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my habit

By Patricia Belyea 

VICTORIA BC  The walk from Helm’s Inn to Habit Coffee in Victoria’s Chinatown is a brisk 20 minutes. The delicious decaf latte at the end of my waterfront jaunt serves as a carrot to cajole me into a 40-minute round trip on foot.

In the last six months I have tried various espresso establishments around Government Street in downtown. Like Goldilocks, I find some too bitter, some too expensive.

Habit has it just right for me. And on this last BC visit, I discovered Habit’s coffee card—buy ten, get one free. (By now I would have had a free drink if I knew about the card sooner.)

My book these days? Japan Diaries, A Travel Memoir by Geraldine Sherman, a Canadian journalist, writer and CBC radio producer out of Toronto. She and her husband Robert Fulford visited Japan on fellowships in 1987 and returned again a decade later. Geraldine’s daily diary entries are candid, insightful and sometimes even suspenseful.

I picked the book up at Victoria’s huge city-wide book sale last month for $3. Three-quarters of the way through, I find the book hard to put down. Obviously Geraldine’s days as a radio producer honed her storytelling skills.

Habit Coffee, Victoria BC



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