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gathering in the moonlight

gathering in the moonlight

By Patricia Belyea 

BELLINGHAM WA  Last night Michael drove me to Bellingham to present to Moonlight Quilters, a dynamic guild of more than 60 in a top-notch meeting space. Grace Center at Trinity Lutheran Church is sparkling and bright, with exceptional details such as river rocks mounted on the wall as fun coat hooks.

The audio/visual system included two projectors. Pushing the right button to get one to synche with my laptop felt like a guessing game. Once on, the projector produced the highest fidelity slide show I have ever experienced in a church setting. That was until, mid-presentation, the projector shut itself off automatically.

No problem. I proceeded, using the fabrics and quilts I brought as props, to finish my talk.

The trunk show of yukata cottons, about one fifth of my inventory, was appreciated. One shopper knew I would be back in Bellingham next Tuesday to speak to EverGreen Quilters. Pointing to two fabrics in my Bon Odori quilt, she asked me to bring those when I returned.

That made me aware that a few members of the audience next week will have heard some of my stories already. Knowing that, I’ll adjust my presentation to minimize repetitive content and bring a whole new selection of yukata cottons.

On the way home, Michael and I stopped at Tulalip Casino for some food. We were curious about the mammoth complex we have driven past so many times. Avoiding the gambling areas, we headed to Cedars Cafe for a late-night meal. Without asking, our bill arrived with a 15% senior discount. Now that was a first for us!

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