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my little yukata shop

my little yukata shop

By Patricia Belyea 

LA CONNER WA  I always tell my husband to make sure that I never open a fabric shop. As much as I would like to style a space and serve customers, I know that the regularity of keeping shop would not suit my new flexible lifestyle.

This weekend at StashFest I got the chance to have a yukata shop for two days. My daughter Victoria took over the kitchen of La Conner Civic Garden Club and transformed it into 360° environment with over 500 bolts of yukata cottons, Japanese props, and stylized noren on the windows.

SInce last year, I have almost doubled my inventory. New and returning customers revelled in the huge selection of hand-dyed cottons.

One customer was the mother of a bride-to-be who bought a whole bolt to weave around a deck for the summer wedding reception. Another chose a geometric fabric to feature in a jacket she’ll make for her mother who once lived in Japan. A Seattle couple chose one yard to frame above their fireplace. Others chose yukata cottons that inspired them to think about new projects.

It was great to get to know so many fabric lovers at StashFest!



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