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my 28-day quilting studio

my 28-day quilting studio

By Patricia Belyea 

VICTORIA BC  This month I’m living in Victoria BC, quilting in the mornings and helping my mom and dad in the afternoons. My home is Helm’s Inn where I have a one-bedroom suite with a little balcony. There are two 6′ closets with shelves—a quilter’s dream.

I’ve rearranged all the furniture in the main room to accomodate my aluminum folding table and an ironing board. The long coffee table that filled the center of the living room now juts out from the wall.

Originally there were horrid full-length burgundy drapes patterned with oversized peonies in the “sewing studio” that absolutely clashed with the green plaid couch (also not my style). The offensive drapes are now hanging in the bedroom—a room where I intend to spend my time with my eyes closed.

I’ve got my sound system hooked up to my iPad, my favorite teapot and Birds of Britain mug, and over 100 bolts of yukata cotton—plus a list of projects I want to accomplish in four weeks. Although I’ll miss my family, I’m thrilled to be given this special time to retreat.

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