:

    One of my favorite adventures in traveling was the opportunity to travel to Japan as a teacher and to experience the schools, temples , food and the best of all-visiting a Japanese quilting group where we shared food, and viewing their quilts – a cross cultural experience where we did not all share a common language.

  73. Janet Hasselblad says:

    IvI’ not been to Japan. One of my best friends is Japanese American, knowing her and growing up with her family, I feel as though I have been there culturally and food wise. They own a restaurant in Seattle, where I enjoy eating. IfI love to visit their homeland.

  74. margo clyma says:

    I have never traveled to Japan. But when I win the mega bucks lottery I am taking my quilting critique group to Japan for a cultural tour and a visit to the Japan International Quilt show!! Wouldn’t that be fun to do?? Margo Clyma.

  75. Travel to Japan is on my bucket list!

  76. Rafaelita Chavez says:

    I have only traveled to Japan in my mind-books, quilt magazines, TV shows but would love to have the opportunity to go in person.

  77. Sharon Weibler says:

    Oh how I wish I could visit Japan. I have never been there except in daydreams.

  78. Laurel Lee Pedersen says:

    I have never visited Japan, but have a Japanese niece in law and several family members have served church missions to this beautiful country. I would love to visit in the future.

  79. Harriet Williamson says:

    I spent two months in Japan living mostly in Kyoto and Tokyo. My two favorite parts of the trip were staying in the countryside outside of Kyoto in an old house of many tatami mats. The house was surrounded by rice fields. I felt very alone in that house but it was a comforting and beautiful place. The other memorable location was in a ryokan in Hakone. Early in the morning was a short lasting earthquake. The best ever trout was eaten there. I wish I had been interested in quilting at that time and could have purchased indigo fabric.

  80. Janet Wright says:

    Right after Fukushima, I went with Glennis Dolce and The Silk Experience Tour to Japan. It was a trip of a life time for me and I would go back in a minute. Wonderful people, beautiful country–great tour.

  81. Lu Peters says:

    I enjoyed a two day stop over in Narita where I fell in love with the people and serene culture. I obsessively collect Japanese garments, textiles and artifacts, and use vintage kimono scraps in my fiber art

  82. Lucia Johnson says:

    I have lived in Japan twice. I started elementary school in Tokyo in the 60’s (dad on business there). I remember all my playmates being Japanese – language didn’t seem so much of a barrier at that age. I still have the silk kimono, obi, and tabi that I wore at 6 years old.. In the 90’s, I worked in Japan as an engineer (female) for my US based international company – LOTS of stories there.

  83. Toonces says:

    I visited my son in Kashima. He teaches English there.

  84. Sharon Horn says:

    I would love to travel to Japan. My quilts are made with Amazing Japanese Fabrics.
    Think that I may have been Japanese in another life. Have several Japanese Kimonos that I like to wear to The Moikami Art Museum & Gardens Exhibitions Openings in Delray Beach, Florida.

  85. Cindy Brouillard says:

    I have never traveled to Japan, however, I have a good friend who taught there on American military bases and gifted me my first rolls of yak at a cloth.

  86. Susan says:

    I have visited Japan 3 times and would easily go back again. The first 2 times were with my husband, and the 3rd with 2 girlfriends. I have taken a class at Blue and White, gone fabric shopping at stores and shrines, and have bought hand made needles in Kyoto.

  87. Carol Johnson says:

    I have never visited Japan in my physical body, but many times have I been fascinated and inspired by reading and watching documentaries and travel shows about this beautiful country.

  88. Judy Hartwig says:

    I enjoy your website.

  89. Lydia Reading says:

    Armchair traveler, Japanese geisha doll when I was little, hosted a Japanese exchange student who we still keep in touch with these many years, Japanese cottons, sashiko, quilts, design, , patterns, kimono, sushi, kodo drums. Someday I will visit and feast on the culture. This book looks so interesting!

  90. kathy jurevicius says:

    My husband and I have been to Japan twice to visit my daughter and her family–including our precious 2 year old Grandson. Our daughter’s in-laws have taken us to many interesting sites in and around Tokyo. This past September we enjoyed taking the shinkansen to beautiful Kyoto. Our Son-in-Law arose at 4a.m. to purchase premium seats to return to Tokyo just ahead of the cyclone. I have found many great fabrics at Yuzawaya, but with definitely try to visit Nippori Fabric Town on our next visit.

  91. Kendra Hume says:

    I have never been to Japan. A friend faves about it and has been numerous times. He says it is beautiful I I would love it! I have begun gathering info for a visit.

  92. Judith McGinty says:

    I went to Kobe in March 2017 for the wedding of an American friend to a Japanese man, then in Jan. 2018 went to Tokyo for the Quilt Show. Can’t wait to go again! Love Japan.

  93. Karon says:

    I’ve never been to Japan, but have considered a cruise that stops there.

  94. Kathleen Flanagan says:

    I have been to Tokyo twice and Kyoto and Narra only once. Would love to travel more now that I have retired!

  95. Wendy Hill says:

    I have only traveled in Japan through the adventures of our son, who spent a month in Japan after graduating high school and who lived in Japan for almost 6 months on study abroad, going to college, as a junior in college. We planned to travel to Japan together, and almost booked plane tickets at least two times, but now he’s 31, owns a house, is getting married, has a dog, and life is so much more complicated. We still plan to travel together, some day—-

  96. Pat says:

    I went to Japan for two weeks when I graduated from grad school at the University of Hawaii almost fifty years ago. My favorite was riding the “bullet train”.
    Have always loved Japanese fabric!

  97. Judy Wallace says:

    I have never visited Japan, but am very interested in doing so. I am very interested in the Japanese culture and their inspiring artisans – have enjoyed learning about Utamaro and his colleagues, as well as the art of kimono and yukata. Really enjoy Okan Arts’ features of life in Japan.

  98. Barbara Mars says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the lovely Yakata fabric and a most interesting book. Will be going to Japan January 2020.

  99. Cathy Mueller says:

    Physically haven’t had the opportunity. However, I’ve enjoyed hearing of Japan from family and friends who have visited. My most recent “excursion “was via my son-in-law and his brother. They took a long weekend and visited. They both said the fun part was hunting fabric for me! Their eye foe color and texture is wonderful, especially since their mother doesn’t know one end of needle from another.

  100. Roberta says:

    My husband and I just returned from a 20 day trip to Japan, spending time in Fukuoka, Yakushima-Cho Island, Takochiho, Okayama, Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Tokyo! While I’ve been quilting for a few years, I wasn’t able to spend time in the big fabric stores, but did purchase some generous cuts from a shop near Kanazawa. I learned about Okanarts while looking on line for fabric shops prior to our visit. I read about the near 400-old needle shop in Kyoto and did make it there! A spectacular place to find.

  101. Kelli Hinatsu says:

    I have never traveled in Japan. My father-in-law and I used to watch the morning tv show on NHK while I fixed dinner so that he could keep up his japanese. That’s the closest I’ve been!

  102. Barb K says:

    I have never traveled in Japan–I do admire the textiles from there–Beautiful!

  103. Masa says:

    My senior year of college was done an exchange student from Iowa in Tokyo; was able to travel in several parts of Japan during school breaks. That was 41 years ago, and I’d love to return.

  104. LOLLY SCHIFFMAN says:

    I’m going to Japan in January!! Tokyo quilt festival and skiing in Furano on Hokkaido. Does it get any better than that ??!!

  105. Janet Schayer says:

    I’ve never been to Japan but your posts have made me more interested in going there sometime, especially to the countryside.

  106. Lea Ann Ferring says:

    I was in Japan for the first time in August 2018. I fell in love with the country, the people and the culture. I hope to return soon. My daughter studied in Kyoto for a semester and it was nice having her be our guide and translator while we were there.

  107. Ellen Young says:

    I have been lucky to have traveled to Japan twice – once to the Tokyo Quilt Show in January on a trip run by Quiltmaker magazine then in the Spring (cherry blossom time!) on a tour with Susan Faeder

  108. Nancy Hutchison says:

    My Japanese travel so far is only in my mind, but love the beauty of the fabrics and floral arrangements.

  109. Margaret Wolf says:

    I went to Japan about five years ago, but realize that I saw only a fraction of what I wanted to see. I would love to go again a few times :).

  110. Patricia Hamilton says:

    I was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and an American soldier. We moved to the States when I was three. I was fortunate to travel in Japan for three weeks with my mother before she passed away. I found the beauty of the country overwhelming. My wish that I wrote on paper and tied to a tree at a temple was that I someday would be able to return to the country.

  111. Laura Soriano says:

    I’ve been twice to Japan but haven’t spent nearly enough time fabric and textile shopping as I’d like. Hoping to go again in 2020!

  112. Vivian Roop says:

    I have made two wonderful trips to Japan. We toured schools, temples, shops, ate food we had only heard of. This was 40 years ago and we are so much more appreciative of Japanese culture now. There were no quilt shops. Fabric was silk, sashiko was just beginning, with classes being held for the locals in the department stores. They were learning too. We hopped on and off trains and buses to travel, had to wear skirts, stood patiently in lines, never complained and were in awe at this magnificent country.

  113. Alice Dyer says:

    From my first visit to Japan some 20yrs ago, I have loved the culture, the architecture, the people, and their language so much so that I learned to speak Japanese….. and have returned twice. Interestingly, I grew up on the coast of Maine where we acquired a “Down East” accent…. meaning we pronounce no “r’s”. Seems that works just great in learning Japanese and I was able to hear all the intonations and pick up the language very easily. What a treat!!
    And during this first trip I became aware of Japanese quilting, quilting with kimono fabrics and sashiko. Today my home abounds with beautiful Japanese quilting and furnitures featuring sashiko.

  114. Michelle Beach says:

    Not ever have I been to Japan. I love Japanese fabrics and have enjoyed colecting and sewing with them. Japanese designs in textiles, clothing and Ceramics are inspiring for me. Japanese gardens and architecture as well inspire. I worked in the Japanese garden at UCLA when I was a design student there, some years ago.

  115. Cheryl Brown says:

    I have never been to Japan but I am going there this January for the Tokyo Quilt Show. Can’t wait!

  116. Diane Richter says:

    My journey to Japan has been through books only. I have had an appreciation of Ikebana, Japanese gardens and sewing Japanese garments since the 70’s. In the
    90’s I began studying and making Temari, Japanese thread balls. I would love to
    visit Japan someday.

  117. Judy Helms says:

    I have never been to Japan, but it is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. There are so many things about the Japanese culture that are so beautiful. From their poetry to art to philosophy of life but most of all how the people show respect for their world.

  118. CAROLINE ROHRER says:

    One of our daughters has been to Japan. The closest I’ve come is studying Japanese floral design many years ago.

  119. Barbara Davies says:

    My now 27 year old daughter was conceived during my one and only(so far) trip to Japan. It was a dream come true for both reasons: visit Japan & have beautiful daughter as souvenir forever. I was raised in the horticultural community in Sacramento, California, which at that time was mainly members of a couple of Japanese families in wholesale growing and retail selling of ornamental garden plants and trees. I spent many holidays involved with Japanese families, and dreamed of visiting their home country. In 1990, my British husband and I, also horticulturists with specialty in aquatic plants, visited Japan for a major garden-oriented Expo in Osaka. The government was reclaiming industrial sites with private business sponsorships (Sony, Mitsubishi, etc.). There was a new, massive amusement park with huge Ferris wheels and other fairground joys, a huge park with water features (lakes, streams, fountains) and forests fir strolling, amazing color flower beds and movies projected against the back if the spray of massive fountains. There was also a large acreage devoted massive pavilions of IMax Monarch butterfly migration movie; fountain-fire-coloured light-music displays; greenhouse with rare plants from around the world and much more. We had the opportunity to stay in a 5 star Japanese hotel with all Japanese amenities (soak tub!), Japanese food at every meal and the tasteful decor for 3 nights/5days. We road bullet trains and visited other gardens and shopping areas. My dream is to go again for forest hiking, fabric indulgence and all possible ways to soak up more of their wonderful culture.

  120. Kathy Collins says:

    I hope to visit Japan someday!

  121. Catherine Erlanger says:

    I have “visited” Japan many times via the serene and beautiful Japanese gardens at the Huntington in Pasadena, California. I hope that I will have the opportunity to visit the country.

  122. Barbara Anne Gans says:

    I lived in Japan as a child for approximately one year. My father was a pilot with the US Navy and my family was stationed there. I have a few small memories but would love to visit as an adult.

  123. Cindy K says:

    I have never been to Japan. Would be interesting to take a trip there someday

  124. Connie Wood says:

    I went to Tokyo and Kyoto in 2014 with my sister on a Quilters Express to Japan tour. We both loved the country, the people and the culture.

  125. Pam Durant says:

    Although I’ve never left North America, I love to see quilts from Japan and long to go there.

  126. Connie Koontz says:

    We have been to Okinawa twice to visit our daughter and her military husband. The Japanese’s culture is SO gracious and respectful. And I love the kimono silks! Mottainai and wabi-sabi traditions are worth considering in my book!!

  127. tina says:

    I have been to Japan once a few years ago. I really wanted to shop for fabric but didn’t get a chance. I did see some fabric precut for yukatas. The best part was seeing the monkeys that go in the hot springs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. M.L. says:

    I’ve been to Rome, Switzerland, France. So much fun! I’ve seen Sistine chapel, Mona Lisa, and the Eiffel Tower. Was interesting to how food is served in the different communities.

  129. Antonia Lozon says:

    I was lucky enough to travel to Japan for a month about 10 years ago. Three friends and I stayed at a friends house near Kobe for 2 weeks, then traveled around the country for 2 weeks, with a 3-day stay in Tokyo at the end. I loved it! Visiting a fabric/craft store in Kobe was so overwhelming I didn’t even buy anything!

  130. Moira says:

    I haven’t been able to travel to Japan at this point. My parents have been there though, so I’d love to be able to go at some point.

  131. Kris Koponen says:

    I AM IN JAPAN Right Now as I type this!! First time, Traveling for 3 weeks now with my family including my 15 month granddaughter who learned the gesture of bowing to all that she meets!!
    Been crossing Honshu, seeing cities and mountain villages, temples, shrines, art and culture. Amazing beautiful place and people. My families dream of a lifetime! Would love the book on Japan culture to understand this experience, and yukata of course my favorite for quilting.

  132. Quilting Jeannie Zimmerman says:

    I would love to win and receive this prize. While looking through your beautiful fabrics, I fell in love with your Iris prints. How beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway, and I hope you select me as one of your winners. I love beautiful fabrics in quilts.
    We never traveled to Japan, but I was fortunate to have a Japanese ‘Mom’, a very gracious lady.

  133. Lori Matsui says:

    My husband and two of my children have traveled to Japan but I have not had the opportunity. I hope to travel there soon. I fell in love with Japanese fabric when my grandmother traveled there when I was in high school and brought back kimono’s. Japanese fabrics are so different in style and I love the unexpected elements they can add to a quilt!

  134. Gail H says:

    Only country I have visited is Canada. Would enjoy the gestures book.

  135. Suzanne Caflisch says:

    As of today I have only traveled to Japan through the eyes of my son and his bride.
    When selling 19th & 20th C prints, I traveled to Japan through Japanese woodblock prints. Now, I am preparing myself for a lifetime trip to Japan. We will see our son and his wife married in a Shinto ceremony in Tokyo. We will travel to Kyoto and other destinations arranged for us by our new daughter in law. We will return to Tokyo in time to attend the Tokyo Int’l Quilt Festival. The book would certainly help me! xx

  136. Heather Hoof says:

    I lived in Okinawa for almost a year. We lived near a studio that did bingata and they would hang long colorful panels that looked like kites blowing in the wind. The colorful contrast against the brown and brick colored houses was just picturesque. I remember going to a fabric store and hearing a couple of children counting objects on a piece of fabric and I understood what they were saying…so silly, but my ability with the language was minimal so I was excited.

  137. Cheryl Surbaugh says:

    I have NEVER physically traveled to Japan, but I have read many books about Japan and we hosted a Japanese exchange student.

  138. Mary zinsmeistet says:

    I have not traveled to Japan but have been fortunate to visit the last three Quilt Nihon exhibits at the Museum in Cedarburg, WI.
    My husband was stationed in Japan in the 60’s so I learned how to make gyoza. Later I became friends with a gentleman who owned a Japanese import business in Niagara-on-the Lake, Ontario.
    I do hope to get to Japan someday.

  139. Susan Acevedo says:

    I tracel d to japan in 1971 and sawso many amazing things.. Tokyo NIkko Kyoto
    I sure want to do a return visit

  140. Karyn Kubo Fleming says:

    I spent three weeks in Japan (Tokyo, Kansai region and Wakayama-ken, where my family is from) almost exactly 17 years ago, and have been longing to return ever since. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  141. marty says:

    Only in my mind so far. Appreciate this blog for info

  142. Carolyn Hanson says:

    I hope to be going to Japan this next year.

  143. Carolyn Hanson says:

    I hope to be going to Japan next year.

  144. Nancy Hower says:

    I have travelled to South Korea and am planning a trip to Thailand in March. Japan is still on my list but it will be soon.
    I have two first cousins living there and working in universities. I want to visit them before they retire and return to the States with their families.

  145. Sue O’Donnell says:

    I’ve travelled to Japan 7 time and will go again in May! I’ve been to all the major islands except for Hokkaido. Obviously I love visiting this amazing and culturally rich nation!

  146. Susan Eagleton says:

    I have traveled to all four main islands and visited several others. I lived in Tokyo five years and Sasebo four years. Went to the Japanese alps to ski with a group of high school friends and did a multi day bike trip with the same group. Have climbed Mt. Fuji and visited several volcanoes in Kyushu. I spent many days at the shrines in Nikko and saw the Emperors car caravan when he visited Furukawa Aluminum Company there. I launched the midbody of a ship while in High School. These are just a few of my experiences in the country I love and would like to revisit. I wish I had been a quilter while living in Japan, my stash would look very different.

  147. Nan McCoy says:

    I lived and worked in Nishinomiya, Japan for 3 years, 1970-73. On vacation days I spent most travel time visiting craft artists around Japan. Primarily I visited areas on Honshu and some on Okinawa. I had studied art education in college with emphasis in fiber art and a great interest in ceramics. I belonged to Tokokai pottery workshop in Akashi, Hyogo, ken. Our leader, the late Ogawa Ryuichi, was a Buddhist priest who had been an apprentice to Kawai Kanjiro. Although my Japanese was not very good, I treasured my time with artists and crafts people of all kinds.I learned so much listening to them as we drank tea together and prepared to make pots! I have traveled to Japan two additional times.

  148. Marcia says:

    I just returned from my 5th trip to Japan. Love going to Nippori Town and fabric shopping at Yuzawaya.

  149. Kathy E. says:

    Only in my dreams! Japan is on my bucket list!

  150. Laura Sloan says:

    I’ve never traveled to Japan but it is certainly on my bucket list! Those fabrics are just darling, what a treat they would be to work with.

  151. Ginny Leber says:

    I have not traveled to Japan, but hope to some day. Needless to say, beautiful fabric becoming available is a thrill.

  152. Paula R Bush says:

    I have not traveled in Japan, but have dreamed of going since I was 16 (I am 64 now). I hope to visit someday soon!