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two may giveaways!

two may giveaways!

By Patricia Belyea

This month’s giveaways feature a collection of 12 Aurifil Wool Threads and 3 yards of Okan Arts vintage kimono wool. Each giveaway is valued at $148 (two total).

Alex VeronelliAlex Veronelli, the irreverent spokesman for Aurifil Threads, announced that 2016 would be The Year of Wool. To celebrate this wonderful textile fiber that comes from sheep, Aurifil has produced 12 wt. wool thread in an awesome range of colors. The spools in the giveaway collections are 383 yards each.

For Sue Spargo followers, these threads are a perfect weight for your applique and hand embroidery projects. Or use these threads in your sewing machine for free-motion quilting, or your long-arm for bobbin work.

Aurifil Wool Thread Collection

Paired with the threads are three-yard pieces of vintage ikat-woven kimono wool—with dancing butterflies on a deep olive. Although Okan Arts does not sell kimono wool online, over 60 bolts are available to peruse in the Seattle shop.

This fabric is perfect for a stitched table runner that reaches across a long table and dramatically drops down each end. For a modern look, use wool felt for the batting.

Vintage Kimono Wool from Okan Arts

To participate in the May giveaways, answer this question in the Comment Box below: Have you used wool in your quilting or stitch projects?


Thank you Aurifil Threads for the donation of these thread collections.

To visit the Aurifil website and learn more about lana wool threads +click here

HOW THIS GIVEAWAY WORKS: The May 2016 giveaway drawing will be held at midnight PST on May 31, 2016. Giveaway is open to US residents (sorry to my Canadian and international friends), 18 and older, void where prohibited. One entry per person. Two lucky winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. Winners will be notified within 24 hours. Winners must respond within one week of notification or their giveaway will be forfeited. A list of winners can be obtained at any time from Okan Arts. Thanks for participating!

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144 comments to “two may giveaways!”

  1. Shari K. says:

    I have not ever used wool, but I’ve seen so many good designs recently that I would like to give it a try.

  2. Allison CB says:

    Awesome giveaway! I just took my first workshop with Catherine Redford on wool applique and I loved it!! Wonderful texture and so satisfying to do hand work!

  3. Aleeda says:

    I have used wool in creating needlebooks and pin cushions; I haven’t used it in any quilting projects, but am admiring a piece that a quilt buddy is creating!

  4. Hester Tinti says:

    I have used fine wool twills to try and duplicate the Amish 19th Century quilts. They produce rich deeply colored quilts with a little sheen.

  5. Alisa says:

    I have not used wool. I would love to make a quilt with wool! I think wool makes a very beautiful and warm inviting quilting!

  6. Debby Cox says:

    Yes! I started with Sue Spargo’s BOM about 5 years ago and I was so happy with how beautiful wool thread works with wool appliqué. It’s now one of my favorites to stitch with.

  7. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    I have never used wool in quilting but I love to sew with it in other projects. This is a wonderful giveaway.

  8. Susan says:

    I have not used wool in my projects, but with those colors who can resist!

  9. Mandy Leins says:

    I have used wool in the top of my longarm and domestic machines for quilting, and have written up a tutorial on it (it has some quirks, but it can be really fun!). I also use it for my wool applique. I looooooove the wool kimono. If only I lived near Seattle!!

  10. Lottie says:

    I’ve not stitched with wool threads, but I have stitched a lot on woolen fabric. I love the feel of the wool, and … I was raised on a sheep farm!

  11. Sue Smith says:

    I have recently started using wool and LOVE it. Such a nice feel in my hands

  12. Annette says:

    Wool – my favorite fiber and fabric to work with! I love doing wool appliqué, sewing with wool and wearing it. Amazing stuff!

  13. marta says:

    wow for the giveaway..never use wool thread …like to try it…thank you

  14. Carole Anderson says:

    I have not used wool in my quilting but I would like to. I have used wool in my embroidery.

  15. Linda Rech says:

    I use self-felted wool to make bags and for applique. Love wool!

  16. Pat says:

    I have used wool thread for quilting. It left a lot of lint, but it worked. Great giveaway, Patricia.

  17. Patricia Sherman says:

    I have been collecting wool to start using in quilting projects

  18. Linda Fleming says:

    I’ve only used wool when sewing tapestries.

  19. MJT says:

    Yes! I am currently working on an improv quilt made from wool scraps.

  20. marijke says:

    I love to use wool fabrics, thread and wool fibers in projects together with silk. I wet felt some pieces and use stitching and my needle-felting machine to pull everything together.

  21. Lee J. says:

    I have used wool to make needle books. I’ve been thinking about using it to appliqué lately though. It works so nicely on the needle books!

  22. Mrs. Plum says:

    I have used wool batting often, but no other wool in my quilts. It would be fun to experiment.

  23. Chris Chambers says:

    I’ve done some wool applique patterns by Sue Spargo. Love the look and feel of wool. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Mary DeRay says:

    I have done wool appliqué and felting. I am also a big Aurifil 12 fan as I am a serious Sashiko enthusiast and instructor. I have used it when adding color to some of my projects, Would love to use the wool in my upcoming kimono series. A trip to Japan in January this year gave me great inspiration for my Sashiko projects.

  25. Pat Richie says:

    Yes…felted wool for quilts and applique and wool thread for free motion embroidery.

  26. Jane says:

    I have used Aurifil wool thread on wool hand appliqué and it works beautifully. I like the way this wool blended thread sinks into wool applique, and I want to use it on the machine. I like the dramatic effect that I can get with wool applique. Some of the hand dyed wools give a project just the right individual look set it apart.

  27. Kae Eagling says:

    Yes, but not often.

  28. Melody Lutz says:

    I made a pin cusion, but not a quilt…yet!

  29. Deb woolley says:

    I adore wool having just completed a large wool appliqué quilt. The Japanese. Wool is beautiful and I see a jacket in a he works

  30. Karen M says:

    I’ve made wool blocks that I still need to sew together into a quilt. I’ve never used wool thread but would love to try it.

  31. Susan Ritchie Voegtly says:

    I have not used wool to this point, for my quilts. I have become addicted to wool for my knitting, and have enjoyed learning and experiencing different varieties! Iloved seeing Sue Spargo’s appliqué/embroidery.

  32. Beth says:

    Have used wool felt, but would love to use other types

  33. Ann Darling says:

    Love sewing unexpectedly ( people have difficulty believing “it’s wool” ) wool fabrics. But never tried wool thread … Love the idea of how it would look in stitchery projects.

  34. Celia Ambrose says:

    I bought a book for wool applique, and some wool at a quilt show, but I have not used it in any of my quilts yet. Maybe I will do a small table runner at some point. Thanks for the chance to win. (

  35. Nancy Coker says:

    I have used wool in my wall hangings, table runners and pincushions love the look you get

  36. Rhoda says:

    I have done very little stitching with wool, but would love to do more.

  37. Jerie Clark says:

    No, but I would like to. I like to make wall hangings with beads and other embellishments.

  38. Judy Stadler says:

    I have been planning to use wool thread, but haven’t yet. So It would be great to win the giveaway so I can start a wool applique project I have been planning.

  39. Janice PD says:

    I have used over dyed recycled wool for many years. It’s a wonderful fabric for hand stitching.

  40. Ray Burke says:

    I have not used wool but the idea of a table runner is intriguing. Thank you for the continued opportunities.

  41. Ai says:

    No, I have never used wool thread for any kind of project but am interested in using it. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  42. Dot says:

    I’ve made several small pieced quilts using wool. I use it as it comes from thrifted skirts, without felting or fulling it.

  43. OhhhhhAhhhhhhh!
    Aurifil wool thread is divine!
    Luscious offer!

  44. Brenda says:

    I’ve used wool both in piecing quilt tops and in stitching projects. I have a love of needlepoint and other wool work so that constitutes a big part of my stitchery. I’ve also used wool threads to applique wool designs to mini quilts and to embellish them also. I’ve pieced a king sized quilt top from woolen scraps purchased from a Pendleton mills outlet store, where one could buy wool by the pound. I love the feeling and warmth of wool and would love to win this giveaway. I am particularly interested in seeing wool ikat woven kimono fabric.

  45. Robin Shilman says:

    I love working with wool. It is so smooth to hand stitch. I love it.

  46. Ann Seronello says:

    I have used wool fabric for many years. I first got interested in rug hooking using strips of wool pulled througha backing. As my wool collection increased I started to do more applique making wall hangings, table runners, and smaller items such as purses, pin cushions. I have not used wool thread in a project as yet. I have had wool wAshed and recombed into batts from quilts my grandmother made. You only need one wool quilt on your bed during winter

  47. carol sloan says:

    Yes! I have only recently taken up wool to use in my textile projects and I LOVE it! I have made a series of Christmas tree decorations as well as a tea cozy made from homespun with wool applique. I would love to win the thread and fabric! Thank you!

  48. Betty C says:

    I have used wool in quilts and for applique but I have never used wool thread.

  49. SOOZ says:

    i have a deconstructed wool kimono, did not even consider that wool thread
    was available to use. Am excited to finally , maybe do something with it.

  50. BettyVincent says:

    I used wool thread in a table runner and it was perfect with the wool material I used. I will be using again with a wool project I plan to make soon.

  51. Stacy Hurt says:

    I have never used wool and am intrigued by it! I am a solid Aurifil fangirl as well and rarely use any other thread in my machine quilting!

  52. Patricia Smith says:

    Yes, I use wool in my quilting and have used wool thread. It is so forgiving. Seeing that beautiful wool makes me wish I still lived in Seattle.

  53. Andrea Bursaw says:

    I have not yet used wool in quilting, but am drawn to the calming, gentle feel of it, and enjoyed an over-the-shoulder tutorial from a quilter who tempts me with possibilities.

  54. Linda Pawlak says:

    I have never used wool, but it looks fun! I may have to give it a try!

  55. Heather S says:

    I have not used it before but am dying too! Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway! 🙂 cheers!

  56. Marilynn D-R says:

    what a great give away. Wow, wool kimono fabric, sounds yummy! I have a felting machine and have done that, but not stitched with the wool threads, want to try that soon.

  57. Connie says:

    I have never used wool. I have been wanting to try. I see so many quilt projects made from wool. This would be a great way to expand my pallet.

  58. Summer says:

    I live along the US Gulf Coast, so wool is NOT my friend. Itchy and hot? I get that on a summer’s evening when I forget the mosquito spray! Seriously, it’s not something I’ve tried yet, even though I’ve admired the varied colors that wool is available in. The texture looks so soft, too, that it would make a nice change from quilting cotton. Wait a minute! I have relatives in Ohio would wouldn’t mind something made out of wool. Problem solved!

  59. Kathy E. says:

    No, I have not used wool in any of my projects. I do have a good friend who stitches on it and her work is fabulous! I’ve always admired it, but haven’t taken the time to dip my toes into another technique.

  60. Carolyn Burton says:

    I have used it in needlepoint but would love to try it with sashiko stitching around those beautiful butterflies.

  61. Pam S says:

    I have not used wool thread before, but I would love to! Thanks for the absolutely awesome giveaway!

  62. Sandy K says:

    No, I haven’t worked with wool.

  63. Vicki H says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to use wool.

  64. Lynn D in NC says:

    I’ve only used wool in crewel embroidery, but nothing else.

  65. Tesi Vaara says:

    I have a wool sampler that I started years ago. There are so many more luscious wool fabrics available today and these wool threads would be wonderful to try out.

  66. jodi g. wes says:

    I have always loved wool, and adore sue spargo’s work…I see more wool in my future!! thanks patricia for an on-going education of all things beautiful fabric…and thread!

  67. Chris says:

    I do love wool applique because of the nice clean edges.

  68. Emily C says:

    I have not experimented with wool thread.

  69. carol n says:

    I have not used wool yet, I have a few patterns saved, and some wool fabric, now I need this thread!

  70. Alice Ronne says:

    Wow! What gorgeous thread! Not much experience with wool but used to do crewel embroidery and loved the feel of it. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  71. Claire Ross says:

    I have never used wool in my quilting projects before x
    Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

  72. Mara says:

    I LOVE Aurifil wool thread! it has such great texture.

  73. Lia says:

    So far I’ve only worked with cotton and poly threads, never with wool thread, but I’d love to try and the fabric is gorgeous, love butterflies! 🙂
    Many thanks for the chance to win!

  74. Melissa says:

    I have not but could use that because I’ve been accumulating pieces of wool felt for applique.

  75. DebraKay Neiman says:

    I meant wool applique … 😉 crystalbluern at tds dot net

  76. I inherited pounds & yards of hand dyed wool from my grandmother. My 1st gorgeous colorful quilt top is ready for final stitching. How timely!

  77. Janet Wright says:

    I have used some wool threads on wool and a few times have used it on cotton to embroider. I would like to do more

  78. Barbara Carlton says:

    I have only used wool for embroidery and clothing construction. I have a wool penny rug quilt I need to start one of these days.

  79. Penelope Torkington says:

    I am a quilt maker and a clothing designer. I would like to try making one of my designs in wool and quilting with wool thread. I have never used wool thread or the wool cloth. Both sound like a great challenge for me. Hope I win!!

  80. Rebecca says:

    no I never have used wool in my projects. This is something new to me. thanks for the chance to own some of this new thread

  81. Doris McCarty says:

    No ,I’ve never used wool in my projects. Unfortunately I am allergic to it. Thank you for the giveaway.

  82. Carol Strum says:

    I’ve never worked with wool in a quilting project but have friends who do beautiful work using wool.

  83. Paula Ward says:

    I haven’t used wool in my sewing projects since I sewed a wool jumper for myself in high school in the sixties! I have quilted since then and love Sue Spargo’s designs, but I think using wool has seemed a little overwhelming–almost like taking on a whole new craft. Using wool thread, however, seems more accessible–something I can just add to my existing stash of materials and play with.

  84. Charlene Cuhaciyan says:

    I’m always for trying something g new (to me!), so I’d love to play with Wool!!!

  85. Betsy says:

    I have not used wool for quilting but have for other sewing projects. Such a great fabric to work with and would like to try it is a quilt. I would really like to try the aurifill thread too..Sue Spargo’s work is an inspiration.

  86. Laura Gottlieb says:

    No, I haven’t used wool in my stitch or quilting projects, but I would love to try it! I have a friend who does beautiful work in wools, and would be happy to share this bounty with her, if I won it.

  87. Kelly Wilbur says:

    Absolutely, I love to do wool applique and I love to use wool batting on the special quilts that I am going to keep!

  88. Mary Marusin says:

    I ordered a wool BOM from Fig Tree. I’ve never worked with wool before and it is waiting for me to start. I would love to try the thread.

  89. Carola S. De Pascuale says:

    Yes, I have used actually Aurefill wool thread. I am a Sue Spargo enthusiast and I have used it for her projects. It blends beautifully.

  90. Sarah Sainsbury says:

    Yes, I’ve used wool in several projects! Wool quilts, wool appliqué, wool mixed with other textiles, and wool used in liturgical projects! Wonderful!

  91. Amy Menges says:

    I have not used wool, but I love the fiber, and would welcome a chance to experiment!

  92. irene Harvalias says:

    I’ve never used the wool in my quilting. Sounds interesting.

  93. alma curtis says:

    i have 8 suitcase of wool fabric and wool thread sound like a wonderful thing to use. Oh what joy that would be to sew.

  94. Michelle says:

    I’ve just started a little Sue Spargo kit as a first try using wool. Lovely ! Have never used wool threads but ALWAYS use Aurifil cotton threads – the best!

  95. Garen says:

    Yes I have – have used it for appliqué and also super big stitches!

  96. Myra Ramos says:

    I have not used wool thus far but am eager to learn with such beautiful fabric and threads!!!

  97. I love wool, and do lots of wool appliqué and use wool batting in cotton quilts for a warmth and Puff. It would be great to win some wool threads or the vintage woven kimono.

  98. Deb W. says:

    I enjoy wool appliqué. I also crazy quilt and I can see it might be fun to try some wool threads to achieve a different lok

  99. Janet Larson says:

    Yummy colors! I’m just starting a new wool crazy quilt after making 6 beautiful wool eggs.

  100. Julie Stump says:

    Yes. I have made a wool embroidered table mat.

  101. LINDA says:


  102. Suzymcq says:

    I have not used wool thread, but would love to give it a try if these images are any indication, it is lovely!

  103. Barbara Zaslow says:

    I have used the Aurifil wool threads (12 weight) in hand embellishing on quilts and love it. I’ve used felted cashmere in lightweight patchwork items and would love to try other wool projects.

  104. Susan Mayer says:

    Adding Yukata cotton and Yukata wool together has given my work the perfect amount of interest and texture! This would be a perfect addition to my growing collection of Yukatas!

  105. I love using hand dyed wool in my small projects. Your vintage Ikat woven wool, which I haven’t used before, would certainly make for a very special piece. You always have the loveliest fabrics. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  106. Donna says:

    I recently completed a beautiful appliqued and embroidered pin cushion using wool, wool thread, and embroidery floss. I love the feel of wool in my hands, so look forward to doing many more wool hand sewing projects. It is hard to find the wool thread in my area, so winning this one would be a real treat!

  107. Barbaraben says:

    I’ve felted wool that I want to incorporate into my patchwork and embroidery projects. This would be a great way to get started.

  108. Jean says:

    I haven’t used wool in a quilting project yet. I feel like I need to learn a bit more or gain a bit more courage to ‘go for it’. Maybe a combo of knowledge and courage.

  109. Heidi says:

    I have not tried wool threads yet! I hope to do my first Sue Spargo pattern soon!

  110. Janet Hasselblad says:

    One of the first quilts I made was for my husband. He wanted wool, wool and more wool. I pieced Pendleton wool squares together, put in a wool blanket for the batting and quilting cotton on the back. Sewing it together was labor intensive since it was so heavy. It gives you a good sleep because you can’t move!

  111. Ellen Hemmert says:

    Yes, I am working on my first wool project. It is a wool applique flower/vine on cotton. so far so good! Ellen

  112. Pam Pontious says:

    Wool felt is one of my favorite fabrics to use for pincushions, doll clothes and applique. Wool knits that have been put through a washer to “felt” them make fabulous mediums for all kinds of projects. I haven’t tried woven wool in a quilt – sounds like it would make a great quilt.

  113. Celtic Cate says:

    There should be an Oscars for wool! I love that Alix says this is “The Year of Wool”! It certainly deserves the attention. I love Aurifil’s wool thread and have used it in many projects, from penny rugs to wool applique, and beyond. In fact, I’ve raved about it to everyone I know who crafts. I love wool in all its incarnations. My most recent use of Aurifil wool thread has been in Yumiko Higuchi’s embroidery projects. The first one I did was a chain-stitched tree (from one of her books that hasn’t been translated into English yet) and I love how the wool works. I used a cotton-linen blend for the foundation and the wool just slipped on through the fibers: no tangles at all! It would be fun to try embroidery on the Okan Arts wool (how beautiful!!). This is a fabulous giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  114. Vivian Roop says:

    I have never used wool in any of my projects. It is a favorite of my quilting buddies and I am sure I will soon become hooked.

  115. Gail Burris says:

    What a lovely web page. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  116. julie says:

    I made a small quilt with a wool back and a velveteen patch front. Was a learning experience. I would love to try these beautiful threads.

  117. Nancy R says:

    I haven’t used wool in my quilts in the past, but recently purchased wool batting to try with a queen size quilt I plan to quilt by hand.

  118. SOOZ says:

    OF MAY…

  119. Janet Starr says:

    Yes I have used wool in my quilts!

  120. Aura Oriano says:

    I generally don’t like wool- too itchy and damp Seattle weather doesn’t mix. Never got around to finishing a wool skirt I started on. However, I might change my mind after seeing pix of that gorgeous wool kimono wool. I should make an appointment to come in and see the wool ikat kimonos that aren’t in your online shop.

  121. Patsy Carlson says:

    I have worked with wool for years and love it! Great giveaways. I can only hope one will be mine!

  122. Nancy Cegalis says:

    I love your wonderful findings.

  123. Lydia Reading says:

    Yes, I have used wool applique. It is so lovely. Have also used wool in rug hooking.

  124. Cathy says:

    I purchased a small wool appliqué project to try.

  125. Pamela says:

    I love wool, but have not used it yet in a project. I do have some vintage Japanese wool fabric, but have been reluctant to use it until I’m sure I won’t be wasting it. What a terrific giveaway! Thank you to you and Aurifil.

  126. Lou Wotzke says:

    I love wool and have used it in both forms.

  127. Janie says:

    I have used wool in my quilting projects. I like it because it doesn’t fray. Thank you for a beautiful giveaway.

  128. Rosemary Newman says:

    I have used wool for embroidery and needlepoint.

  129. Maryanne Sakai-James says:

    Great give away! I’ve not tried wool yet, but having this prize certainly would get me started exploring it!

  130. Janet Bahr says:

    Wishing and hoping, planning and Dreaming……….

  131. Monica says:

    I haven’t created a quilt with wool yet but I did buy a wool quilt kit.

  132. Yarrow McConnell says:

    I have used wool in multifibre projects but would love to do an entirely wool project soon. Love the texture and color variations available with with these giveaways!
    Patricia – NB I’ve moved to the US now and hope it’s ok to participate in giveaways from now on! -Yarrow

  133. Janet H. Jungkuntz says:

    I have made a large stash of felted wool sweaters that I incorporate in a variety of projects: 9 patch wool quilts with silk necktie sashings; cat-nip cat toys with embroidered faces; men’s closet fresheners with little necktie details; purses and bags; pillows; batting in tea cozies and coffee press cozies. Wool is wonderful! I have found that thrift stores in Bellingham, WA are an excellent source of wool sweater (and silk neckties) to felt and create with.

  134. Karen Felton says:

    I’ve not worked with wool, someday. Love to try these threads.

  135. Joanne Graves says:

    Yes, I have made quite a few wool applique wall hangings. I love to hand stitch on wool!

  136. Deb K. says:

    I have never used wool in my quilting but I have wanted to try it.Deb K

  137. Lu Peters says:

    I use wool thread for buttonhole stitch in my machine appliqué and to wrap Temari balls which are hand stitched Japanese ornamental balls. Thanks for the give away!

  138. Sue o'donnell says:

    I’ve used wool a few times in hand appliqué projects and would enjoy using wool threads as well.

  139. Tac says:

    I have not used wool in my projects so far.

  140. Christina Maddox says:

    I haven’t used wool yet, but recently came across a project with wool that I’m eager to try….I’m still fairly new to sewing(with a machine) so still learning new things about all different types of fabrics so can’t wait to try out some wool! 🙂

  141. Renata says:

    Never used wool before but currently have a project that would look great with the use of it–have one spool of Aurifil wool to play with and really like the effect it produces.

  142. Cynthia reed says:

    I’ve never used wool.

  143. Karen s says:

    Yes I took a class with Sue spargo in the fall & used wool & wool thread for the first time. I absolutely love it! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  144. Ellen Harris says:

    I love using wool, particularly found fabrics from antique clothing. I am currently plotting a quilt for my daughter from her fathers wool suits. I would like to use wool to quilt bags from my mother’s antique kimonos which are currently in pieces. Thank you!