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four may giveaways!

four may giveaways!

This month Okan Arts is giving away four one-yard pieces of vintage Japanese yukata cotton and three spools of cotton floss by Aurifil. There are four giveaways, each valued at $63.

The indigo and white yukata cottons, imported by Okan Arts, were hand-dyed between 20 to 40 years ago in small Japanese artisan workshops. The bolts of fabric, which come tightly rolled on round cores, measure 11 to 12 yards long—enough to make one cotton summer kimono. The fabric is approximately 14″ wide.

Here are close-ups of the fabric patterns—

Swallows and flowers with a dotted water motif on an indigo background. Note the touches of taupe in the flowers:

Double-dyed geometric pattern with caramel brown on the first layer, overprinted by inidigo:

Big, bold floral pattern on indigo:

Classic indigo and white geometric pattern for a man’s yukata:

The four patterns together:

The 6-strand threads, Aurifloss, are made with 100% long staple cotton. Designed for hand-stitching, the threads can used straight off the wooden spools or divided into separate strands. The three spools of Aurifloss in the Okan Arts Giveaway are pale blue, russet, and dark beige.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. The winners are Nancy A of Portage MI, Jerie C of Somers MT, Jeri Z of Haiku HI, and Joy-Lily of San Francisco CA.

To participate in the May giveaway, answer this question in the Comment Box below: What do you like best about indigo?

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The May 2018 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight Pacific Time on May 31, 2018. Okan Arts Giveaways are open to US residents (sorry to my Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Four lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing for the indigo yukata cottons from Okan Arts and the Aurifloss from Aurifil. The winners will be notified within 24 hours. Each winner must respond within one week of notification or her/his giveaway will be forfeited. A list of Okan Arts giveaway winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

To visit the Okan Arts website to see its full selection of yukata cottons +click here

To visit the Aurifil website and learn more about Aurifloss +click here

Thank you Aurifil for the donation of the floss threads! Please note that Okan Arts received no compensation for this giveaway.

BELOW Okan Arts in Seattle—a rice measure filled with indigo and white yukata cottons in traditional geometric patterns:

Okan Arts in Seattle—offering a huge selection of indigo and white yukata cottons:

Peony Samurai quilt by Patricia Belyea—made with indigo and white yukata cottons, and other more colorful yukata cottons:

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379 comments to “four may giveaways!”

  1. Diana says:

    Indigo is the perfect neutral. It may come from wearing blue jeans my whole life. I find I always gravitate to blue and white quilts. They are my favorite ones to make. There is great variety in the hues and it can show the age of the fabric.

  2. margo clyma says:

    There is something very serene about indigo – sort of good for the soul. Margo Clyma

  3. Deb W says:

    Natural indigo has such a depth of color and a feel not duplicated anywhere. The more it is worn and laundered, the better it looks and feel. Not to forget it repels certain insects and has some antibacterial properties.

  4. Connie Akers says:

    My favorite thing about indigo is the richness & depth of the color & the history of the process.

  5. Nicole K. says:

    I love indigo; it is such a rich, saturated color and coordinates with everything!

  6. Janie M says:

    My son lives in Marysville, Wa. Next time I visit there I will head into your shop. You have lovely fabrics. Thank you for a beautiful giveaway.

  7. Nancy says:

    It is a beautiful color that goes with anything and always looks nice.

  8. Laurie says:

    The ability to add to many other colors and patterns. It lends itself to mix with so much and styles of quilts.

  9. Barbara says:

    Indigo has such a clean look that pairs so nicely with the bright colors used by today’s young quilters. Indigo and red, indigo and orange are two of my favorite combinations.

  10. Ali says:

    Blue is my fav colour!!! Love those delicate prints!

  11. Shirley Whitcomb says:

    Indigo is a classic that lends itself to so many styles and patterns. Combine it with white and you have a fresh, clean attention getter.

  12. Melissa Robinson says:

    Indigo is classic and stands the test of time!!

  13. Alice Ronne says:

    Love indigo! I’m always drawn to the wonderful contrast of the dark blue and white. Not as stark as black/white but more warming. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  14. Andrea Bursaw says:

    ive enjoyed your book and have some fabrics ready to go as soon as my arm is out of the sling. its a peaceful prospect for healing!

  15. Meriul says:

    The richness of deep navy and white is always perfect together, no matter what the occasion! I love indigo! Thanks for this opportunity!

  16. Sylvia says:

    Indigo is the very best of blue with white!

  17. Renata says:

    So nice of you to make this giveaway possible. Indigo and orange, what a beautiful combination. I’m designing a bed quilt with indigo fabrics I’ve collected over time and have a couple of yukata fabrics that might go with them–what a great idea, thank you!

  18. Susan Ritchie Voegtly says:

    I find the blue and white to be calming. Also, as a little girl I was always dressed in navy for the “serious” garments.

  19. mlmasters2014 says:

    I digo has always been my favorite color. Since I was a small child! I have been collecting indigo fabrics as well as indigo inspired fabrics for a wonderful piece I will create one of these days. Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. jennifer Wilson says:

    Indigo is so versatile.What I like most is the great depth of color, from twilight to deepest night sky.

  21. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    Indigo is so rich and varied, lovely to look at.

  22. Karen says:

    I love indigo – I like it for shirts and quilts – no matter the print it always goes with jeans or white pants if using for a shirt.

  23. Esther Daugherty says:

    I love it because it has country charm but is very modern never goes out of style. And you can match it up with almost anything.

  24. Kathyh says:

    My friend gave me some indigo seeds so I can try growing it. I love all the tone on tones about indigo.

  25. Kris Bryant says:

    I love indigo because it’s such a timeless and classic color. Pairing it with other colors brings out the beauty in both; and it just feels exotic to me. When I see indigo fabrics I just become mesmerized and want to make something with it.

  26. Maridel Armstrong says:

    Indigo has such a depth and richness of color. It is probably the only blues that I like. It has such a softness. I grew up with an grandmother who loved Japanese fabrics and furnishings and I still love them to this day.

  27. Val Martinson says:

    I have always liked the blues in indigo. I grew it last summer and also took a class dyeing with indigo plants. It gave me a great appreciation of the process and the results were beautuful.

  28. Susan says:

    I think it’s the rich boldness of indigo that draws me to it. The stark contrast and balance of the dark blue against the white is very appealing to my eye.

  29. Dee G. says:

    What I love about indigo is the color!
    Thank you!

  30. Brooke Bristow says:

    The history. I love the history that accompanies the indigo dying and that even though a piece of cloth maybe new, it still carries that story with it.

  31. Janet Wright says:

    Even as a child, I liked dark indigo blue. What I like best about indigo is the range of blues. They make me happy.

  32. sgrancio says:

    I love the wide variety of patterns and textures, plus the range of values of value in different pieces of indigo-dyed cloth.

  33. Jerie Clark says:

    I like indigo because it shows off almost any color you mix it with. These four are stunning

  34. Linda Fleming says:

    Indigo is classic, timeless and versatile. The designs available vary in scale and theme. It’s perfect to use as is for clothing, household goods such as table runners, wall hangings and door curtains. Cut it up to use in quilts as it goes with any color in the rainbow!

  35. Arlene Lawrence says:

    Indigo is such a classic and bold color, especially in sashiko. I love two-color quilts am planning an indigo and white semi-improv quilt.

  36. Moira Ten-Hove says:

    Indigo works so well everywhere – it can be the focus, the accent or the surprise visitor. Perfect!

  37. Diane Johnson says:

    Indigo both looks and feels comfortable and can go anywhere anytime.

  38. Susan Rush says:

    Indigo is a rich color. It can be subtle or bold as the design needs. And I love this site, the travel pictures are wonderful.

  39. Marilynn Dondero-Rich says:

    The depth, variety and richness of the blue. Recently seeing and hearing a Japanese Master explain the process of the dying process gives me an even greater appreciation for the fabric.

  40. Janet Starr says:

    I like the contrast and simplicity.

  41. Shasta says:

    What I love best about indigo is the beautiful blue color and how versatile it is – works wonderfully for a dark accent on a light quilt, a calming color in an otherwise bright quilt, as well as evoking a night scene.

  42. yochi dayan says:

    indigo is for me a metaphore for japan. I love to make indiigo bed covers to form a unique atmosphere in the room.
    please note that i have an address in usa.

  43. Linda W says:

    Indigo takes my breath away. It’s comforting, sensual, rich, serene. There’s a gravitational pull that draws me to it.

  44. Fiona Eisenhood says:

    I am intrigued by working with a fabric that has a history, honoring that while creating something to please my modern eye.

  45. suzi leong says:

    My dad had a store that sold yukata..i have pieces that are are 70+ years old..i love working with them. All the pieces are blue and white and work up into a very soft and cozy quilt. They remind me of my dad.

  46. Renee B says:

    Indigo could be the depths of the ocean or the faintest blue of the sky. Absolutely my favorite.

  47. Sheryl Ramstad says:

    I LOVE anything blue- all shades and textures!

  48. Cindy G says:

    Indigo is a beautiful compliment to all the colors of the rainbow. Yet soothing all by itself

  49. Leotie Richards says:

    Indigo has a compelling and romantic history. Authenic ethnic indigo fabrics can be sourced from around the world. I’m currently intigrating Hmong indigo fabric into a coat I’m designing for a fashion show at PIQF.

  50. Paulette says:

    Indigo blues and white are fresh and elegant color combinations.

  51. Emily Shuff Klainberg says:

    I love Indigo for its richness and memories of Japan.

  52. Mandy says:

    I love the combinations you put together. Really really beautiful,and I can see some interesting designs with these.

  53. Lesley says:

    I love indigo! Blue is my favorite! Also I love the patterns in these fabrics!

  54. Beth says:

    Indigo “plays nicely” with other fabrics. Thanks for the give-away

  55. Pamela V says:

    It’s both bold and peaceful – the color is as deep as the ocean. Blue is my favorite color.

  56. CB says:

    Like navy, idigo is the perfect neutral, with the added bonus of the character it developes as the garment is worn. Also, this shade of blue is not as harsh as the other dark neutrals.

  57. Katrine Eagling says:

    I like the deep richness of the blue dye.

  58. linda16505 says:

    I love reading about how indigo dyes are made and the classic color which is very restful and blends with so many other cottons. Yukata fabrics are my favorites. I have been collecting and using them for 30+ years.

  59. Valerie Kobayashi says:

    I love the clean fresh look of indigo. After shopping for fabric in Japan last October, nothing I find in America even comes close! Needless to say I brought home a suitcase full of fabric, largely indigo!

  60. Kaye Koler says:

    The deep richness of the blue…always perfect with cream, white, taupe!!

  61. Helen Stillwell says:

    Indigo is the perfect companion for white details, not as hard as black but just right for comfortable hand work.

  62. Dale says:

    Indigo is wonderful. So lovely and so Japanese. Thank you for holding these giveaways.

  63. Karen A says:

    Blue is my favorite color and I think it is very calming.

  64. Nancy S. says:

    Our local quilt guild hosted a speaker who shared with us the process of making indigo and other Japanese fabrics. It was so interesting! I hope this art form will continue in the future. There seems to be a sacredness about it that cannot be captured with other fabrics. Thank you for your kind offer.

  65. Nancy says:

    The indigo fabric is just so saturated with color .

  66. Laura Dorr says:

    Indigo, Ai-zome, is a Japanese classic. Indigo has been part of Japanese culture since the 10th century. I hope the art of indigo dying will continue for centuries to come. There is nothing like thus type of fabric anywhere in the world.

  67. Brenda says:

    I love the “scrap” bundle you put together for me. There are so many possibilities, and a yard of one of these indigo prints would be the perfect fabric to go with one or more of those gorgeous colorful prints.

  68. Daisy Rae says:

    The blue color is always so useful and versatile.

  69. Barbara Kampas says:

    I appreciate its flexibility – indigo can be a background fabric or a central feature of a quilt design.

  70. Quilting Tangent says:

    Richness of colors and varies designs.

  71. Melissa says:

    Love the way bright jewel tones contrast against indigo

  72. Donna Harrington says:

    Indigo is this advanced beginner’s dream! It imputes serenity, versatility, sophistication and simplicity to my work. Always it is the indigo fabrics I choose to incorporate into my quilts that draws people and gives them a comfortable standpoint from which the consider other elements of the quilt.

  73. S Ahlgren says:

    The striking contrast between the deep rich blue and the white

  74. Sherry Massey says:

    What do I like best about indigo? To be honest, what I like about THIS indigo is where it comes from. Japan.

  75. MONA says:

    Indigos are like blue jeans.. .they go with everything! I love the richness of the blue with the contrast of the white. The fabrics of your giveaway are beautiful and perfect for a cool quilt project.

  76. Eileen Hallock says:

    I am a fan of all Japanese fabrics but Indigo fabrics have always been my favorite. They give me a feeling of calmness and simplicity.

  77. Joanne says:

    Indigo always catches my eye … it carries a depth that few other fabrics do.

  78. Valerie Lau says:

    Indigo is very grounding, no matter what the design. Blue and white have universal appeal across cultures.

  79. Susan Wolcott says:

    I love the depth of the blue in indigo. No doubt reminds me of the indigo dyed jeans we wore as a child. Living on a ranch in Montana in the 1950s we bought them in a Western Clothing store. They were stiff as a board and had to be washed a couple of times before they could even be worn. Then they softened both in feel and color thru the summer.
    Faded Indigo is my favorite.

  80. Barbara Hume says:

    I love the history and process of dying with indigo. Our round robin recently mixed up a batch of indigo dye and came out with an amazing variety of values using cotton, silk, lace, and fabrics of unknown content. My Japanese blues, sashiko, and other assorted blue and white fabrics are sitting out waiting for a design that will include some of your wondeful curves.

  81. Martha Wacker says:

    Indigo is a classic and classy color/fabric. I think the process of making indigo is unique and interesting. And….blue is my favorite color! I collect blue and white Japanese dishes.

  82. janie says:

    Beautiful. Classic. Perfect.

  83. Robin Shilman says:

    I love the richness of indigo and after learning the history behind other dye and experiencing it first hand has given me a new appreciation of it.

  84. Che'usa says:

    I love the ancientness of Indigo and the Hands that touch it all along the way.

  85. Jamie S says:

    The timelessness, elegance, and simplicity, and all the time and artistry to make it so.

  86. Ro Grund says:

    Love the distinctive colors and patterns. Blue is my favorite…particularly indigo.

  87. cynthia rosner says:

    I love indigo with white. It looks so calm and indigo is my favorite blue color.

  88. Lynn D in NC says:

    I love anything with indigo, I especially love the double eyed geometric pattern

  89. susan says:

    Indigo is my favorite.

  90. Tesi Vaara says:

    I just love indigo. I am currently working on my first bed quilt for myself using Japanese indigo fabrics. Any of these would be a nice addition to my quilt.

  91. Lana Higginbotham says:

    I love its particular shade of night sky blue.

  92. Leslie Guglielmo says:

    I love the richness and the process of creating indigo. I believe it pairs so well with so many other fabrics and seems to work in any decor. It’s such a visual feast to see anything made with your beautiful fabrics and of course I am an Aurifil Addict!

  93. Michelle Weatherson says:

    Indigo fabrics can be crisp and formal, or casual and comfy. I love the versatility of indigo.

  94. Sue Dillon says:

    No other blue like the inidigos!

  95. Karen Friedrichs says:

    To me indigo is a very calming color—not too dark and not too light.

  96. Mary Willis says:

    I just love the color and it goes with everything. Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. Trisha says:

    Beautiful patterns in wonderful blues. My favorite color is blue, it is so comforting.

  98. Marcia says:

    I love the combiyof blue and white. I have my Dad’s yukata that I keep because it reminds me of him.

  99. Sally Strawn says:

    Indigo is the new black, it can be paired with any color and look rich, I use it quite often in my quilts.

  100. Samala Ray says:

    I have always loved blue in general, and Indigo in particular. The rich history of it is a delight.

  101. Diane E Wespiser says:

    Indigo has a richness and depth often not found in other colors. Love mixing it with orange/yellow/cheddar. Thanks for the chance to win.

  102. Nancy Long says:

    I love the rich depth of indigo. All shades of blue make me happy, but indigo reminds me of the deepest ocean and deep outer space.

  103. Thunder says:

    What’s not to love? Beautiful color, wonderful designs…

  104. L. DeVille says:

    I really like indigo as it is able to go with all colors in compliment. It is a color that is very pleasing as it changes as fabric ages. I hope to try indigo dyeing one day.

  105. Heidi says:

    I love that indigo is such a classic color. I also love the indigo dyeing process. It’s magical to watch your cloth turn a rich shade of blue as it oxidizes after being pulled from the dyebath!

  106. Gretta Brown says:

    Indigo is organic, fundamental and I like to imagine made by skilled hands from planting seed to final use as costume.

  107. Tamara R. says:

    Indigo is such a rich beautiful color! You can blend it with bright or subtle colors and create so many unique designs.

  108. Ellee says:

    What I like best about Indigo is that it is blue — always a beautiful blue.

  109. Susan E. Brown says:

    Where to start! I have indigo fabrics from Japan, china, Guatemala, Africa, Indonesia, etc. I love the variety of methods/colors/fabrics that can be done with indigo. AND, I’m going to Japan next month for the International Shibori Symposium! OH, AND blue jeans, basic wardrobe staple.

  110. Cindy Chock says:

    I love the richness of indigo. And that it seems to blend beautifully with any other color!

  111. Ruby says:

    The beauty of this fabric is in its’ history.

  112. There are so many things I love about indigo, but the best is the magic of watching it turn from green to blue. Never gets old!

  113. agnes burke says:

    indigo is easy on the eyes , a universal color !

  114. Veronica says:

    I love the simple contrast of white and indigo and how many patterns there are in this simple color combination. It is elegant and common at the same time.

  115. There is such beauty and simplicity in viewing these fabrics. Anything made from them will bring calmness to the beholder. Thank you.

  116. Maryanne Dochter says:

    I love the fact that indigo dyeing is international– that thru the years it has been adapted by various cultures and become unique to their traditions. I love to collect it wherever we travel.

  117. Caroline Emmons says:

    I went to Catholic School and we wore navy uniforms with white blouses. From then on I never wanted to wear navy. Now I love navy and white and I wear it all the time and I love to quilt with it.

  118. Kathy E. says:

    I love the fact that every color, whether it’s pale or bright, coordinates so well with indigo! I love sewing with it!

  119. Sarah Sheckells says:

    Blue is my favorite color, indigo with the white is extraordinary. The Japanese were on to something when they began using indigo for fabrics. S Sheckells

  120. Rosalie says:

    Classic! It also reminds me of a trip to Japan 44 years ago! Wish I had saved the yukata I bought there.

  121. Brenda says:

    The richness of the color, they are always a standout in a quilt.

  122. Margie H says:

    I love the richness of indigo fabric and that it is always in style

  123. Tanya says:

    Indigo is so versatile ranging from florals to geometrics.

  124. Jo Ewald says:

    The way it contrasts to beautifully with white.

  125. Alice Brody says:

    The depth of color is very special.

  126. Denise says:

    I love yukata fabrics. They are wonderful to work with, especially for hand stitching.

  127. LInda says:

    Indigo comes in a variety of shades – I like the faded, ombre look of them. I like how vibrant colors are on an indigo background. I like the sober, everyday indigo feeling alternating with whimsical, colorful images.

    🙂 Linda

  128. Karen L. says:

    Blue has always been my favorite color so indigo would be on my list of fabrics that I would be drawn to. I really like the contrast that happens with the darks and lights on the fabrics. If it actually happened that I won, I may have to share these indigos with a quilting friend who went to Paducah with me many years ago. I talked her out of buying a small stack of indigos and have always regretted it. I am enjoying your blog for the first time.

  129. cyndy says:

    A beautiful opportunity!

  130. Barbara Montejo says:

    Indigo is always a lovely blue and has such a great history to go with it.

  131. Paule-Marie Bunyan says:

    I simply love the color of indigo. doesn’t matter what the color is used in: jeans, yukata, anything. When I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, I tried to get into Kasuri Dyeworks as often as I could. I was sad when they closed the shop many years ago. I ham, however, excited to have found your shop.

  132. carol Denning says:

    I like that indigo is likely an insect repellent

  133. Jacquelyn Romberg says:

    Love the contrast with white floss.

  134. Robbi Imhoff says:

    Since blue is my favorite color, indigo fits right in. I have long admired Japanese fabrics and I have enjoyed reading about your Yukato Elements workshops. I believe indigo would be a perfect fabric to use in those workshops. Thanks for this giveaway

  135. Cynthia says:

    love blues, and indigo is a unique, soft and rich shade. It blends beautifully with so many other colors.

  136. possemama says:

    Indigo is a historical wonder. The rich color, the use of it in so many parts of the world make it extra special. Not sure if it is true but I was told that indigo needed Uric acid and that the sample was preferred from young men. This was attributed to Tasha Tudor. I love that this rich blue starts out red.

  137. Ilean Calabro says:

    There are so many things you can do with indigo.

  138. Brenda sue jackson says:

    It is BLUE

  139. LINDA says:

    Love the Splash of dark+light colors together! Thanks for this neat giveaway!

  140. Pam VanAustin says:

    I love the contrast between the indigo and white. It is so basic, but the patterns are so beautiful.

  141. Aime Augsburg says:

    What i like best about indigo is that the dye is natural and has been for time unknown to be. It’s appeal is limitless in time. The color is warm, despite being blue, and looks wonderful with so many other colors. I especially like orange and yellow.

  142. Judy Forkner says:

    I love indigo! The color is beautiful & the fact that it has anti-bacterial properties is a major plus!

  143. Dee Joyce says:

    I never knew why I was always drawn to this color until about 30 years ago, when I was color matched. Because it looks good against my skin tone, it made me love it all that much more. I spend most of my time in jeans and the color just goes…. I feel that whatever it is up against, it just makes it have a crispness. To me, it makes a statement. When I think back as a child, it was one of my favorite colors. For some reason, even back then, I felt pretty grounded in it. I can’t imagine life without it.

  144. Sharon Browne says:

    Blue has always been my favorite color and indigo is a staple in my closet.

  145. Linda Raker says:

    I love the blue and for me it is the perfect neutral. It goes with every other color beautifully. I also love the history and the fabric’s story!

  146. Susan Mayer says:

    Yakata indigos are the perfect fabrics to add life and movement to your quilt. Pair with solids and you have a very unique quilt.

  147. Quilting Tangent says:

    I like the different patterns.

  148. Teresa Ruch says:

    Love indigo, love to dye it, wear it and use it in art pieces. When dyeing with Indigo it is like magic to see it turn from yellow to green to blue. These pieces would work well with some of others to finish off a new piece.

  149. Vicki Obenhaus says:

    It’s mystery. Very deep. Has a story and a heritage.

  150. Gail McNeill says:

    I love the intensity of the blue coupled with the crispness when paired with the white.
    My brother always said I’d buy garbage if they painted it blue—-that’s how much I love blue.

  151. Moira M cspadden says:

    I love working with Indigo because it is the perfect neutral and goes with everything!
    Thank you and to Aurifil for the give away.

  152. Charlene Cuhaciyan says:

    I love that it feels grounded without being brown or black. It makes my senses soar…

    • Nancy B says:

      I love Indigo because it is different from other “blue” fabrics. It’s richness places it apart from other colors. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  153. Emily K says:

    I love the way indigo pairs with bold jewel tone solids like forest green, rust red, mustard yellow, and slate gray!

  154. anderkar says:

    I love high contrast quilts and indigo and white (actually Kona snow) is my all time favorite!

  155. PAULA says:

    Indigo is magical: the color(s), the way it changes the cloth (I have vintage striped textile, the un-dyed threads are almost worn away, but the indigo dyed threads are still strong and intact.), its versatility and use in various techniques, its history and the its influence on Japanese culture, the fact that it is complicated to use. This list could go on and on.

  156. Barbaraben says:

    Besides being one of my favorite colors to sew with, the earthiness of the process that produces true indigo dyes appeals to me.

  157. Easterling Marie says:

    There is an ethos elicited by indigo; A feeling for the culture and tradition. And, it’s just dang beautiful!

  158. spierssusan says:

    Indigo is the classic go-to color with it’s deep saturated blue that really does go with everything! Background or foreground or over-all my favorite color of blue! Thank you, Susan

  159. Arbor Buchanan says:

    I like the warmth of indigo! And I like the contrast of indigo with white.

  160. Helen Zung says:

    The process of creating indigo is an act of love. The color indigo represents, to me, depth of feeling. It has universal appeal and unlimited uses. It never disappoints.

  161. Mary Holshouser says:

    Any shade of blue is a favorite – the color I wear
    the most. the prints on the fabrics remind
    me of needlepoint stitches I’ve used on many
    of the stitchery projects I’ve done. I could
    incorporate the fabrics with some of the
    needlepoint. Would be a fun project.
    thanks for the chance.

  162. Pamela Hastings says:

    Hi Pat, I spent the weekend with David, seeing his pillows in the show at the Quilt Museum at LaConner, egging each other on to buy yet more fabric, and attending his conversational Japanese class…he’s getting months of fun with planning for your trip to Japan. I’m collecting indigo-colored fabrics to to patching all over my old dark blue blanket, front and back…boro?

  163. Jeri Zintgraff says:

    I love the classic timeless indigo color. always fresh, a lovely color to complement other colors. the new neutral!

  164. Linda S says:

    I love the quality and variety of indigo. Thank you, Linda S Pewaukee, WI

  165. Katherine Zarull says:

    Classic,timeless, neutral and diverse. Worthy of decor and wearables!

  166. Alexandra Norman says:

    I dye fabric with indigo and I LOVE watching the color as it oxidizes from pale green to such a deep blue. It feels like witnessing real world magic every time!

  167. Chris P says:

    Indigo is so classic, so soothing. I can get lost in it.

  168. diane says:

    I love everything about indigo! I think it has been overlooked for years.

  169. Vivian Perry says:

    There are so many reasons to love indigo. I love the way it turns from green to blue when you pull it out of the dye pot.

  170. Carrie kleyn says:

    Indigo is timeless It goes with everything and everybody!

  171. Susan Nixon says:

    What do I like best about indigo? If you mean the color, I like the dark blue contrasting with white or whatever else is put with it. It’s warmer than navy and other dark blues. If you mean these fabrics specifically, I like the designs that come on them, and the history of them. To work with something vintage like this feels almost reverent.

  172. Linda N says:

    I love indigo because the look is timeless, never dated. Plus it is blue which is my favorite color.

  173. Regina Sweet says:

    I love watching the color change during the oxidation process. Also the beauty of the designs you can create for dipping.

  174. Kathy S says:

    Indigo is all season, all occasion—wearables as well as effective in arts applications.

  175. Judith Kolodny-Price says:

    In 2001, I was a Fulbright Teacher in Japan. Watching the indigo process and shopping for indigo fabric were
    highlights of my visit. The patterns used are representative of simple designs suggested by art, nature and even household items. The Japanese sense of aesthetics and the graphic contrast of light and dark makes using Indigo fabric for me pleasurable to use in various projects.

  176. Chris Chambers says:

    Deep, dark, saturated blue–it’s my go to color. It goes with just about everything! Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Linda Cooper says:

    Deep rich blues in wooden vats bring beautiful memories of small Asian villages I have hiked through; the color is a thread of everyday life.

  178. Deb Totten says:

    I love the depth of colour indigo gives and that it is a natural dye source

  179. Grace Lombardo says:

    The depth of color that indigo has makes accompanying colors pop!

  180. Grace Kono says:

    Ever since my first trip to Japan, where I had an opportunity to see how the indigo plant was grown and how fabric was dyed – I have been enamored with all things indigo. I favor blue/white clothing and Japanese ware collection is blue/white.

  181. Terry Butz says:

    I like the deep rich navy that serves as such a prime contrast to the neutrals that are used with it. The opposing balance of light and dark are very satisfying.

  182. Martha I says:

    Because Indigo is as dark as the night!

  183. Michelle D says:

    Indigo is true to itself. It can be light, medium, or dark, just itself, as is. Remarkable!

  184. Wendy Hill says:

    I love these fabrics! I never got to the store in the Bay Area before it closed….now is my chance to have a few pieces of these great fabrics.

  185. Cherri Langley says:

    I love the history of indigo as well as the deep, rich color.

  186. Meg says:

    indigo is a deep and rich blue like navy blue and complements lighter colors, especially pure white. Using an indigo background will make the light colors pop!

  187. Joan T. says:

    Indigo is timeless! Other colors may go in and out of style, but indigo never loses its appeal!

  188. Gail H says:

    I like best the contrast of the white with the indigo.

  189. Terrie B says:

    The indigo has such depth of color and richness. It is one of my favorites to work with.

  190. Mary Rowin says:

    Little be the variety of patterns in just blue and white.

  191. Marcia Davidson says:

    I love the rich depth and range of colors and that the colors are natural.

  192. Pat Wilcox says:

    Blue is my favorite color…and I look forward to making something inspired with indigo yukata cottons! Great patterns I haven’t worked with yet.

  193. Naturally, indigo is calming, and soothing.

  194. Ellen says:

    Indigo is the perfect compliment to other colors, especially white. What could be better?

  195. Terry Yep says:

    Indigo is comforting & restful. Whether in quilts, clothing or home products, the color ages well & grows with me.

  196. Penny Specht says:

    I lived in Japan for 3 yrs in late 80’s and had the good fortune to study kasuri weaving which I pursued because I was so attracted to the deep blue of th indigo contrasting with white,
    . Such good memories! Penny Specht

  197. Jan Alpert says:

    I love the richness of fabric in indigo. Being blond, many of my clothes are blue, so indigo is an integral part of my life.

  198. Nancy Dilley says:

    Blue like my grandson’s eyes.

  199. Cynthia Oshiro says:

    As a third-generation Okinawan, I’m grateful that okanarts connects me to my heritage through textiles.

  200. marlene barkley says:

    The tradition that Indigo represents bring back memories of Japan visits

  201. mzjohansen says:

    For me indigo is the quintessential natural dye that can be used to create so many shades of blue ! Indigo blue can be refreshing, soothing, calming or invigorating depending on what (if anything at all!) it is paired with. I always have felt that an indigo vat is a living, breathing, entity much like my sourdough starter….keep your indigo vat (or starter) and it will reward you over and over again!

  202. Gwen Weakley says:

    Indigo, let me count the ways. Rich blue, crisp white and intriguing pattern. Infinite possibilities, traditions and the mystery of the creativity it inspires. My heart flutters.

  203. Barb K. says:

    I like that Indigos are so good for contrasting color value–and they are beautiful!

  204. Nancy Paris says:

    Blue is my favorite color!

  205. Barbara Diaczynsky says:

    great fabric

  206. Barb K. says:

    I love that Indigos give such a good color contrast and they are beautiful–especially like the one with birds in it!

  207. Janet McDonald says:

    I goes well with browns/beiges and reds.

  208. Barb Colvin says:

    Indigo is the perfect blue. I love the intense depth found in freshly dyed fabrics knowing that the color will evolve over time into a softness that expresses one’s love for a well-worn piece.

  209. Vivian Roop says:

    Indigo immediately says “folk art.” It’s the people’s fabric and their craft. The time and energy it takes to produce shows the creative love of this fabric art.

  210. Phyllis says:

    Indigo is:

  211. Laraine Salmon says:

    Fabulous fabric and thread! What more could aquilter ask for, except more time!

  212. Kate Wood-Kaiser says:

    Indigo is magical. When the fabric comes out of the vat you initially think it hasn’t worked, & then the magic starts.

  213. Teresa Fusco says:

    I adore the rich saturated color of the indigo, i pair it with colors gold and red. The best!

  214. Betty Rivers says:

    Indigo “plays nice” with any decorating scheme — from my grandmother’s antiques in the living room to the restfulness of the master bedroom and is not nearly as dated as many fabric choices.

  215. Linda McLaughlin says:

    I love the indigo color, I also love how easy it is to dye with a synthetic indigo pot.

  216. Judy McNeel says:

    Blue is my favorite color! I love the gorgeous designs of the indigo fabrics and the fabrics are never “dated” as most other fabrics.

  217. Cathy G says:

    It’s such a beautiful blue. Dressed up or casual it is spot on.

  218. Judy Eades says:

    I like that indigo can be combined with brights, pastels or other neutrals, bringing fresh and unique results.

  219. Nicole Sender says:

    Indigo yukata cottons are beautiful! My favorite color is blue!

  220. Ruth York says:

    The deep blue indigo is the perfect compliment for many other colors. It is a timeless color and very flattering to wear. Love the history and the process for making indigo prints.

  221. Cara Lamb says:

    The depth of indigo is what I like best. I’ve had real indigos and prints in the same quilt, and the indigo has so much more character.

  222. janet niemela says:

    Indigo is a mysterious neutral. I love it!

  223. Carole Meyer says:

    Indigo is one of my favorite colors along with white and yellow. My home has in my dinning room one wall of indigo paint. I am a quilter and use these colors more than any others. Love to do hand quilting as well. I will send you pictures if I should win this and show you what I can make. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  224. Betsy says:

    I love all things indigo…..the blue of the sky when there is just enough light, indigo buntings, indigo dye pots, indigofera the species that give us this color. I find it spiritual in its way….deep, deep….I can get lost in it and feel expansive at the same time. And how it connects cultures…an old world plant grown and valued for its color and how we value it in the new world.

  225. Barbara says:

    I love the history and authentic Japanese stories the fabric weaves and tells of where it has been and how it was created. Addionally, I wish the fabric could orally speak of who dyed it and all the tales of its process being created. As I hopefully play and create with this wonderful give-away, I will imagine and enjoy this phenomenal cotton,s story and beauty. Did I forget to say I love blue too?!?!

  226. Cindy Brouillard says:

    There is something about indigo that draws you to, regardless of the medium.

  227. Tammy Gardner says:

    I love the tradition of the indigo dying process. And knowing that it is traditionally a natural dye used in hand dying the fabrics makes it even better. Most of all, I love the memories of my dad lounging in his indigo yukata (robe), when we lived in Tokyo from ’78-’82. Since he was a work-a-holic, just like the Japanese in those days, those lounging times were rare, but we certainly cherished them. He’s not with us any longer, but I believe I have a picture or two of him wearing that indigo!

  228. carmen mullins says:

    I love the rich color of blue! Thank you for the opportunity to win a prize! 🙂

  229. KarenH says:

    Indigo is on my quilt list. I love the deep, strong tones.

  230. Jerry Turner says:

    I like the richnes of the blue.

  231. HILLARY Tulley says:

    I love everything about indigo! The rich shades, the science of the indigo pot, the cultural global histories.

  232. Meriul says:

    I love that indigo is so versatile… is beautiful on its own, but can also stand out when paired with other colors!

  233. Sheila Jones says:

    Indigo has such contract within the fabric. Depth of color as well, it can be used as a neutral. Indigo is timeless.

  234. Joette says:

    Have used many in small sashiko projects with the boro look.
    Indigo is also the prevalent uniform (gi and hakama) color in my Japanese martial arts practices.

  235. Victoria Skidmore says:

    I like Japanese Indigo for it’s clean, simplistic beauty. Easy on the eyes and soul.

  236. Jo Acuff says:

    Having spent 6 years of my life on the island of Okinawa, every time I view your Okan arts site, it brings back memories! I loved the fabrics I found in the shops and my girls did too! I forwarded this page to them so they can also enjoy!

  237. Linda Levy says:

    Indigo is just breathtaking with it’s beautiful coloring and patterns. I so want to work with it whenever I see it.

  238. Susan Kelley says:

    Indigo, appears in so many cultures across multiple time frames and is an integral part of my life. From the blue jeans I wear nearly every day to the fabrics I gravitate towards over and over again to the couch I’m currently sitting on as I write this. I love blue indigo.

  239. Michele Hartley says:

    Indigo, to me the most original and natural of dyes. Indigo encourages peace and calm while being the perfect ground for creativitu. <3

  240. Lily Kamikihara says:

    Since I grew up in a Japanese home, indigo fabrics always reminds me of my childhood.

  241. Sue L says:

    Indigo is an unexpected neutral…that’s my favorite thing about it.

  242. Janet Hood says:

    It has a storied history in many places in the world, is elegant to casual, classic to modern, dark to light, and goes with everything and everywhere. If I had to choose only 1 color fabric, it would be indigo. So glad you are preserving and sharing these beautiful examples.

  243. LC CALDWELL says:

    Indigo is such a rich color and works well either in a garment or a quilt.

  244. Carol Strum says:

    I love Indigo, I don’t really know why. Some part of my being vibrates, my soul sings whenever Indigo fabric comes into view.

  245. Sarah says:

    The pure blue of indigo is very soothing, my personal temperature seems to go down a little anytime I work with it or wear it. Peaceful.

  246. suzanne guthrie says:

    Indigo is such a stable, supportive color. It is a solid, traditional color. It has such history, which gives it even more depth, I think.

  247. cynthia reed says:

    Two things. It’s the perfect color. Not too light nor too dark. And it’s magical. Goes from green to blue.

  248. Lori Morton says:

    Indigo is a Gorgeous shade & so versatile.. can be casual & also elegant..even at same time! 🙂 Loooove how it just gets better & better with time! Thank you for chance to win this super Give-a-way too 😀

  249. Barbara McKenzie says:

    Indigo is the perfect blue and goes with an infinite number of other colors.

  250. Sallie says:

    The richness in color and contrast with white.

  251. Karen Price says:

    Indigo is timeless. It goes with everything. It is beautiful with white and can set any mood. Karen Price

  252. Dottie Macomber says:

    What I like about indigo is its strong contrast with white. There’s just nothing like a blue and white quilt!

  253. Estie says:

    I love the contrasting colors of blue and white, the richness of colors, and the history of fabrics and methods used to make them.

  254. Sandi Vadset says:

    I only have two pieces but the indigo blue is so perfect!!!! the two have the exact blue and bought like two years apart!!!! I would like to try the Japanese beading on one of them and leave the blue all showing, just do it in white!!!!

  255. Deb Spangler says:

    I love the history and movement of the design.
    Deb Spangler

  256. Deborah Stone says:

    I love indigo; the variation of blues, the classic patterns, even the smell!

  257. Nancy B says:

    Best? That’s difficult: such a calm, deep, ancient color; so comfortable to wear (as a color); so beautiful in the white on indigo designs…

  258. Janet Miller says:

    Indigo is such a classic and soothing color.

  259. Judith McGinty says:

    I got to take a class in indigo dying in Tokyo when I went to the International Quilt Show last Jan. What I like best is the piece I made myself! May never cut it.

  260. Sue says:

    The richness of deep dark indigo calls to me. Seeing the green swirls on top of the vat, watching the color develop in the air, it’s magic

  261. Teri says:

    I love the richness of color and the history of indigo.

  262. Terry Cullan says:

    Blue is my favorite color, but knowing how traditional indigo is made makes amazing!

  263. Ms Julia E Bernstein says:

    I love indigo because natural dye creates the deep rich color. More important is the tradition of creating the dye, folding the cloths and dipping the fabric by hands of many workers in Japan.

  264. Ann Meisser says:

    Because it’s blue! Indigo being a timeless color in my opinion, goes with any other color and whatever it’s next to, the colors just pop. I am partial to dark blue over black. It’s my go to color. Thx for the opportunity to have a chance at winning some beautiful fabric and thread!

  265. Stephanie Cauley says:

    Indigo feels like a neutral to me. I love a monochromatic mixture of indigo patterns with subtle differences in pattern & color.

  266. Irene Harvalias says:

    I love Yukata cottons, specially the blue/white ones!

  267. Janet Hasselblad says:

    Indigo is richer than all the other blues. It’s got soul.

  268. Lilly Logan says:

    My soul is fed by indigo…so much so that my daughter treated me to indigo dyeing class on Mother’s Day in SFO during my visit. I have a whole new respect for the process. Born and raised on water, I’m never far from the feel of water with indigo fabrics in my life. My dream house has a blue tile roof and sits on the waters edge. It’s just so peaceful.

  269. Becky Bucci says:

    Indigo just speaks to my heart.

  270. Ann Bruffy says:

    A kimono fashioned from vintage indigo would be absolutely dreamy! The luscious blue-violet hue has forever captured my heart. And, I’ve been told that my own aura is actually indigo!

  271. Kris Koponen says:

    I was given a piece of yukata indigo from my husbands aunt from Japan years ago. Became my favorite type of fabric! … rich deep color, its cultural history, the simple beauty when combined with white designs.
    Thanks Patricia for offering beautiful indigo prints!

  272. Mary Campbell says:

    The thing I like most about Indigo is the color – so rich and soothing! Also, indigo was grown here in the Sea Islands of South Carolina as a cash crop in the late 1700’s. The natural history and the process of making the dye fascinate me.

  273. janetlbergeron says:

    I love to dye with I digo, love the green it is when it comes out of the vat, the blue hue is wonderful. You connect with all the people who have come before when dyeing and making garments….

  274. Linda Dassenko says:

    I love indigo for three reasons: 1. its long history as a natural dye; 2. the wide range of colors it can produce; and 3. best of all, the richness and depth of color even in the lighter shades.

  275. diane friedman says:

    beautiful. the imagination is endless as are the patterns in the fabric. my lifelong with to work with this unusual fabric is the absolute ultimate.
    I first won aurifil in giveaway and have been using it since, thanks for a wonderful and strong thread.

  276. Lucia Johnson says:

    Indigo has history, culture, & technology. It’s cotton yukatas on steamy summer nights & it’s my shibori bedspread. It’s the dyer’s canals of Nimes and it’s the gold rush uniform. It’s more than just a color.

  277. Jackie Stevens says:

    I love the contrast of the two colors.

  278. Sydney says:

    Shades of color. Sky at night and shades of the sky on stormy days. The color I gravitate toward for dress up and casual. And, as it fades with wear and washing, the subtleties of fabric and dye.

  279. Sue Kersey says:

    I love the way the indigo blue colors are so restful yet interesting for the eye. And the indigo blues go so well with my favorite color ORANGE!

  280. Dana Galasso says:

    Color. Love the patterns, but most of all — the color.

  281. Donna Bergman says:

    Love indigo fabric. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  282. I look forward to the arrival of Okan newsletters. Thank you. A great way to start the day! Donna

  283. Sandra Sagan says:

    To me, indigo imparts loyalty, service, beauty and strength. It stands on it’s own or can support a complex composition.

  284. Cheryl says:

    What do you like best about indigo?
    The deep color, the dark/dark of it with light and medium colors, and it is CLASSIC!

  285. Mary Lynn Sutherland says:

    I love the richness and depth of indigo fabric, but that is enhanced for me by its history and even the word “indigo” itself

  286. Nancy Gilpin says:

    Indigo is distinctive; its color saturation sets it apart from other fabrics. There is nothing else like it.

  287. Dottie A says:

    Indigo fore me is soothing and matches many other colors.

  288. Kori Walsh says:

    The deep rich color that seems to go deeper than 2 dimensions.

  289. Mary Jo says:

    I love the crisp prints, and blue is my favorite color.

  290. sharon says:

    I feel like I can jump right into the blues!
    Love them all.

  291. mary says:

    Those are beautiful. I have long admired the depth of color in indigo fabrics. As well, I am fascinated by the history of the dyeing vats and technique of creating the dyes.

  292. Christina says:

    The history of woad and indigo is what I love, the fact that primitive dying techniques are coming back is fabulous. The fact that the Japanese have kept the tradition is worthy of I received a copy of your book for Mother’s Day 🙂

  293. Dee G. says:

    THank you!

  294. Becky DuBose says:

    I have always loved BLUE and indigo just fits with most of my quilt projects.

  295. Jean G-Bauer says:

    What I like best is the history of the fabric.

  296. Barbara Lotthammer says:

    Navy has always been my favorite color. This would fit very nicely with my stash

  297. Patsy Carlson says:

    I have never met an Indigo that I didn’t like! Would love to add these to my stash!

    Patsy Carlson

  298. Norma Neuberg says:

    So many reasons to love indigo, but if I had to chose the most important I’d say Iove it because people from across the world, from Asia to Africa, from Europe to the Americas, have used and adapted it to their sense of what’s beautiful.

  299. Allison Wilbur says:

    Indigos can act as a neutral – making a beautiful setting for a splash of bold color. There are such variety of textures and patterns in yukata fabrics that they provide a fantastic pattern palette to create a great blended base.

  300. Rose Paslay says:

    Eye candy!

  301. Kay Skov says:

    Indigo is pure, saturated color. It can be bold or calming, traditional or modern, and always provides great contrast whether it is with white, a neutral, or a bright color.

  302. Donna conklin says:

    I love the vibrancy of indigo. Being a sailor I love blue and the deep blue of indigo is my favorite. Japanese patterns, art and kimono have always fascinated me and I flueanced my sewing.

  303. Cheryl Braswell says:

    I love your fabrics and hope to see the shop in person some day.

  304. Sylvia says:

    Classic Jaapanese idigos are the ultimate in designs that are good forever!

  305. NANCY PILOTTE says:

    Indigo: simple,
    serene, sophisticated

  306. Cassidy says:

    Indigo is a statement fabric of history, creativity, and making more from simple parts: cotton, dye, and the magic combination of art and nature. Each design is unique and serves as a springboard for further exploration.

  307. Rosalyn Schultze says:

    Indigo fabric offers a classic beauty unequaled by any other fabric (in my humble opinion). It is timeless, versatile and blends nicely with all colors.

  308. Pip says:

    Indigo is the best representation of a dark neutral to me for clothing, to match just about anything. The Japanese art of Shibori is lovely.

  309. Myra Ramos says:

    Indigo is simultaneously subtle and dramatic!

  310. Nancy Bird says:

    Indigo is such a rich, pretty color! I’ve always loved it!

  311. Patricia Hamilton says:

    Love the indigo prints. Combined with with white, it would make a beautiful quilt.

  312. Rosemary says:

    I LOVE the look of indigo. Many years ago, I bought several pieces of indigo and used one to make an Asian themed jacket that gets compliments whenever I wear it. The designs are beautiful and look fresh, clean and crisp.

  313. Joy-Lily says:

    Indigo has a long and still evolving tradition. I am amazed by the new ideas I see using indigo.

  314. Jo Tosh says:

    I love the Indigo fabric because it can fill in with other Yakata fabrics and look great or it can be used alone to make beautiful quilts by its self.

  315. Cherie says:

    Classic, traditional and beautiful

  316. Judy Helms says:

    Most of the inspirations for my quilts actually come from the fabrics. Wonder what these special fabrics could be made into. The possibilities are endless…..but I sure would like to try!

    • Robin Gustafson says:

      What can I say….Navy and white is my favorite color combination. My entire house and quilt stash can testify to that. Love these Cotton’s.

  317. Jude Masten says:

    I nspiring
    N ascent
    D elicious
    I love
    G orgeous
    O utstanding

  318. Kathy Weyenberg says:

    I like the rich deep blue – I can match it with so many colors and styles of fabric.

  319. Jay says:

    I love blue and white quilts, so it’s no surprise that indigo fabric calls to me. The texture and designs are unique in my experience, causing anything made with these beautiful fabrics to stand out and be noticed.

  320. Evette Barry says:

    I love indigo for the feeling that looking at this color in a beautiful Japanese print evokes in me. It gives me a ‘feeling’ – something visceral and emotional. Lovely fabric and thread pairings Patricia!

  321. Barbara Nelson says:

    I’ve always liked the color blue in all it’s
    shades from dark to light.I find it to be a
    calming color.Most of the quilts I’ve made
    are predominately blue.I have one friend
    who razzes me about the fact I am buying
    blue fabric again when we go fabric shopping.

  322. Karen S. says:

    Some friends and I spent a summer day cutting indigo leaves and processing them into dye that we used the same day on fabrics we’d gathered. From that experience, and the deliberate study we made of books and DVDs, we grew our understanding and respect for the long history and enchantment of indigo.

  323. Kat C says:

    Indigo is classic and at the same time having a real moment right now. I’ve bought some in powder form to try my hand at dyeing this summer, but I’d love to have an actual fermented vat some day.

  324. marty says:

    the historical world wide aura of indigo just thrills me. Just really drawn to all things indigo

  325. Sue Buchanan says:

    This indigo fabric is timeless. I first saw some in 1972. It has a luxurious hand and classic patterns just as beautiful today as it was years ago. I love it.

  326. Carla says:

    I love that Indigo was used as an ancient dye for textiles and is still a modern and contemporary color for clothing, interiors and quilts today. It’s a dominant color in my wardrobe and brings out the blue in my eyes. It even gets its own recognition in the rainbow! The MOOD INDIGO: TEXTILES FROM AROUND THE WORLD exhibit at Seattle’s Asian Art Museum in 2016 was amazing!

  327. Sandi Goldstein says:

    The richness and depth of indigo is like no other color. Working with an indigo vat is just pure magic.

  328. Susan Bleimehl says:

    The color, of course. Always different shades and tints through out the fabric. It’s beautiful

  329. Shirley says:

    Love, Love ,Love indigo..

  330. Trudy says:

    I love the contrast of indigo and white fabrics. Add a splash of red or orange (or any other contrast) and you creative fun!

  331. Jean Kelly says:

    The soft hand after it’s washed.

  332. Peggy S says:

    Indigo is so versatile – goes with everything. Casual but elegant.

  333. Sueanne Mockensturm says:

    I love everything about indigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. Kathleen Flanagan says:

    MY FAVORITE color to work with.

  335. Susan Havre says:

    what I like best about indigo is that it looks so crisp and clean with white. It can be a great neutral contrast with more lively colors.

  336. LOLLY SCHIFFMAN says:

    Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue,blue, blue.

  337. Carol Kuse says:

    I have always loved blue. These are a true, deep, clear blue. I would love to have some to work with.

  338. Sherry Laferriere says:

    I love the the saturated color, and the soft smoothness of the fabric.

  339. Jane Freedman says:

    I don’t know why but I have been attracted to the color indigo all of my life. Perhaps it’s the crispness of the wonderful patterns and fabrics done in indigo and white. Whatever the reason my eyes light up when I see anything indigo–from jeans to shibori fabrics.

  340. LoriD says:

    Indigo is timeless! From ancient days to present it is still so relevant in garment or quiltmaking.

  341. Betty Vincent says:

    Indigo fabrics are so elegant and a joy to work with anytime of the year. My favorite line of clothes is Indigo. I would love win these fabrics. Thank you for giving us these chances of winning these beautiful fabrics. Betty Vincent

  342. Kelli Hinatsu says:

    Thank you! For giving so much away each month. Indigo is so beautiful, it goes with everything whether casual or elegant!

  343. Patricia Smith says:

    Indigo is indigo. The perfect blue. Put it with white and it sings

  344. Elena Roberts says:

    Indigo always draws your eye, and makes you want to look at a quilt. There is vintage history, as well as a fresh approach to putting indigo together with more modern fabrics. Indigo is universally loved.

  345. Suzanna Moore Sandoval says:

    What do I like about indigo fabrics? The timelessness of it.

  346. Susan A says:

    I love using the indigo as my dark neutral… so much richer than black

  347. Elaine B says:

    Blue and white, perfect. Love the patterns too.

  348. michele wise says:

    It looks old and natural. It is free flowing. I love it.

  349. Rebecca True says:

    Indigo is a neutral that makes either a profound or a subtle statement, depending on how it is used. It is evet flexible and never dull!

  350. Eddi Baird says:

    I figure that if it isn’t blue, it probably is the wrong color!!

  351. Judith McCabe says:

    There is nothing like the color of indigo! I love the contrast of the blue and white and it just give me great pleasure.

  352. Mary E. Quarles says:

    While living in Japan (1977-1979), I made a traditional yukata using yukata cotton, with the help of a local Japanese woman who spoke no English. My yukata has a simple design of white iris. Upon my return to the U.S., I began quilting, and purchasing yukata cottons when I happened to see them at quilt shows I have a nice collection of indigos – would love to add to it!

  353. Nancy C says:

    Indigo is so crisp and fresh – the contrast of the deep blue and white – and so calm and serene. Thank you for your generosity with your monthly giveaways!

  354. Janet Bahr says:

    Indigo blue is an old soul on the color scale. It exudes deep soulful vibrations that draws me into it and wraps me in its glory and riches of being Indigo.

  355. Jeanne Mayes says:

    Indigo is so special ! It goes with my jeans. Thanks for the give away. The fabric is beautiful.

    • Lynn Kuehn says:

      I love blue…and Indigo is the deep, moody side of my favorite color. It looks very rich on the fabrics shown. I would love to own some.

  356. Jarna Maniguet says:

    Why the color of course!

  357. Amanda says:

    The magical way it turns from straw yellow to blue when exposed to the air, and it is a completely natural dye.

  358. Barb Butterworth says:

    I love Indigos because they are striking in color, They are like that favorite old sweater that makes you feel so good. They go with so many other fabrics and decor

  359. Jo Strickland says:

    The saturated colors the saturated color that makes everything next to it look better. It is just beautiful

  360. Joy says:

    I love the intense color and the beautiful designs.

  361. Mildred Cody says:

    Indigo is a bridge between the past and the future. I like the way that it transcends time.

  362. Terrie Benedict says:

    My love for blue and white began with the blue and white Blue Willow child’s tea set I received as a Christmas gift from my grandmother. The tea set began a life long collection of all things blue and white! My grandmother also “gifted” me with her love of sewing, painting and FABRIC! 🙂 I am magically drawn to indigo and white fabric. My “Mimi” would have awed over these Japanese textiles!

  363. Laurel Flyer says:

    The deep blue and white feel like peace and serenity.

  364. Hannah Todd says:

    I love the timelessness of it. People have been using indigo for all of time and am so glad that artist continue to use it.

  365. Sherry T. says:

    So many things to love about indigo: the infinite gradations of blue it can produce, the regenerative and nurturing nature of the indigo vat! But what I love best: indigo can keep away bugs!

  366. Kaye H says:

    Indigo fabric goes with everything! It serves as a great complement to whites and brights!

  367. Barbara Davies says:

    Indigo represents the alchemy of transformation; by the proper processing of the gnarly plant parts, a useful, soothing color emerges, which can be manipulated through application and fixing to a fabric using bold or subtle techniques. It can go high- or low-brow, and links modern use to ancient practices. Being a nature-based dye, it link us to our own authenticity. By slow processing methods, it slows our appreciation, allowing a meditative revelation of creative ideas.

  368. Stacy Schlutsmeyer says:

    I love the depth of color of indigo, and the stark contrast with white in the prints.

  369. Pat says:

    I love the richness of the color.

  370. Carol cook says:

    Blue has always been my favorite color! This give away would go so well with some vintage indigo my son gave me. We have in mind some Boronat type jackets.

  371. Carolyn Chandler says:

    Indigo ~ immediate deep appeal INside. A mix of aesthetic, physical, lightly emotional aspects. Like seeing a certain flower, scene, face, tree, composition. How to explain…… ? We can try. DIrect and indirect associations ~ GOing and coming and mixing; the patterns white, tan, touch of a certain red, subtle or not. Very pleasing, comfortable, never losing that appeal.

  372. Kay says:

    Indigo is old. It carries more than its share of the warmth of history. When we use indigo we breathe more life into the old lady.

  373. Rafaelita Chavez says:

    I just love about any blue fabric but indigo is my favorite.

  374. Linda Cathey says:

    I love the variance and shades of indigo. Classic and beautiful.

  375. Lydia Reading says:

    Indigo is the loveliness of deep midnight in a starry sky. It draws my eye and makes me happy. It’s rich, classy and sweet. My first bathing suit was navy blue polka dots. My prom dress? indigo blue with tiny red flower trim. What am I wearing right now? Indigo. I could go on and on. Indigo, my favorite color, just love it.