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twenty november giveaways!

twenty november giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month’s giveaways feature modern-quilt leader Denyse Schmidt’s Stonington collection from FreeSpirit. Inspired by the New England beach town of Stonington and the retro look of the 1970s, Denyse created understated patterns in three color-ways—Dungaree, Lobster, and Twist.

Nov 2016 Okan Arts Giveaways

Four lucky winners will win a Stonington 40-piece fat quarter bundle with patterns and modern solids (value $139).Nov 2016 Okan Arts Giveaways

Four lucky winners will win a Stonington 40-piece designer roll with patterns and modern solids (value $39 each).Nov 2016 Okan Arts Giveaways

Four lucky winners will win a Stonington 42-piece 10″ charm pack with patterns and modern solids (value $33).Nov 2016 Okan Arts GiveawaysAND lucky four winners will win a Stonington 42-piece 5″ charm pack with patterns and modern solids (value $13 each).Nov 2016 Okan Arts Giveaways

To participate in the November giveaways, answer this question in the Comment Box below: In one sentence, what compels you to quilt?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The November 2016 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight PST on November 30, 2016. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (sorry to my Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Twenty lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing for the fabric sets. Winners will be notified within 24 hours. Winners must respond within one week of notification or their giveaway will be forfeited. A list of winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

Thank you FreeSpirit for the donation of the fabric sets.

To find a store near you selling FreeSpirit fabrics +click here

To visit Denyse Schmidt’s website: +click here

This is not a sponsored giveaway.

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283 comments to “twenty november giveaways!”

  1. Susan Michael says:

    Being creative and making a quilt that no one else has made before. =)

  2. Mrs. Plum says:

    Color, fabric, possibilities, and creativity compel me to quilt. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway!

  3. Janet Yatska says:

    My love of fabrics.

  4. Kae Eagling says:

    I am compelled to quilt because creating art is an internal drive that can’t be ignored.

  5. Karen Kijinski says:

    Love creating a piece if art with fabric.

  6. Janet Mullin says:

    I like to quilt because it enables me to give gifts to people that they will treasure.

  7. soozi says:

    The need to manipulate color and pattern into an item that will feed my soul.

  8. Shirley Whitcomb says:

    The wonderful world of fabrics compels me to quilt.

  9. Barbara hume says:

    Color play!

  10. Katie Gloede says:

    I love the interaction between different prints and manipulating that play into a cohesive piece.

  11. Gabrielle Kinman says:

    Creativity and desire like treasures.

  12. It let’s me be creative and individual.

  13. Susan Grancio says:

    Creating a tactile record of my exploration of colors and patterns.

  14. Ray Burke says:

    Quilting is fun, exciting, challenging. And rewarding!

  15. Kelly C says:

    I love making color and math work together, plus the joy of seeing someone’s face when they receive a quilt

  16. Leona says:

    Love to work with fabric and thread, putting love into each stitch and sharing that love.

  17. Connie Cain says:

    I want to leave my kids and grandkids something behind to remember me by. 🙂

  18. Linda Fleming says:

    I love the process of creating a quilt – from choosing the pattern and fabric and then making it for a special person.

  19. Mary D says:

    I have been sewing most of my life and I love creating things with raw materials, namely fabric, thread and my sewing machine.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. Ruby Delach says:

    The last stitch finishs the quilt

  21. Limbania says:

    Curiosity…how color, texture and shapes create infinite possibilities of beauty and comfort.

  22. Brenda P says:

    Joy is the word that comes to mind, I find the most joy when I am quilting and when the quilt is done and I can gift it to a family member or a friend there is double joy just seeing how much they appreciate that something was made especially for them whether its perfect or not there is always joy

  23. Garen says:

    The need to create- the need to play with all the lovely fabrics!

  24. janice paine-dawes says:


  25. Linda Williamson says:

    Quilting makes me happy!

  26. Kaye koler says:

    I am compelled to quilt because of beautiful, heart catching fabrics, especially wonderful 7os retro fabric!! Thank you!

  27. Karen A says:

    I love being able to play with fabric, taking simple pieces and turning them into something beautiful.

  28. Terry PEART says:

    Wow, its difficult to explain why I am compelled to make quilts. I just have to be making something. I’ve always been creative. It started with making a quilt when I was a teenager. Since then I’ve tried many different crafts, painting, drawing, jewelry-making, gardening, fabric dying, woodworking, and many more. I always come back to making quilts. I love playing with the colors and textures of fabric. I love the feel. And, when you’re done you have something containing your love that you can wrap around someone.

  29. Alice Ronne says:

    The excitement of color and creativity compel me to keep on quilting!

  30. Janie McCombs says:

    I love creating things that are one of a kind.

  31. Gigi says:

    The love of fabric.

  32. Janice says:

    I quilt to be of service, to express my artistic ideas and to relax!

  33. Jessica Jones-Coggins says:

    Joy! I feel peace and joy when I quilt!

  34. Laura Belkin says:

    I quilt because it allows me to explore color and pattern AND have a useful product in the end – most of the time!

  35. Shari K. says:

    My love of fabric and creating beautiful things that will live on after I am gone.

  36. Janet Schayer says:

    Quilting keeps me sane.

  37. Sherril McGann says:

    Quilting is the one craft that I started and never stopped. It keeps me interested, unlike crocheting, scrapbooking, knitting…all of which I have tried at various times only to give up on.

  38. Carol Gillen says:

    Creating something beautiful and useful and giving it to those I love.

  39. Heidi says:

    I quilt to escape. It’s my therapy.. so relaxing.

  40. caltexgal says:

    The compelling reason I quilt is because I haven’t found any other artistic outlet that gives me as much satisfaction…it soothes my soul

  41. catherine youngblood says:

    I quilt because it connects me to my history and my future. I was raised in the tradition and I am raising my girls with the same passion for the art!

  42. Jane Snyder says:

    Love..a quilt is love that wraps around someone in a colorful hug!

  43. Sarah says:

    Love – love of fabric, love of family, love of being creative!

  44. Nan Ryan says:

    Failure to thrive if I don’t touch fabric every day!

  45. tracy says:

    The ability in quilting to combine colors and patterns (visual texture) while producing a useful and symbolic item is unrivaled – this compels me to quilt.

  46. Susan Ecklund says:

    I quilt because it’s almost the only part of my life in which I feel creative, and it allows me to keep learning new skills.

  47. Crystal Edwards says:

    I love creating something unexpected out of something perceived as ordinary or everyday such as fabric, and stretching my own and other people’s understanding of what art is.

  48. Cindy Brouillard says:

    I quilt because the process from start to end feeds my inner self.

  49. Terri Karls says:

    I am a sucker for beautiful fabrics and therefore I love to quilt.

  50. Sandy says:

    Quilting is the outlet for my creative thoughts.

  51. Judy Reed says:

    Address the challenge to create using a designers fabric.

  52. Aimee says:

    I quilt because I am both a creative & practical person, & quilting gives me the opportunity to make something that is both beautiful & useful at the same time. Thanks for the very generous giveaway

  53. Anne J says:

    I am compelled to quilt to as a way to stay creative. Since I was little, I have loved fabric, buttons and sewing notions…and loved visits to the fabric store. I started quilting to help me work through a period of intense grief and have not stopped. There is so much inspiration out there that my list of quilts I want to make grows daily! Also, I now have 2 young children and I LOVE to see them wrapped in a quilt I made especially for them.

  54. Jamie S says:

    The beauty and comfort of a soft blanket compell me to quilt. (Wow! What a giveaway! Thanks.)

  55. Jessica says:

    The need to create.

  56. Katie says:

    It’s a great way to destress. Unless the seam ripper needs to come out!

  57. Sue S says:

    I’ve always had this need to create. That’s why I quilt.

  58. Patti Parks says:

    I just love pulling fabrics to cut up & put back together! These are gorgeous!

  59. Sue S says:

    I’ve always had the need to create. That’s why I quilt.

  60. Elizabeth Eisenhood says:

    Delight! The moment I am touching fabric, seeing color and pattern, I am happy and curious about what I might do. Thanks for your generosity.

  61. Michelle Freedman says:

    I quilt therefor I am (and because if I didn’t I might have to do the dishes…)

  62. Brooke Bristow says:

    Sewing gives me such calm and peace in my life. It is like yoga for my soul!

  63. Kelley says:

    I really don’t know why I developed this crazy compulsion to quilt but I’m glad I did!

  64. Jennifer says:

    I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I finish a quilt

  65. Rebecca Durham says:

    The lovely fabrics that are available today call to me:)

  66. Debra Callaway says:

    The creative process of taking fabric and creating something beautiful & useful is what compels me to quilt.

  67. Maxine E. says:

    Quilting makes me happy so that in itself compels me to quilt.

  68. Diane Wespiser says:

    I quilt to play with color, keep my love ones warm and let creativity rule the day!

  69. Kathy Jessee says:

    The need to create something beautiful or interesting with the texture and feel of fabric.

  70. Janise J Leuenberger says:

    The beautiful fabric!

  71. Janise J Leuenberger says:

    All the beautiful fabric!

  72. Cathy Favreau says:

    I just need to be immersed in color and texture and make something that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

  73. Shari says:

    I like the creative outlet but the best part is gifting family and friends!!

  74. Anne L. Kirby says:

    I quilt because I want to leave something tangible behind, a fabric symbol of my love for my family and friends. And I love fabric!

  75. Sandy Allen says:

    The ability to be creative and have something useful at the end compels me to quilt!

  76. Christine W. says:

    i quilt because it helps calm my mind; cutting up fabric and sewing it back together is almost meditative for me.

  77. Susan Zakanycz says:

    The beauty and colors of fabrics compels me to quilt.

  78. Quilting Tangent says:

    Letting my creative side play!

  79. Julie Musante says:

    My quilting compulsion satisfies my need to create something of beauty; fabric is as fascinating to me as jewelry is to others.

  80. Aleeda says:

    The brilliant combination of creativity and something that is useful and beautiful.

  81. Mary B says:

    A brand new fabric line calls me and says you need to turn me into a quilt! Bloggers and the tutorials say “you can do this” ! Mary

  82. Kathleen says:

    I quilt because it lets me be artistic and have that moment of completion. I don’t get that at work so quilting provides me with a sense of accomplishment.

  83. Tonya Ricucci says:

    I’m not even sure. It really is a compulsion, a need to play with those fabrics. Feel them, see how they look together…

  84. Carol Madsen says:

    First I love to “pet” my fabric. But mostly, I want to make loving gifts for my family and friends.

  85. Sandy Anderson says:

    Darling grandchildren and gorgeous fabrics inspire me to quilt.

  86. Susan Gray says:

    I have always loved fabric. I want to touch it and create- it makes me come alive and is calming somehow. It’s about as important as breathing!!!

  87. Harriette says:

    I am compelled to quilt because I LOVE color and fabric. I like to sew, stamp, and paint fabric. If I am able to do this every day I am in heaven!

  88. Carole O'Mara says:

    Getting inspiration from the color, feel and designs of fabrics to create a piece of art.

  89. Cathy Lee says:

    I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment and pride when a project is finished!

  90. Lisa Phillips says:

    The fabric and colors compel me to quilt. I feel a need to create something beautiful with fabric and all of the colors.

  91. Denise says:

    My attemp to create something lasting with beautiful fabric. I can’t paint but quilting lets me use color in fun ways.

  92. Naomi Raimon says:

    I quilt to release my inner creative spirit and because I find the colors and patterns of fabrics so inspiring (and I can’t sew clothes : ( ).

  93. Pam Crane says:

    I am compelled to quilt by the joy I get from working with the fabrics to the final result and finally gifting the quilt to someone.

  94. Rosy Bradley says:

    While I go crazy over fabric, the one thing that really compels me to quilt is playing with lots and lots of color.

  95. Anna says:

    I love to color with fabric.

  96. Claire Quinn says:

    I love creating useful and beautiful things, and working with materials with my hands.

  97. Tracy Ajello says:

    I love choosing colors and playing with design possibilities. Creating makes me feel alive and I love finishing a project!

  98. Tara says:

    I love the freedom of playing with color and pattern.

  99. Jo LeRoy says:

    The idea of wrapping my loved ones up in a physical expression of how much I love them.

  100. Nancy says:

    Making something that will wrap a loved one in love.

  101. Sandra Woods says:

    I like the feel of fabric and the sound of the sewing machine–taking something abstract and making something concrete.

  102. Vicki Obenhaus says:

    Generational relationships. With quilting I connect with my Great-grandmothers, Grandmothers and Great Aunts while I make quilts for my children and grandchildren. Now my daughter quilts and she helped my 2 year old granddaughter make a quilt for me for my 60th birthday! How many generations is that?

  103. Joanne says:

    I’m compelled currently by my desire to make a quilt honoring my mom and dad and trace how they influenced me.

  104. Rhoda says:

    I love texture & quilting has great variety in texture & application.

  105. Deb McGlone says:

    It allows me a creative outlet and a way to give unique gifts to family and friends.

  106. Angela Tryon says:

    A deep-rooted love of fabric, quilting and the need to create something tangible that feeds my soul. And, if it’s intended as a gift, to show someone how much they are loved and appreciated.

  107. Kathy says:

    I’m hooked on quilting after an improv class with Denyse Schmidt!

  108. Barbara Fsma says:

    I quilt to de-stress and love giving quilts to new babies and to Quilts For Kids. Quilts give warmth and comfort.

  109. Vicki Rozendaal says:

    I am compelled to quilt because of the joy of working with color and fabric!

  110. Nancy Foote says:

    I love her fabric!

  111. Valerie Tucker says:

    To pass on a family treasure for generations to come!

  112. Talia braude says:

    I love colors and patterns and finding new ways to make contemporary designs

  113. Karen Goings says:

    I started making an Eye Spy quilt before my daughter even got married. I told her that I wanted to some day be able to find all the objects on the quilt with my someday grandchild… well…..4 grandson later…

  114. Pam says:

    I quilt because I love gorgeous fabric like this and I want to wrap people I love in hand made goodness. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  115. Susan Sullivan says:

    The act of cutting up beautiful fabric and sewing it back together is completely satisfying.

  116. Jerie Clark says:

    I love the colors and I don’t have to be an artist, just follow the pattern.

  117. Karen Hootman says:

    I’m compelled by all the beautiful fabrics and all the ways you can put them together for a unique design.

  118. Karen says:

    Making a quilt for the ones I love!

  119. Arlene Lawrence says:

    Quilting allows me to use so many of my senses: to handle fabric, and cut, sew, iron it; to enjoy the fabric color and pattern; to imagine which block to use or to imagine an improv style. Quilting totally engages me and brings a deep sense of accomplishment!

  120. Ginny Kapner says:

    I love working with different colors and shapes in a medium that I can share with other people that they will use.

  121. Mag patch says:

    I quilt because I need work to do and it just happens!

  122. Meg says:

    What compels me to quilt? I’d have to say some combination of necessity (I live in New England, our winters are no joke) and the need/desire to work with color. Quilting is my brand of art therapy. It’s tactile, it’s fulfilling, I get to create, and at the end of a project, I have a beautiful, durable piece of art that will be used and loved for years to come by me and mine. I have yet to find anything that beats that brand of satisfaction.

  123. Sandy Sherrill says:

    I love color and fabric and creating – I also love the practical nature of quilts- something useful, comforting and warm to brighten someone’s day.

  124. Melissa Miller says:

    The joy I feel from making/creating, participating in a historical tradition, and the connection I feel to my mom, grandmothers, etc.

  125. Ann Hudson says:

    The absolute JOY in the making of the quilt either I or someone else will get use and love! 🙂

  126. Willeke says:

    Working with beautiful fabrics gives me joy and makes me happy!

  127. Allison CB says:

    I love the feel of fabric – fondling is great but cutting it up and sewing it back together is an awesome feeling! Like to challenge myself with quiting!!1

  128. Rhonda says:

    After a long day at my high-tech job, the feel of real fabric and the urge to create compel me to quilt.

  129. Regina Thomsen says:

    It is compelling to quilt based on the fantastic fabrics that inspire one quilt after the other! How can one not be compelled to quilt when there are so many exciting, creative designs waiting to be discovered, assembled, rediscovered….with such a variation of inspirational fabrics.

  130. Marilynn D-R says:

    The passionate love of colors and fibers!

  131. Sara Dillon says:

    I quilt because I need to create art and I love that the art I create is useful.

  132. Andrea in Vermont says:

    Quilting gives me an outlet for creativity, spirituality, and connection with others. It is also a way for me to keep alive the memory of my beloved mother-in-law, who taught me and inspired me.

  133. Melissa Henry says:

    Colors, patterns, time alone

  134. Becca Jubie says:

    I love to quilt because I love colors, textures and patterns and quilting combines them all in a beautiful finished product.

  135. jackie says:

    keeps me sane!!! and great weight loss diet, can’t eat and quilt! 🙂

  136. Nancy w says:

    Sanity!!!!! And the beauty of it

  137. Linda McLaughlin says:

    I’ve been quilting for over 50 years and it’s the fabric that compels me to quilt.

  138. Debora Kellogg says:

    What compels me to quilt is to give unique, individualized baby quilts to my family and friends.

  139. Beth B says:

    I love to create something unique.

  140. Lori Morton says:


  141. Pat says:

    The fabric and hundreds of ideas compell me to quilt.

  142. Ann Seronello says:

    I love to create and use fabric as my medium

  143. Linda Smith says:

    The whole creative process – from start to finish.

  144. Winnie says:

    In three letters, JOY.
    The joy of the feelings of the colors of fabrics, the joy of creating for family and friends, the joy of sharing with those I don’t even know through my guild’s community service project.

  145. Shelly S. says:

    The need to create!

  146. Tesi Vaara says:

    Quilting allows me to express myself!

  147. Linda Cooper says:

    Quilting is my go to creative outlet.

  148. Betsy says:

    Beauty, color and play!

  149. pamela p. v. says:

    Fabric and the need to say something.

  150. Kathy E. says:

    Beautiful fabrics and new quilt designs draw me up to my sewing room to cut my fabrics into pieces and sew them back together in a beautiful pattern. I need this time to be creative and produce things!

  151. Nancy G. says:

    I love to bring forth a possibility from the fabric.

  152. Cissy says:

    Getting together every week with my sisters to quilt and enjoying sharing our new fabric purchases.

  153. Veronica says:

    Quilting is my art and I am always thinking of a design possibility to explore. These fabrics are fun and very good colors.

  154. Lisa Wilson Grant says:

    I love bridging the past with the present, utilizing my Mom’s stash, combining with new fabrics, presenting quilts to my little grandsons and others and seeing the joy in sharing the process with all my friends and family!

  155. Judy says:

    Quilting a way of giving time to oneself for the pure simple pleasure of delight in color, pattern and play!

  156. Eddi Baird says:

    More time in winter days, so much stash, that is what compels quilters.

  157. Gabby says:

    To lead by example for my children that one should always create or practice some form of art for self expression — but my love of beautiful fabrics is pretty compelling too!

  158. Mary H. Reed says:

    I am compelled to quilt by the feeling of personal creativity.

  159. Lisa says:

    The ability to bring creativity and workmanship into a functional piece of art.

  160. Debbie Wolfe says:

    Pretty fabrics! Well, pretty fabrics compel me to buy and horde fabrics too 🙂

  161. Kristine Clay says:

    It relaxes me and gives me a creative outlet in my otherwise drudgery filled days.

  162. Janet Hasselblad says:

    An obsession with textiles, color and pattern.

  163. Debra Lee says:

    I love the beauty of the sewing fabric I pick into a piece of art. Piecing fabric gives me joy!

  164. Vernon says:

    I am drawn to process of combining colors and shapes into different patterns.

  165. Linda Petersensmith says:

    The compelling need to touch fabrics and create a legacy of love.

  166. karen Kijinski says:

    i love the idea of anything goes. i really like the modern look and the bold colors and open spaces. i get such a great feeling to see what i can make with just a few colors and shapes. it really puts a smile on my face.

  167. Tamie says:

    My daily work is very precise. Quilting lets me explore and express my creative side.

  168. Judi says:

    Love this new line. Great colors.

  169. Rochelle Blair says:

    What compels me to quilting is the creativity–the myriad selection of patterns, fabrics, and color.

  170. Julie soden says:

    My love of Color, design and above all fabric compell me to create beautiful quilts

  171. Melisse Laing says:

    Interpreting ideas in my head into art quilts

  172. Judi says:

    I love fabric, love the challenge of putting together the “pieces of puzzle” to make something beautiful and useful.

  173. Andrea says:

    Putting together little pieces means creating something new, this smoothes pain and creates hope.
    I’m hardly ever thinking as intense about someone as while I’making a quilt for him/her.

  174. Barbara Macey says:

    I am compelled to quit because of the creativity I can produce with a piece of fabric, needle thread, & sometimes a pattern. When completed I love standing, viewing “my creation.”

  175. Loretta says:

    The adrenalin rush of piecing all those beautiful fabrics together, followed by the calm of the quilting and binding.

  176. Lydia Reading says:

    The whole process just makes my heart sing…putting together the beautiful colors, patterns and textures of the fabric into the design and making it all come together into the quilt. And when its done, to see the quilt and have the immense satisfaction of knowing i created it.

  177. Cindy Chock says:

    The fabrics talk to me and I must answer!

  178. Gretchen Kapner says:

    By quilting I get to mix colors and patterns together and to incorporate fabrics from different parts of the world.

  179. Laura Gottlieb says:

    To see whether I have the skills and techniques to create the vision that’s in my head: tthis is what compels me to quilt.

  180. Susan Mayer says:

    Quilts bring smiles and comfort to those who need a warm hug.

  181. Amy L says:

    I make quilts to warm the people that I love, and to fulfill the creative spirit within me. The process, the making and the giving, centers my soul.

  182. Leila says:

    I love to see it all the planning, fabric and sewing come together to make something beautiful.

  183. Candace Kramer says:

    I love textiles!

  184. Kristin Sykes-David says:

    I am compelled to quilt to feed my creative spirit! Thanks for the great giveaway. I love receiving your emails…;-)

  185. Deloris Donnelly says:

    The joy of playing with colors, textures and designs.

  186. Lisa Anderson says:

    From combining beautiful fabric colors, textures, patterns to cutting and sewing, I love the creative, therapeutic process of making a unique quilt for a loved one!

  187. Dorothy Brown says:

    I am quilting much more as I approach 76 and want to leave a part of me behind to show that I loved and cared for my family and friends.

  188. Maryln says:

    Peace and Joy. Peace when contemplating what the next project will be and the feeling of joy when producing it.

  189. Patti A. says:

    Mostly my love of creating, and giving I would say makes me want to quilt and the friendship it has help develop.

  190. Vivian Roop says:

    Color! Color is the challenge for me.

  191. Julie Stump says:

    I am compelled to quilt because for whatever reason I need the repetitive motion of putting fabric through the sewing machine. It’s therapeutic, meditative and calming. Plus, you end up with something beautiful or interesting to look at. I love it!

  192. Sarah says:

    I quilt because it as necessary to my soul as the sunshine and blue skies. Making art is an essential part of who I am.

  193. Janie McCombs says:

    I am compelled to quilt through inspiration I get from blogs, Mother Nature, and fabric. Thank you for a beautiful giveaway.

  194. Deb Woolley says:

    A need to see all the ideas running through my mind in reality. Does the idea work, does it appeal to others , is the idea worth sharing, and I adore seeing the fabric work

  195. mary keasler says:

    I love color play using the fabics I have in my stash which challenges me to be creative. Of course having DS fabrics make it less of a challenge.

  196. Jeanie Low says:

    I quilt because it keeps me mellow and happy everyday.

  197. Rosemary Newman says:

    I am compelled to quilt because I am my mother’s daughter.

  198. Michelle D says:

    The pleasure of the materials, creative techniques, and visual awe keep me quilting!

  199. Lenore says:

    I quilt to stay sane, to give me a creative outlet, and to play with fabrics!

  200. cynthia rosner says:

    I love to sew and today’s fabrics are a great inspiration!

  201. Valerie Gleeson says:

    Mixing colors and patterns into exciting combinations compels me to quilt

  202. Evelyn says:

    To create something that is both useful and beautiful.

  203. Valari Jack says:

    compelled by love of creating beauty and utility from texture, pattern, color and sharing that with others

  204. Mary Burger says:

    The creativity of the process, the challenges of the many techniques and the wonder of the results are the three things that drive me to quilt.

  205. Jackie Stevens says:

    I quilt because it is relaxing, gives me a chance to leave cares behind and enjoy the process of creating.

  206. Nancy says:

    I find it relaxing and I enjoy the creativity!

  207. Janet Mullin says:

    I love creating quilted gifts for m friends and family.

  208. Rochelle Summers says:

    Quilting is my way of trying to creatively translate ideas into art and comfort.

  209. Karen Friedrichs says:

    It brings tranquility into my life!

  210. Laura Sinai says:

    the spirits of my mother and grandmother and all the women before them who stitched and sewed and created compel me to quilt!

  211. Nancy R says:

    I’m compelled to quilt to relieve stress by stitch, stitch, stitch, not to mention the mood lifting colors particularly in the grey days of Winter.

  212. Lynn Haia says:


  213. Lynn Haia says:

    Love for humanity!

  214. TrulyBlessed says:

    The yearning in my soul compels me to quilt.

  215. June Donenfeld says:

    beautiful fabric + gleaming thread + smooth-as-silk needles + trusty scissors = BLISS.

  216. Cathy Cavagnaro says:

    I don’t know why. I think that it is the same reason painters paint, gardeners garden and chefs cook. You just do it because it feels right and brings something good to the world.

  217. Janet Bahr says:

    I have an insatiable passion to create and fabric excites
    my tactile senses.

  218. Diane Johnson says:

    I have OCD when it comes to creating quilts and quilt objects. I see designs and inspirations all around me.

  219. Karen M says:

    The need to create something from all of the beautiful fabrics.

  220. Carole Tsutsumi says:

    Creating with fabric, for clothing and accessories including quilting, has brought much happiness into my life. Sitting at the sewing machine, fabric in hand, and working to make something useful and/or creative fills my heart with joy.

  221. Candace Mackey says:

    My desire to express my creative side with original ideas.

  222. Kathie L says:

    I need to give back to my community with things that I can make and donate.

  223. Marcia says:

    I love the different colors of fabric.

  224. Nancy Martin says:

    Freedom….I can quilt anytime and create anytime; unbound by the clock or by the calendar.

  225. Carolyn Hanson says:

    This is a new designer of fabric that I have never seen and looks very interesting.

  226. Susan Francis says:

    I love making things for other people

  227. Ruth says:

    I love putting the colors together with the shapes. It is so relaxing.

  228. meg says:

    The piecing of colors to create a bigger design pleasing to the eye

  229. Kathleen Flanagan says:

    Thank you for your generosity which will spread twenty-fold!

  230. Kelly Wilbur says:

    I love everything about quilting, the colors, the designs, the way it feels to be wrapped up in a freshly washed quilt. Quilts = love!

  231. Patricia Koehler says:

    I am compelled to quilt by Mother Nature herself! The beauty of the Columbia River Valley and the hikes in the Cascade Mountains is a divine gift!

  232. marty thompson says:

    put little pieces together to form a larger whole to nap under

  233. Jan says:

    Quilting challenges my brain, is a wonderful creative outlet and adds enthusiasm to my life when I learn something new while creating something useful.

  234. Debby says:

    I love the chance to be creative and be able to hand someone a piece of my love to keep with them forever.

  235. Chris Milo says:

    The need to be creative with textiles!

  236. Chris says:

    Such beautiful fabric to giveaway. There will be a lot of ver happy people.

    • Chris says:

      I forgot to add this quilting has always made me happy twice, once when I make a quilt and then when I see the smile of the receiver.

  237. Claire Sutherland says:

    Taking scraps and turning them into something beautiful and functional

  238. allison pogany says:

    My husband compels me to quilt! I am obsessed with fabrics, and years ago, he told me I couldn’t buy anymore unless I was planning to do something with them. So I had to learn to quilt!
    allisonpogany at

  239. Cindy M says:

    I began quilting 2 years ago when my son passed away, I wanted to find some way of keeping his memory alive and saw a pattern for a memory quilt and have been making them for family and friends ever since, I hope he’s proud:)
    lstangl482 at aol dot com

  240. Kelly Overman says:

    I quilt bc it relaxes me and allows me to be creative and the end result is a beautiful and useful product that can be enjoyed by family or friends for years and years.

  241. Rebecca says:

    I have a strong daily desire to create and quilting seems to fill that need. Not to mention the love of being around fabric!

  242. Barbaraben says:

    Quilting is a means of expressing myself for others to enjoy.

  243. LaVerne Mullane says:

    I love free spirit fabrics! I am more of a traditional quilter……..without the applique. I am loving the modern quilts though and have just started to get into those. I have even joined a modern guild. Would love to win one of these packs as I have a wonderful pattern in mind. Did I tell you I have a fabric addiction?! Regards, LaVerne Mullane

  244. Mara says:

    A purpose, is it for someone special, for a challenge or to try out a new technique

  245. Summer says:

    My need to create, to set my own parameters and find my own solutions, and to enjoy the fruits of that creation compels me to quilt.

  246. Sandy K says:

    I love creating and gifting my creations.

  247. Vicki H says:

    I love making quilts for my family so they are covered with love.

  248. lee says:

    For me it is all about the creative process! thank you!

  249. Deb says:

    The fact that i’m leving a legacy for my children and grandchildren when i pass on a quilt to them.

  250. Susan Zakanycz says:

    beautiful patterns and colors compel me to quilt!

  251. Karen says:

    I like being creative and making something to decorate my home. Or maybe give as a gift. It’s also a great way to relax.

  252. Connie Sahn says:

    My son needs fabrics and thread for college marketing/fashion class projects – this would be a wonderful prize for him.

  253. Lesley says:

    I love the colors, textures and creativity of quilting, the joy of giving a perfect gift, and the therapeutic ways in which quilting differs from my day job!

  254. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    The thing that compels me to quilt is the beauty of the quilts and the purpose they will be used for.

  255. Renee G says:

    I quilt because I love quilts and I can’t purchase what I would like to have.

  256. Rose Santuci-Sofranko says:

    In one sentence, what compels you to quilt? I actually have not started to quilt…YET. Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at)

  257. Lisa says:

    Quilting brings peace & serenity – it’s a little time to focus on pretty colors and patterns that bring happiness.

  258. Susan Wolcott says:

    “Peacing” brings me peace.

  259. Judy L. says:

    I have to make things, and fabric is the best medium!

  260. Jen Rosin says:

    I quilt to make something both beautiful and useful that is made with love and skill. It covers all of those bases. It makes me happy!

  261. Melissa says:

    The memories I make, quilting with my kids.

  262. Initially, I was compelled to quilt to use up the fabric scraps I’ve saved from 30 yrs of sewing, but I never took action until a friend took me to a quilting retreat – it was fun, but when I saw all the beautiful fabrics available for quilters, I was hooked!

  263. Dawn Jones says:

    Creating something from practically nothing.

  264. Nicole Sender says:

    The ability to create compels you to quilt. That the end result is something that keeps someone warm and comforted is such a plus!

  265. Kayla says:

    My mother had taught me how to quilt with in the past week. This has stronged our relationship and that will lee me quilting. Hoping to win to stock up on supplies

  266. Jan Rosenbloom says:


  267. Jan Rosenbloom says:

    Gorgeous fabrics combined with an inner drive to create unique items of beauty.

  268. Sara says:

    My love of fabric compels me to quilt. It is tactile, color, pattern and can be formed into whatever my process leads it to be.

  269. Jean MN says:

    What compels me to quilt is the reaction of love that I receive from those who receive the quilts. My favorite reaction was from my adult step-son when he received his, all he shouted was ‘Mine’ with a grin a mile long. Best reaction ever! Love that boy!

  270. Annette says:

    Well……I’m not compelled to quilt. 🙁 But, I am compelled to play with combining beautiful fabrics to make unique bags and clothing. So, I’m “quilty”, just not a “quilter”! 🙂 I find color so inspiring and Denyse designs wonderful prints. It’s all great inspiration and perfect for self-expression!

  271. Cindi Thomas says:

    It combines all the wondrous buying options and creative juices into one lovely project! Fabric! Notions! Machines! become Quilts!

  272. Cathy Givans says:

    People like Denyse inspire you to want to make a fun beautiful quilt.

  273. Emily Klainberg says:

    Creativity, color and design

  274. Kim Cotcher says:

    Love making! Love giving handmade gifts! Love fabrics! Perfect creative outlet!

  275. Dianne says:

    I like having a creative outlet from a stressful day job. It gives me something to look forward to.

  276. Carol Fish says:

    Quilting satisfies my muse….
    Can’t stop and don’t want to! Must sew.

  277. Michelle R says:

    The need to make comes from deep inside and the joy of playing with color is a delightful bonus

  278. Kay says:

    I am compelled to create and I love textiles!

  279. Barb Burwell says:

    It’s my medicine.

  280. Lisa Wilson Grant says:

    To escape the everydayness, I enjoy quiltings many facets.

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