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march giveaways

march giveaways

By Patricia  Belyea

SEATTLE WA  This month’s giveaways feature Valori Well’s new book, My Life in Fabric, her Aurifil thread collection and a charm pack of her Ashton Road fabric. Each giveaway is valued at $140. Three book/thread/fabric sets will be given away!

Getting to know Valori more through her book reveals a spirited artist who creates with a rich bohemian style. Her projects move beyond quilts to include some interior design items as well as children’s dresses and adorable stuffed animals. Surface design such a silk screening and block printing expand her DIY depth.
Valori Wells GiveawayValori Wells Giveaway

Valori’s designer thread collection features 12 colorful spools (220 yards each) of 50 wt. cotton thread. The charm pack from Robert Kautman Fabrics includes 42 5″ squares from her lively Ashton Road collection.

Valori Wells Fabric and Thread

To participate in these giveaways, just leave a comment about what sparks your creativity. Go to BOTTOM OF RESPONSES to add your entry.

The drawing for the giveaway will be held at midnight PST on March 31, 2015. Three winners will be chosen with a random number drawing. The prizes will then be shipped anywhere in the world.

To visit Valori’s website +click here

This is an unsponsored giveaway. Thank you C&T Publishing, Aurifil Threads and Robert Kaurman Fabrics for your generous donations of these products.


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382 comments to “march giveaways”

  1. Kelley Cunningham says:

    I get inspired everywhere!

  2. Jane Beadle says:

    My creativity is sparked by nature whether the flora or fauna! It always amazes me of things in nature that remind me of quilts…

  3. Chris Jurd says:

    Usually fabric is the inspiration and Valories has been a fav for a long time!

  4. Sue says:

    I am inspired when walking with my dog. She shows me things I would not have noticed.

  5. Laura M says:

    Colour sparks my creativity. When out for a walk, the way the light filters through the trees could spark an idea or the blues of the sky and ocean might start the creative process for a modern quilt. Sometimes the colours in a specific line of fabric will also add the spark.

  6. Sharon knowles says:

    having time to think and dream encourages my creativity.

  7. Rita Romeu says:

    Nature and a well curated art exhibit, other quilters, time for meditation, all stimulate my creativity.

  8. Linda Webster says:

    Nature is my biggest source of inspiration but my fellow quilters also inspire me to try new ideas and techniques.

  9. Judy Stadler says:

    I am inspired by nature, art, poetry, fashion. I could go on and on…

  10. Robin Shilman says:

    Color and textures are what get my creativity going. I find fabric I love and then the hunt for the perfect layout begins.

  11. Terri Karls says:

    People like Valorie and her mother, Jean Wells get my creativity juices flowing. I love vibrant color threads and also beautiful fabrics as well to get my creative mojo going.

  12. Ellee says:

    Colors, graphics, and geometric designs spark my creativity.

  13. Barbara Rechtfertig says:

    Lately thread has been speaking to me. It used to be just fabric. Thread is getting so diverse with colors and textures and content it’s just amazing. Who’d have thought we’d have bamboo thread?

  14. MJ Buckingham says:

    Textures, colors, culture influences me… the drive to assemble colors and prints that perhaps should not go together but do with a little finese and imagination. My Mom, who died recently of severe Alzheimers, did not recognize color names but painted her world in bright colors. She influences me still.

  15. Rhoda says:

    I get inspiration from stark contrasts. Like geese in the snow or seed pods on a lonely patch of weeds sticking up through the snow. I do have to admit…I would like to be inspired by spring soon.

  16. s k griffin says:

    Ms Valori Wells is unique and inspiring, a fresh and forward design that is delightful. What a treasure for fabric lovers everywhere.

  17. s k griffin says:

    Nature is surely the fountain head of inspiration for me, the colors give me a deep sense of pleasure, colors combined in various ways help me make a leap and go outside my usual pairings also.

  18. Eleanor Love says:

    Color, texture and mood are what get my creative juices flowing. One of the three sets the tone for the other two. Inspiration is everywhere!

  19. Cherie says:

    Looking through quilting magazines and books helps my creative juices flowing. Plus, walking through the fabric store and looking at the fabrics.

  20. Brenda Wiseman says:

    I can be inspired by almost anything. Something visual, a thought, an idea, geometry and symmetry and the laws of science. Nature and our environment. The human experience and our efforts to create in general.

  21. Jean Calhoun says:

    Color is my inspiration!

  22. melissa says:

    I’m inspired by all kinds of things — things I see, hear, smell. It all has an impact on my creativity.

  23. Judy Tucker says:

    I am inspired by day to day living and what life has to offer with the unexpected. Color plays a large part in my creative life.

  24. Pam says:

    I get inspired by thinking about whomever I am quilting for, and what makes that person happy. I also get inspired by beautiful blogs like yours! Thanks for the great giveaway and for all the inspiration!

  25. Dwana Zahn says:

    sometimes is it just a color combination in a picture or nature itself. I live in the country on a farm and the colors of nature are breathtaking.

  26. Alice says:

    I am inspired by daily living…little things that pop up when you’re not expecting it. My garden, my friends, just each day! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! akronne17 (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. Connie Cain says:

    Looking online and at magazines give me my long list of to dos. 🙂
    What a nice giveaway, thanks.

  28. Karen Murphy says:

    I get inspired at quilt shows. So many amazing, creative quilts!

  29. Valli says:

    Geometric designs, color combos, fabrics, special people, books/magazines/blogs — any or all can provide the creative spark for one of my quilts.

  30. Cher Merriman says:

    I’m inspired by following quilter’s blogs, by colours and fabrics. Magazines, books, and all that is quilty.

  31. Jofrid says:

    I get inspired from the Internet, books and other quilters

  32. Kim S. says:

    I am inspired by the fabrics that I see.

  33. Linda says:

    The colors are so luscious, you can’t help being inspired to play with them.

  34. ebony hocutt says:

    Seeing all the wonderful things that can be made.

  35. Delaine says:

    My creativity is sparked by seeing quilts that other people have designed. And by the color blue. Thanks!

  36. Andrea says:

    For me, books and in the last years the Internet (blogs, tutorials) have been sources to get inspired. But more than this, the urge to bring joy to someone I love causes my ideas to flow. While enjoying myself I’m enabled to create things to enjoy others.
    There are times in life when grief also can be a source of creativity, then the latter can save your life.

  37. Sherry Pryor says:

    Everyday life offers endless inspiration, delicious fabrics, and prayers for enough time to frolic with my art.

  38. Jackie Thompson says:

    I am inspired by beautiful fabrics. I also enjoy seeing how other crafters have used the same fabric.

  39. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    I am new to quilting and do not have a creative spark but am hoping it will come.

  40. Sonja McLane says:

    I just think about the style of the person I am making it for or what they have in mind.

  41. R Jones says:

    My creativity can be piqued and inspired by just about anything. Only very recently, something so offbeat as spilled coffee was the driving force behind a productive creation.

  42. MaryLou says:

    The colors and textures in nature give me inspiration. Being outside, even now, when it’s a bit frosty (4 degrees), always gets the creative juices flowing. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  43. Kathy Davis says:

    I get inspired buy the charity and the people I am making a quilt for. I just made a quilt for the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser and the cutest little girl who has CF. Having a purpose like this is what inspires me.

  44. Wendy says:

    Those beautiful threads and fabric inspires me. I love the bright colors.

  45. carol n says:

    Actually I get alot of inspiration from blogs and quilt shop emails!

  46. Greta says:

    My creativity comes from nature, people, art, architecture, just about everything!

  47. Janice says:

    For me it’s choosing a theme & then just starting to play with fabrics and shapes until I get a good design. My art quilt group uses this approach and it’s also very inspiring to see the designs created by others on the same theme.

  48. amy says:

    I get inspired by reading blogs, quilting books and of course, lovely fabrics. I see a collection that speaks to me and want to make something with it.

  49. Mary says:

    Everything around me!

  50. Wilma says:

    Nature is my biggest inspiration. I then love to thread paint it with lovely threads!

  51. Kathy E. says:

    My creativity is sparked by watching youtube videos from bloggers and reading the blogs with great photos. I am so visual! Seeing something made step by step makes me want to run to my sewing room and get busy!

  52. Sylvia A says:

    I have always been creative, from a little girl on, when I began classical piano lessons for 9 years, then married, started having children and began to crochet baby clothes, than decorating sweatshirts, and as the kids were getting older, started my own ceramic business, where I taught for 20 years. As grandchildren arrived, I started sewing again and then was prodded by a friend to learn quilting. I’ve never looked back, still crocheting for great granddaughters, but quilting all sorts of things for 6 darling little girls, and now, they are my inspiration.

  53. Sarah J. says:

    I get inspired by my kids, other’s projects (aka Pinterest!), and the world around me! Thanks!

  54. Trudi Rammelkamp says:

    What a wonderful give away! I’ve watched Valori since I first saw her on Simply Quilts years ago.

  55. Laura says:

    Nature, Music and Art are great creative inspirations.
    I hope to win this giveaway.

  56. Marijke says:

    Great giveaway, love books, love fabric!

  57. Mary Burnette says:

    What sparks my creative adventures is seeing other peoples creations and thinking I can try it too.
    thanks for the giveaway.

  58. Nicole says:

    A guaranteed spark for me is to CLEAN UP. I have a super small sewing space, so tidiness is paramount, but I love all the potential quilts and ideas that are generated just by putting away and organizing. Thanks!

    And tell Valori I love her “colour of the week” post.

  59. Natalie says:

    Being in the middle of a project and having unexpected issues or things that do not turn out how I would like. Or if I don’t have quite the right materials on hand but want to keep moving w/ a project.

  60. Donna DeShazo says:

    Every day the sun shines I am inspired by the world around me…and when Ol’ Sol doesn’t make an appearance, I read quilting magazines and visit quilt stores to “pet” the fabrics!

  61. Kylie says:

    I just get ideas all the time, from many sources. I think about them, draw them, and when I get time, finally sew them!

  62. Kristine says:

    I think it’s more necessity. ..when a friend has a baby or when I need a present. I’d like to be inspired more but with my kids I take what I can get!

  63. Susan Jones says:

    I’m inspired by colors and unusual patterns. Also by lots of links on pinterest. So fun to see what other folks like

  64. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I have to wake up inspired before I can do anything the whole day! Sometimes when I see my stack of projects to start it kicks me into gear and I start working on it.

  65. Elaine Gates says:

    I am inspired by beautiful fabric and a new idea of how to speak with fabric instead of words. The ability to use many colors and patterns is an added bonus at this time of year in the Midwest when we are sooo tired of snow and cold. If I win I will challenge myself to create a new beauty to symbolize spring which is just around the corner.

  66. Allison CB says:

    i love fabric – that is the first creative push. I like paintings – so that pushes me to and threads – beautiful threads and laces and trims….then I am off the planet! 🙂

  67. Laura West says:

    My creativity is sparked by everything around me. It doesn’t take much for me before I am inspired on a new idea… that’s why I always keep a notebook and pen with me.

  68. Shannon Baas says:

    Creativity to me is sparked by my kids.

  69. Claire Ross says:

    I use magazines, books, blogs and the internet for ideas. I am not terribly creative myself, I like seeing other peoples ideas!!!

  70. Jen B says:

    My inspiration comes from who or what ever a project is for.

  71. Katy says:

    Fabrics always get my mind whirring – I’ll have an idea in mind and once I choose the fabric it turns out in a completely different way!

  72. Julie says:

    I was in the quilt shop the other day and came home so inspired!!! Would love to win the thread:)

  73. Diane B says:

    Cultures, textures and bright colors period, is all the inspiration I need to craft a quilt, pillow, tote, pouch or clothing.

  74. Joanne says:

    My kids, how I’m feeling that day, an interesting color combination I saw that day…I think there are a lot of different things that give me my inspiration.

  75. Margo says:

    She is one of my favorite designers! So colorful! Makes me think of spring! We need some of that right about now!

  76. Sarah says:

    I generally find inspiration from color, nature, and architecture. This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. Misty S. says:

    My creativity is sparked by the creative genius that is already out there–bloggers and coworkers and the like. It also comes from shapes and colors around me–I never quite know where inspiration will hit.

  78. Sandy K says:

    Sometimes just a trip into the garden will give me needed inspiration.

  79. Vicki H says:

    I like surfing the net and reading blogs for inspiration.

  80. Dot H says:

    I am not to imaginative on my own, but do like to change up patterns to make them my own. So others are my inspiration.

  81. Nancy Lanier says:

    I’m inspired when I see the beautiful quilts that others have made.

  82. Ursula says:

    Fabric inspires me. I am always looking for “magic” fabrics which compliment the fabrics I already have and lead to ideas for a new quilt.

  83. Emily C says:

    Wandering the internet and see what other people make always sparks my creativity and provides inspiration for a new project.

  84. sandy whitson says:

    I am inspired by seeing creative peoples work

  85. Artwork, blogs and everyday items inspire me.

  86. Mrs. Plum says:

    Lots of things inspire me: poems, deadlines, nature, fabric, trims, deadlines, color, doodles, messes, deadlines. Did I mention deadlines? Oops! So I did. Having to get something finished means I have to start somewhere and begin making decisions.

  87. Rita Corey says:

    I get inspired seeing what others have done on blogs, sites, books, friends, etc.

  88. Valerie Gleeson says:

    Color sparks my creativity!

  89. Janna says:

    My children are a great source of inspiration

  90. Pam Watkins says:

    For me nature, space, time and life are the four most important ingredients for creativity. Without them where would we be? Our changing environment, a place of our own to explore, time to waste that is never really wasted and a wide range of people who enrich our lives for the better.

  91. Pam Watkins says:

    It’s really quite simple to answer. Absolutely everything.

  92. Deb says:

    I LOVE to read quilting blogs…so mostly my inspiration comes from others online,

  93. Keri Lyn says:

    Inspiration comes from all around me. It could be the way the light falls on the mountain, a magazine, a blog, or just looking at my stash.

  94. Gale M says:

    I am inspired by things I see. I love seeing what others create and how color and texture come together.

  95. Kathleen Gerace says:

    When I open my eyes in the morning and am able to put my feet on the floor, I’m inspired.

  96. Christy says:

    Love the quilt blogs, new information and inspiration!

  97. Barbara Rule-Mispel says:

    Several things inspire me. quilt blocks or quilts that I see on internet sites, quilts I see at my quilting guild or chapter meetings, and quilts I see at quilt shows.

  98. Linda says:

    My inspiration comes from the fact that I can create beautiful fabric items even though I don’t feel I am very artistic. I am the person patterns were created for and the fabrics, thread, and the finished product allow me to be that artist.

  99. Lorena Schwab says:

    Natire is constsnt inspiration.

  100. kim Turner says:

    Other people and nature inspire my creativity. Seeing what other’s creations just makes me want see what I can do.

  101. Terry says:

    I m inspired by everything around me. Love the seasons for inspiration as well. Fabric is a big inspiration for sure.

  102. Elizabeth Andrews says:

    What sparks my creativity?

    Lately I’ve been doing a lot of doodling, which seems to open my eyes to other possibilities.

  103. Ruth Williams says:

    Anything and these other people’s projects for inspiration.

  104. Debbie VanOrnum says:

    simply living and breathing

  105. Julie N says:

    Nature inspires me, and other people’s imaginations. I love looking at what craftsmanship in architecture

  106. Kristy says:

    Many things spark my creativity! Nature, my children, seeing others work at what they are best at, and caring for those in need. Thank you for the chance at this incredible giveaway!

  107. Jana Leonard says:

    I find inspiration in colors, in looking through old quilts and on Pinterest LOL

  108. Betty Williams says:

    I agree with another comment. I’m inspired by just about everything. Love blogs, Pinterest, visits to LQS, guild meetings, classes, books, etc.

  109. Rina says:

    Nature, color, architecture, design, just about anything will ignite the spark of creativity.

  110. CJ says:

    It doesn’t take much for creativity to spark in me. I get it from all the lovely swiss online. 🙂 Thank you for this great giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  111. Martha a Cook says:

    an inner drive to create. A passion,an obsession…

  112. Ann Christian says:


  113. Pamela Zolkosky says:

    I find Nature to be very inspiring, but beautiful fabrics and threads in all of the colors of the rainbow just call to me!

  114. carolyn white says:

    I visit our local quilting shops to see what is “new” to get ideas and also enjoy reading quilting magazines. I love watching Fons & Porter on PBS to see new ideas. I love quilting and creating.

  115. Debby says:

    Nature, photos of outer space, fabrics, quilting blogs and quilt shows.

  116. Heather J says:

    i get inspiration from many places, nature, museums, friends, pictures. It is having the time to plan and think about how to use the inspiration that is challenging for me.

  117. I am inspired by the people I make quilts for. I try to choose special fabrics for the person and occasion of giving.

  118. Peg says:

    Reading magazines and seeing posts on facebook help me be more creative.

  119. Carma Popp says:

    The source of my inspiration changes almost daily! I love color, texture, and interesting shapes. Some days I like the very serene and some days I’m ready to jump onto the”wild” side. Thanks for this great give away.

  120. Sheila M says:

    Quilting blogs, books and magazines, facebook, pinterest and just walking through a nice quilt shop to see what’s new!

  121. Diane Pfluger says:

    seeing other quilts is the main thing that sparks my creativity along with the desire to make something unique.

  122. Ellen says:


  123. Janet T says:

    Usually color is what attracts me to something, along with need, then it goes from there.

  124. Patty Flynn says:

    Color inspires me–color interacting in nature as well as with inanimate objects. Gai Perry’s color classes opened my eyes

  125. Kathi says:

    Beautiful color combinations spark a lot of creativity in my mind.

  126. Betty says:

    nature inspires me

  127. Bekki says:

    I get inspired by all the beautiful quilts I see at shows

  128. Kaye Koler says:

    The BEST spark for me is being in nature…..preferably the woods.
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  129. Karen A says:

    I get inspired by nature, color and way too many ideas on the internet!

  130. Joy Meetis says:

    My creativity gets sparked by the quilt groups that I follow on Facebook. I belong to several groups and the talent that I see is outstanding. I get see many interperatations of colors and patterns that I would never think of combining. I get inspired by all of these example of unique art!

  131. Silvia says:

    Everything from architecture to nature, there is so much out there.

  132. Sharon L. says:

    Love Valori’s fabric collection! I have come up with a lot of ideas using her line.

  133. Margaret C Zotz says:

    Inspiration comes from watching craft shows and reading magazines. I also get some inspiration from looking at craft catalogs because I can visualize the project if I just make a few changes.

  134. sherrylen weiler says:

    Beautiful rich color in modern designs. Love these fabrics.

  135. Donna Tomlinson says:

    Beautiful colors and fabrics can trigger creativity for me.

  136. Maryellen McAuliffe says:

    Everything inspires me! Fabrics, pattern designs, nature. It’s so much fun.

  137. Mary Ann says:

    Beautiful fabric inspires me and starts my creative juices flowing!

  138. Terri U says:

    I get inspired when I attend a quilt show or go to a new quilt shop and see all the many options of things to create.

  139. Sarah says:

    colors and fabrics spark my creativity.

  140. I am constantly inspired by decay. I love seeing how things wear and crumble, which leads me to thinking of all the stories each broken thing can tell.

    I’d love to win one of these sets, especially because I love Valori Wells’ work!

  141. Teri Hackett says:

    it seems lately, hearing about the drama and challenges in friends and family’s lives, gets me to thinking: how can I help them thru this? So, I look for inspiration from memories of happy times, and draw from Mother Nature for color and mood. I’ve noticed Good quality fabrics and embroidery threads bring all the goodness I feel. Colors for Chemo should be vibrant and rich regardless how dark and sad the person must feel inside.

  142. Mara says:

    I find beautiful colors and textures inspire me and the love of working with fabric!

  143. Shannon K says:

    I’m inspired by color, looking at other people’s quilts, and interesting shapes in architecture and nature.

  144. Barb in MI says:

    My main inspiration comes from nature. Thanks so much – what glorious fabric & thread!

  145. Mary Seman says:

    Pastel colors and a new Quilting book inspire me!

  146. Cheryl B says:

    Valori’s fabrics spark my creativity for sure! Especially love her elephant and bird prints.

  147. Kim Woods says:

    Inspiration comes for me when I finally get a few minutes to myself after family, work & housework and I get to look & play with my fabrics!

  148. Enedina says:

    I’m inspired by looking through quilting books/magazines.

  149. Linda Rae Mason says:

    Fabric displays at quilt fabric stores inspire me to create special quilts for family or friends. For example, a selection of coffee motifs inspired aprons for my coffee loving daughter-in-law. Brilliant colors with fleck of gold reminded me of the blues and greens of led lights. Love the Aurfil thread. I can always find a thread color to match my quilting projects.

  150. LINDA says:

    HELLO, my creativity is sparked by bright and cheerful colors and I find that at my local Quilt Shop! Valori has a certain way with color and design for sure! Thank You for sharing!

  151. Bette I says:

    I’m inspired by reading quilter’s blogs–across the US. and in other countries.

  152. Barbara says:

    My inspiration comes from the many talented quilters who share their creativity on the web, in books, tv programs, quilt shows and everywhere that quilts exist.

  153. Chris Campos says:

    I am inspired by a spark of color, nature, interesting words and ideas. One I have the idea, my thoughts spiral into all the ways I can be creative. I love the boho style because there is not wrong way to create this look.

  154. Pat says:

    I find so much inspiration in seeing how different fabrics are used together by others. It is making me much more confident in selecting my own fabric combos now.

  155. Sue says:

    I get inspired by thread and geometry!

  156. Betsy Reed says:

    I am inspired first by shape and the lines of objects. Then I turn those shapes into colorful quilts!

  157. Quilting Jeannie Z says:

    That’s easy. Fabrics spark my creativity for quilts. Sometimes I’ll see a quilt pattern that interests me, but usually it is the fabric. I can see this line of fabric in a modern quilt. It is o bright and colorful. And I love Aurfil threads. What a great gift package.

  158. Mary says:

    I get inspired by the colors and patterns in the fabric.

  159. Teresa C says:

    I get inspired with colors and shapes.

  160. Lori says:

    I am inspired by life.

  161. Nancy Reukauf says:

    Color and shapes inspire me most, but, at any given time, it could be anything!

  162. Lisa Marie says:

    Often I am inspired by colors and objects I see in nature.

  163. sarah reed says:

    When I started quilting I was inspired by the geometric designs and figuring out where a block begins and ends. Now I see things in nature and really all around me that I want to turn into a quilt.

  164. Gaye McCance says:

    Fabulous colourful fabric really get my creativity going. Alsoseeingwhereothers have been drawn to with their imagination
    Nature and how all the colours and textures emerge.

  165. Diane says:

    magazine pictures.

  166. Ginnie says:

    I find inspiration everywhere–walks in nature, photos, other people’s art. Can’t begin to contain it all!

  167. Janie says:

    Mother nature, creative blogs, and quilt magazines. Great giveaway, thank you.

  168. Penny says:

    what inspires me are beautiful fabrics and colorful thread.

  169. Joy Nelson says:

    I am inspired by colour nature and friends who offer great encouragement… Thanks for the chance of a great inspirational giveaway…

  170. lenore loftus says:

    mother nature is the best teacher. love valori wells work!!!

  171. Suzanne Riggin says:

    this week is southern Arizona’s Shop Hop. I see so many beautiful quilts and craft ideas…and of course fabric. Oh my!

  172. Elaine says:

    Fabric, colors, nature, pictures, many more things. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

  173. folksmith says:

    I love bright colors, that’s what motivates me.

  174. mary shoop says:

    Life inspires me. The colors of the world, the sun or lack there of, music, people,

  175. Lee Collins says:

    Love the bright colors!

  176. BARBARA MERKLEY says:

    I get inspired by colors and shapes.

  177. Carol Broughton says:

    I get inspired by quilt magazines, blogs, quilt shops and beautiful fabrics.

  178. Lori Morton says:

    I get inspired/sparked with creativity thru Blogs, Fabrics,Friends. and my two very creative Daughters! (we are learning to quilt together..THEY are soooo Amazing…& I loooove getting inspired with them!)

  179. Diane says:

    Beautiful fabrics spark my creativity!

  180. Susan says:

    I get inspired by colr, fabric, light and other quilts. Actually, there is not much that does NOT inspire me LOL

  181. Joyce Carter says:

    There is inspiration all around us. I am inspired by natures bounty. Thank you for the giveaway.

  182. Marilyn Lillibridge says:

    People are my inspiration. Everything I have quilted I have given away. Giving helps others and gives me a fabulous feeling.

  183. ann hudson says:

    Inspiration strikes at all times, from many angles! Reading a book, looking at the clouds in the sky, listening to music, at the museum, or just in a random thought! 🙂

  184. Donna Warren says:

    Nature and family inspire me for my quilting!

  185. Mindy Weaver says:

    Everything I see out my windows inspires me. But, I especially like Spring and the rebirth of the trees and flowers.

  186. Shan says:

    My creativity is usually inspired by fabric. As soon as I see a fabric I like the design just comes to me.

  187. Veronika says:

    Honestly, I’m inspired by other people and their creations! Often I want to tweak a little here or there, or simply just have the same design but with different fabric. Everything I make will be unique because I’m the one that made it!

  188. Debora says:

    The fabrics whispers to me,telling me what it wants to be.

  189. Michele Fetter says:

    Seeing the new fabric collections get my creative juices flowing. I can imagine my favorite designers colors coming alive with the right pattern.

  190. Susan Redstreake-Geary says:

    Mother Nature inspires me-especially animals. I look at the more unusual ones, and think “God must have a great sense of humor”. Nature doesn’t make “ugly”. The colors of a rainbow, flowers, birds, all inspire me. But no matter hard we try-Mother Nature has us beat. I can only aspire to please myself.

  191. Melissa says:

    Instagram. I want to make all the things!

  192. Dot says:

    Great inspiration and beautiful colors!

  193. Shirley Whitcomb says:

    Unfortunately I am inspired by everything I see which can become brain overload very quickly. I love scenes with lots of color and I love others with muted, calm tones so I have to just channel my thoughts in one direction to be creative. I have to limit my field by selecting my colors and textures and just see where it takes me.

  194. Sue Davies says:

    I’m inspired by color, nature, books, magazines, other people’s quits….

  195. cathie says:

    My spark comes from so many different places and people….books, websites, people, nature or a simple thought.

  196. Jennifer King says:

    Seeing beautiful fabric and thread sparks my creativity.

  197. Janie says:

    Seasons, sunshine, a clean sewing room and freetime.

  198. Pauline says:

    When I see fabric that I love I immediately know what I want to do with it – it speaks to me so my friend says. I am also inspired by quilt shows that I see and other people’s work.

  199. Cindy zraik says:

    Stained glass windows and floor tile layouts spark my creativity.

  200. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    The colors in Nature inspire me. So does making something both useful & beautiful!

  201. Wehaf says:

    Water sparks my imagination – rivers, lakes, the sea, rain…

  202. Almut Raaijmakers says:

    The way a beam of light changes the look of everything triggers my inspiration. That difference in colour I do want to express in fabrics.

  203. Shelley says:

    Colorful fabrics and patterns!

  204. Rebecca says:

    I get inspired by Fabric and People. I see a fabric that reminds me of that person and I want to create something form it for them. Seeing the fabrics laid out then gives me the inspiration for the quilt!

  205. Gill says:

    The need to problem solve. You get so far and run out of fabric so you have to be creative.

  206. Lenartowicz Marta says:

    Many things are my inspiration: the beauty of nature, juicy colors, lovely fabrics, art.
    However, the biggest source of inspiration for me are the people: friends, family, and especially my husband who supports me in my passion.

  207. Perusing quilting books and magazines sparks my creativity!

  208. Becky Couture says:

    I am inspired mostly by nature, & also by environmental influences. I love color it’s reflected in my quilting.

  209. Jan Parry-Jones says:

    The natural world is a constant source of inspiration

  210. Jan Parry-Jones says:

    The great outdoors is a constant source of inspiration

  211. Jan Parry-Jones says:

    The spring flowers are a wonderful source of inspiration

  212. Ree G says:

    The colors in my garden.

  213. Carolyn Faircloth says:

    Going into my local quilt shop and seeing all the wonderful projects always inspires me….I want to do them all!

  214. sharon gates says:

    I am insoired by nature, and very often the pattern of a fabric or a color

  215. Jean Levins says:

    Gosh, the charm pack and the thread I will be working on thread painting for a wall hanging!

  216. Trish Schultz says:

    I’m inspired by fabric.

  217. Sam says:

    My creativity is sparked by my students. They are always so eager to learn something new and I am constantly looking for prijects to challenge them.

  218. Angie Squire says:

    Colour, colour, and more colour inspires me. I browse endlessly through quilting magazines and instructional books and websites to see all the amazing creations out there.

  219. Maria Henderson says:

    i am inspired by fabrics that remind me of my childhood and the clothing my Mom made for me.

  220. Gail K says:

    inspiration from classes at LQS, quilting blogs, books, magazines, other quilters. So many resources with Internet & social media.

  221. Gretchen Boyle says:

    Colours and textures from all sources – nature, architecture, engineering, travels, fabrics, art & pictures – are my inspirations for quilting.

  222. Carol Ann Johnston says:

    I find inspiration in bright, rich colors–especially if it’s batik cotton quilting fabric colors!

  223. caroline says:

    My creative ideas com when i least expect them many times while doing maundane things. I am fortunate to be very tuned to my surroundings. Something that i have seen or heard will inspire me later.

  224. Valarie Hawes says:

    beautiful material inspires me.

  225. Laura M says:

    Colour is the impetus for my creative process. Next is texture. it’s easy to notice colour and texture no matter where you are. So there are lots of ideas percolating at all times!

  226. Janet Wright says:

    Nature sparks my creativity. A walk–looking at shapes and colors always gives me inspiration. Janet Wright

  227. Travelling sparks my creativity …. I see so many amazing designs, colours and form in old churches, buildings and historical sites 🙂

  228. Debra Caughell says:

    hi there: thank you for a chance to win a giveaway. Great products!! I am inspired to sew for my loved ones when they have a special need. Recently, I realized that my Mother-In-Law was still using a really old book bag for her trips to the library. Also, her son, my awesome husband decided to update his “jeans” for a new pair of Jason Aldean/ Wrangler jeans. So I took his oldest pair and cut them into fabric pieces along with two patchwork quilted squares, lining and sewed/quilted up a “Junk Jean Rejuvenation Project” in the form of a new book bag custom made with a personalized embroidered monogram. Needless to say along with happiness all around I have had several requests to make some more! :o).

  229. Shelley says:

    Life is inspiring…mostly the garden, the mountains, sometimes interesting dishes or arrangements of food. Fabrics will also add inspiration on a way to combine with others or a specific quilt pattern that speaks.

  230. Karen Pantony says:

    My quilting group spark my creativity. They are all very generous with their knowledge and we share lots of ideas as well as laughs.

  231. j drozdowski says:

    Beautiful photos of colorful quilts inspire me. Fabulous fabric, new or old.

  232. Piroska says:

    Nature, gardening, sunshine, rain…it all sparks my creativity.

  233. LMJF says:


  234. Peg swartzman says:

    Being with artistic friends feeds my energy and openness to looking at things in new ways.

  235. Pasqualina says:

    Color inspires me mostly.

  236. Bonnie Chalmers says:

    Inspiration, I find it comes from so many places but my favorite is nature. A sunset or sunrise, a full moon, the song created in the wind or by birds, these all bring peace and inner harmony. Nature leads me through many moods and urges me to try techniques that might help me create the feelings that it evokes in me.

  237. Arianna Macy says:

    My creativity is sparked by nature and colours!

  238. I am inspired by antique quilts which I seek out in books, ebay and magazines. Also I love looking at other people’s quilts. I am drawn to simple quilts with great color choices.

  239. jmniffer says:

    I am most inspired by seeing completed quilts online, or in books and magazines. I liked clearly defined blocks in saturated colors.

  240. Cheryl says:

    Pinterest sparks my creativity.

  241. Jackie says:

    Sources of inspiration are always a surprise- most recently I was inspired by my 5 year old granddaughter’s construction paper interpretation of Piet Mondrian.

  242. Suzanne says:

    Researching old styles and patterns inspires me.

  243. Tesi Vaara says:

    The colors of sunrise and sunset inspire me.

  244. Linda Cartwright says:

    I get a lot of inspiration from Mother nature, spring time, sunsets…

  245. Tamie says:

    I get a lot of inspirations from other quilters!

  246. Lisa Frederick says:

    Going to quilt shows, bright colored fabrics, going for walks with my doggies, gardening are a few of the things that inspire me.

  247. Jeannine says:

    Blogs, Pinterest, quilt shop samples and beautiful fabrics are what tends to inspire me. Love Ashton fabric, been looking at it on Valerie’s blog.

  248. Mart Nichols says:

    I love bright colors and vivid contrasts. I am inspired by photos, nature, flowers, glass art,and of course fabrics…..all kinds.

  249. Joanna says:

    SO many things inspire me and is usually very random. It could be a picture in the background on a TV show, or a garden catalog, and especially Instagram! Valorie’s fabrics and designs have inspired me for many years and are amongst my favorites!

  250. Marilyn says:

    I’m inspired by color,texture….I love walking through the fabric bolts and seeing what I can come up with.

  251. Dale Wolfe says:

    Inspiration comes from so many things. A pattern we see, something in nature, someone’s painting or quilt. Life is an inspiration!

  252. Diane says:

    My mind never stops spinning out crazy, usually humorous ideas that I HAVE to put into fabric!

  253. Nancy says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to share the chance to win Valorie’s new book, her Aurofil threads which I totally love, and her Charm Pack of fabrics from Ashton Road. Sounds so exciting!

  254. Betsy says:

    Such a hard question to answer since inspiration strikes anywhere. I am generally more productive early morning so I can say maybe that the early morning inspires my creativity

  255. Janis Oetgen says:

    I’m inspired by quilt stores, getting to touch as well as see new fabrics, also seeing what others are doing on Pinterest.

  256. Martina says:

    Colors, nature, and I think especially themes I have in mind.

  257. Penny G says:

    People spark my creativity. The things I make are made for people I know so I try to make what they like. If I make something for some one I don’t know – color makes it possible.

  258. Teresa Ranson says:

    Seeing the creations of fellow quilters is very inspiring. Need more hours in a day to create more.

  259. Jofrid says:

    I find inspiration in dayly life and in colours

  260. Sue O'Donnell says:

    Color and interesting patterns especially in Japan and Hawaii,

  261. Stephanie Stirling says:

    Fabric sparks my creativity; the color the texture, the pattern.

  262. Joy C. says:

    I am inspired most when I am sitting in solitude in the early mornings before my family wakes up. I like to design/draw quilt blocks and color them in with markers or watercolor paints. I think challenging my mind to practice creativity every day inspires me to see things in a different light. I can get inspiration from architecture, books, photos, colors, textures, and still life.

  263. Lu says:

    I get inspiration walking into a quilt shop and touching the beautiful fabrics .

  264. April says:

    Color inspires me! I love bright colors and what I can do with them.

  265. Kathie L says:

    I love to browse books of modern art to get ideas of colors.

  266. Debra Callaway says:

    These would be so fund to play with and the book should be inspiring, I am inspired by the fabric or a picture, sometimes there is nothing when you look, and other times it sings to you and starts inspiration flowing

  267. Barbaraben says:

    Color, texture and design spark my creativity.

  268. Barbara Long says:

    color, shapes and textures in Nature

  269. Michele Ward says:

    I am inspired by the world around me and other quilters — especially my daughter’s work.

  270. jenny says:

    Home decorating books!

  271. MoeWest says:

    I’m inspired by colour and pattern in the world around me.

  272. Marilynn D-R says:

    Many things spark my creativity. Sometime it is something I see, or a theme, challenge, or color, or a particular fabric.

  273. Debbie M says:

    I follow a lot of quilting and needlework blogs so I can see all the wonderful inspirational photos that others share.

  274. NancyB from Many LA says:

    Projects on the internet get me going, and then I personalize for me!

  275. Betty G says:

    I am inspired by color, design, fabulous fabric, and threads!

  276. sooz says:

    the world is inspiration..happy , sad, all of it moves me
    in different way…all have a color of their own.

  277. Denise Lentini says:

    Lately, picking up a UFO of long ago has been my source of creativity. How to finish the quilt borders when there is no way to get more fabric.

  278. Ellen Plattner says:

    I find my new sewing room sparks my creativity. Seeing colorful fabric, looking at quilting books, relaxing on the futon, is the spark!

  279. Linda Webster says:

    Following blogs and online fabric shops spark my creativity. Just looking at the different fabrics and seeing what others working on makes me want to get in my sewing room and work on my projects too.

  280. Valerie Gleeson says:

    Color sparks my creativity especially when it’s bold and bright

  281. Kris Koponen says:

    I live near the sea, rivers and mountains, fields of flowers, forests of creatures, with the sky in constant movement above. All these forces spark my creative spirit:)

  282. Lydia R. says:

    People and what they do inspire me. I want to learn how to do what they do!

  283. Karen M says:

    Quilt shops with all of the fabric and sample quilts inspire me!

  284. Loretta Romanko says:

    My inspiration comes from pictures of Indian Textiles… Spice Markets… Mexican Pottery…. Houses in Greece…

  285. Melissa says:

    My mom, she taught me to look at my creativity in a different way and not to hold myself to outside standards.

  286. My favorite way to be inspired is when I’m making something specifically for friends or family. My whole heart is invested in each step of the process, and it’s a thrill to see it unfold with that friend in mind. Thanks for the lovely give away.

  287. Frania says:

    Texture inspires me. As I walk though stores, I love touching the different textures and imagining how I can incorporate those textures into my quilts.

  288. I am inspired by nature, especially trees and mountains. Also by other quilters!

  289. Sue Smith says:

    I get inspired by looking at other people’s work online

  290. Kathy says:

    Seeing amazing fabric is the thing that really gets me going!

  291. beverly threadgill says:

    Nature is my sweet inspiration! Great opportunity!

  292. Rina says:

    Nature, color, architecture, just about anything will get my creative juices flowing.

  293. Rosemary says:

    Nature’s colors, sounds, scents inspire me!

  294. Judy Morin says:

    Everything I see is inspiration. Others work, fabric, facebook posts, patterns, colors, encouragement of others…I could go on and on.

  295. Pat Kyser says:

    Gorgeous fabric makes my creative juices up and running.

  296. QuiltShopGal says:

    I find inspiration in many places, but good quilt books are my FAV. Of course, I always find inspiration in beautiful colors!


  297. Sally Noack says:

    I live in a Pacific Northwest Nature Reserve and everything I see needs to be put into some textile creation. My inspiration comes from my grandchild, Leaf. We need to teach our children about the wonders of nature and textile arts are a tactile and visual way to show them the life around us.

  298. Melissa Gerber says:

    Sometimes it is as simple as taking my dog for a walk (with my camera, of course). But for me, nothing beats a trip to the museum. Modern art is my favorite, but I love all art museums. I never fail to come home inspired and energized.

  299. Cecilia says:

    I’m inspired by new fabrics I see. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  300. Janie says:

    What a great giveaway! I am inspired by creative blogs, tutorials, and magazines. Thank you so much!

  301. Nikki Moshier says:

    Nature inspires me and clears my head…then I come home and look at beautiful fabric.

  302. Sydney says:

    How light falls or causes shapes to change,
    Mud designs made by animals and rain,
    Touch to skin and heart
    Words that create thoughts and images
    Leapfrogging caused by one project that creates ideas and images for another
    My world with children and other creative folks who feed and nurture me.

  303. Laurel says:

    Seeing my daughter’s excitement with quilting has renewed my love allover again

  304. Allison Evrard says:

    My inspiration usually comes from nature.

  305. JamieS says:

    Color! Whether muted or bright, color moves me to create.

  306. Eileen P says:


  307. Debbie C says:

    The creative spark hits usually when I least expect it to. Sometimes the fabric tells me what it wants to do, sometimes I see a design in a rug or floor tile that sings to me that that thought make a great quilt. Sometimes it is just looking in the patterns in nature, clouds, the mountains on the horizon, I once was driven to paint a shape I saw in the clouds in the dusk just before dark, it looks like Pegasus. Sometimes I just sit and listen to the waves hitting the shore and am suddenly spurred to create something.

  308. Lynn says:

    A lot of things spark my creativity. Sometimes it is seeing another quilted piece and I wonder…what if. Other times it might be thread, fabrics, photos, etc. It is good not to be stuck in the same rut I guess.

  309. Dana says:

    I love spending time outside in the woods, looking through magazines & Pinterest. Being able to spend time in my sewing room.

  310. karen bianchini says:

    Color, light and texture lead to need for beauty in my life which spark my thinking about fabrics, colors, shapes, sizes textures

  311. Jeannine Nelsen says:

    Having to make a quilt for someone makes my creativity come out. Sometimes if I find a certain fabric, it will make me think how I want to use it.

  312. Peggy Carstens says:

    Just about anything with color and contrast can spark ideas for me.

  313. I am often inspired by Bible verses I’ve memorized. I’ll start to wonder, how can I represent this concept visually? Much easier said than done, however!

  314. AmY says:

    color and texture inspire me. I cannot wait for the warmer weather so I can walk outside and be inspired by nature in person once again.

  315. Cheryl M. says:

    Sounds corny but anything can spark my creative thought process. As many have already said – color, nature, a person, another quilt, a texture, the reason for the quilt, fabrics, new patterns & magazines…..seeing someone’s work and thinking I can do that or I might want to do this or that a little different. Possibilities are endless!

  316. Julia says:

    I’m bad at blank slates, I need a starting point for my creativity. Materials at hand, or conversations with others, I’m better at improvising than conjuring out of thin air. Thanks!

  317. Marcia A. says:

    Nature…and vintage decor 😉

  318. Sarah Oswald says:

    Pinterest is what sparks my creativity I have received so many ideas and creativity and learned alot on pinterest. I would not want to ever lose it! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  319. Laura says:

    reading blogposts from creative artists is a big spark!

  320. Peggy Gibbs says:

    I get a lot of my ideas on making crafts from Pinterest. I enjoy browsing through the many photos.

  321. Pauline says:

    I follow several sewing blogs that inspire me, also I see lots of things on Pinterest that inspire me, my grandchildren inspire me to make things for them, and most of all fabric inspires me – I know as soon as I see a fabric that I love exactly what I want to make with it. If I need to search for inspiration I always turn to nature for colours and shapes and themes.
    She never fails to inspire.

  322. Louise says:

    Taking a walk and seeing the mix of colors in nature, such inspiration.

  323. R Jones says:

    My creativity can be sparked by nearly anything, running the gamut from the very obvious to the completely vague. Very recently, I was inspired to create by viewing rays of light shining through a humble window.

  324. Michelle M says:

    Color and texture! Most of the time I’m drawn first to color and then I HAVE TO touch and feel.

  325. Brittney W says:

    I am inspired by many things: my cats, my friends/family, The Crafty Gemini Quilt Clubers, Civil War reproduction Quilts, and color/texture play. There is inspiration waiting around every corner!

  326. Seeing beauty in God’s creations in nature sparks my creativity! God bless!

  327. Karen says:

    Nature’s colors, Pinterest, and the amazing world of bloggers.

  328. Debby says:

    I life in general inspires me. I like to go outside, breath in fresh air and clear my mind. The less stressed I am the more creative I will be. 🙂

  329. Gemma Bengoa says:

    I see the blogs. The colors and fabrics . And Pinterest….

  330. Wendy says:

    Colour often inspires me the most.

    Love valori’s work it is fabulous!

  331. Sarah says:

    I am inspired by color combinations I see around me.

  332. Teckla says:

    Almost anything, but color is right up at the top of the list! I love to look at pictures of all kinds of things and see how the colors are put together. I knit, quilt, sew, cross stitch, etc., so it’s easy to be inspired about something most of the time!

  333. auschick in va says:

    So many things! I do like looking at artwork for inspiration though.

  334. Vanessa G P says:

    I’m inspired by things I see online (Pinterest, blogs, etc.), my natural surroundings, my memories, my emotions…

  335. Kay Taylor says:

    So many things – color, nature, the quilts I see online. I’m also a confirmed bookoholic, although I almost never follow a pattern as written.

  336. Melissa moore says:

    I am always so inspired by others. Seeing how creative people are challenges me to tap into my own sense of design and make away!

  337. Margo says:

    What sparks my creativity? Quite honestly it is the blogs that I read where people so selflessly give of themselves. I find that the world has become so commercial and it is so nice to see that people are using their God given talents to learn and to grow as quilters and crafters. I love seeing those new ideas and even the challenging ones!

  338. Kathy Davis says:

    What sparks my creativity… who or what I am making the quilt for since I give my quilts away.

  339. Janie says:

    Mother nature, quilting blogs, and magazines. Thank you for the giveaway.

  340. Mary Couch says:

    Fabric is always my inspiration! I take pictures of countryside, but don’t know when I will use them until a batik speaks to me.

  341. Michelle Olsen says:

    Quiltalongs, books & patterns spark my creativity!

  342. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    I get inspiration from the blogs I follow, and the patterns I see out there. We quilters are a talented bunch! Thanks for the chance to win such a generous prize! jacklynnsteven at netzero dot com

  343. Jeanell says:

    Color, texture, graphics, nature, architecture, almost anything. I have so many designs in my head that may never make it into a quilt.

  344. Karen Propes says:

    Life, my Granddaughter, nature, blogs that share so many new ideas and tutorials. So many, I just have so many ideas tucked away that it will take a lifetime to finish but that is fine with me, I want to be quilting all my life.

  345. Laura says:

    Nature gives me best sparks of creativity!

  346. Anita L says:

    I find inspiration in many places, websites, magazines, blogs. I think my fabrics are what inspire me the most. Also, deadlines. Deadlines are very inspiring! 🙂

  347. Karen says:

    Color sparks my creativity, especially in the Spring!

  348. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    I get inspired by looking on the internet, at blogovin, and utube. I am a new quilter and utube, and tutorials really help me get ideas.

  349. Sharon Lorfing says:

    I get inspired by what’s going on in the lives of my family and friends.

  350. Annmarie says:

    My creativity is borrowed from other creators! I love looking at quilt magazines (Quiltmaker’s 100 Block volumes are my favorites) for ideas & patterns.

  351. Margo says:

    I love Valori Wells! …. her fabric is wonderful! I love the pillows on her website! Can you imagine a room filled with wonderful pillows and drapes…ohhhhh and a quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  352. Ellee says:

    My creativity is sparked by interesting combinations of colors in nature, on fabric, in print or tv ads, on bookcovers. My creativity is also sparked by seeing geometric designs on buildings, on carpet, on tile floors.

  353. Janna says:

    My 4 children are a constant source of inspiration!

  354. Emily says:

    I am inspired by great fabrics!

  355. Maya says:

    I have just discovered your site and I’m a fairly new quilt addict. Love your site and the Yujkata fabric colors. Such great inspirations!

  356. Randi says:

    Seeing cute fabric or a pattern that I want to use to create clothing for my daughter.

  357. Sheelagh says:

    Inspiration comes from nature – all the colors and textures of the
    changing seasons in combination with beautiful fabrics and threads!

  358. Sanie says:

    I get inspired by looking at Pinterest, so many beautifull things that can be found there, it’s overwhelming

  359. Erica B. says:

    My dreams

  360. Renee G says:

    I love being inspired by projects others have made.

  361. Michelle H. says:

    I get inspired by watching home decorating shows.

  362. Eileen Crouse says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love it! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  363. Joy Godfrey says:

    I work in a fabric store and I get so many ideals from all the fabrics and what I could do with it

  364. Kathy Pennell says:

    Color …especially reds, pinks…floral…these really get me sparking! Or 30’s prints…or reproduction…oh, gee! Seeing what others do with fabric gets my brain spinning with thoughts and ideas.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  365. Connie Akers says:

    I get inspiration from Life, the beauty of nature & events of the day.

  366. Deb C says:

    I am sparked by DIY and sewing programs on TV, craft books and magazines and things I see while shopping.

  367. LAurie says:

    I’m inspired when I read about a technique I haven’t tried. Then all I do is think about ways I can use it!

  368. K Jill Varnell says:

    What an inspiration all of you are to me. Thank you!

  369. I am most inspired by nature, but Pinterest is a close second.

  370. Laurie Emerson says:

    My creativity is sparked by so many things. Seasons is one of them as well as my family, nature, pets and animals.

  371. Joy Montefusco says:

    I get inspiration from beautiful, vibrant colors that bring energy to life!

  372. amy deeter says:

    nature,bright colors,home decoration sites online especially off of pinterest

  373. barbara woods says:

    Blogs inspire me

  374. Jennifer Williams says:

    I draw a lot of my inspiration from pop culture, particularly when translating a concept between mediums with little connection.

  375. Sonja McLane says:

    I have never Judy made something random. I always try to thing of what the person would like there quilt to look like. Whether they are into flowers hunting geometric shapes or what ever.

  376. Lee says:

    Color is one thing that sparks creativity in me!

  377. Rajee Pandi says:

    love to learn

  378. Kristine E. says:

    Looking through Pinterest usually does it for me 🙂

  379. Julie S. says:

    I’m inspired by my quilting friends. They all make incredible quilts!

  380. Bonnie Popoff says:

    Always get new ideas just looking at different Quilter sites,l always like what l see,lm just a new Quilter,so lm always looking.

  381. Dale W says:

    Everything that Valori does is wonderful and inspiring.