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my dear, dear maurine

my dear, dear maurine

By Patricia Belyea 

VICTORIA BC  Maurine Noble, my quilting mentor and a teacher to many, passed away at 1:30pm today in Swedish Hospital/Edmonds. All of her family were around her bedside.

(I wrote this note at the Bliss Cafe in Victoria BC at 1:30pm only knowing that Maurine was slipping quickly from us. I did not know it was the exact time of her death.)


I love you. Don’t be afraid. Your family is there to hold you as you pass from this world.

I’m glad and sad that I’m not with you. Your family does not need me in their circle of love right now. Yet I just wish I could give you a special good-bye.

Be at peace, Maurine. You have brought so much joy and made such a difference to so many. 

You will be missed by me terribly—but with every stitch I will add your Maurine energy and wisdom. And at every crossroad in my quilting dilemmas, I will think of you and how you would advise me.

Farewell, my dear friend.

Love, Patricia


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